Comparing 5 iPhone spy apps: Free trial edition

Whenever someone mentions iPhone spy apps, it is common for people to assume that they are involved in suspicious activities. However, these spy apps have become necessary in the current digital era. You’ll need to rely on iPhone spy tools to keep an eye on your kid and your loved ones. However, finding a suitable spy tool can be tricky. So, I’ll be taking you through five iPhone spy apps that offer a free trial. You can use the iPhone spy app free trial to figure out the best pick between the given options without spending a penny.

However, before you go through the list of spy apps, you should first consider your requirements. It works well to make a must-have feature list before you make the final decision. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your monthly budget on an app that doesn’t offer any security for kids or your loved ones.

Experience the best iPhone spy app free trial in 2024: 100% tested

All the apps below have been tested by millions of users nationwide. Each app excels in different aspects, from location tracking to remote camera access and much more. So, go through the following list of spy apps to pick a suitable option.

FlashGet Kids – The best iPhone spy app with a free trial

FlashGet Kids is more of a parenting companion than a spy tool. It helps you regulate your child’s online activities completely.  Moreover, the quick location updates and its accuracy are off the charts. So you’ll never have to worry about where your kids are or when they leave the house.

FlashGet Kids parental control


  • Surround monitoring
  • Notification and alerts
  • Social app monitoring
  • App blockers and screen time limits
  • Location tracking and history

Free trial

  • 3-10 days


  • Offers more features at half as much price.
  • Offers quick usage reports and location updates.
  • Offers decent location accuracy.
  • Geofencing features never glitch out.
  • Impossible to bypass for your kids.


  • Some features are limited on iOS devices.

Now, the reason why I’ve listed FlashGet Kids first is that it doesn’t disappoint you with app crashes or bugs. Every feature that is marketed by these spy tools works perfectly on the target device. So, you’re not getting ripped off. The free trial lasts for more than a week, and you’ll be able to test out all of its features.

FamiSafe – The best spy app with a profanity blocker and web filter

FamiSafe was considered the gold standard of spy tools for the iPhone. However, its performance took a nosedive a few years back. The developers could not keep up with the performance issues, app crashes, and customer complaints. So, it is common to see people complaining about some FamiSafe features not working.

FamiSafe Parental Control App reviews: What makes it stand out


  • Blocking social apps
  • Time limit controls for kids
  • Safe Search
  • Web filtering
  • Text detection and alerts
  • Live dashboard

Free trial

  • 3 days


  • Decent range of features.
  • Costs only 10 dollars each month.
  • The web filtering features never glitch out.
  • Quick alerts when your kids get curious about inappropriate topics.
  • Hard to bypass the SafeSearch features.


  • The location accuracy could be better.

Personally, I think that FamiSafe is an OK solution. It is by no means an exceptional tool. However, for most parents, FamiSafe is enough to keep your kids safe. Usually, three days are enough to test out all the spy features in this application. If your child is not that mischievous, then this spy tool will be sufficient for your tracking needs. Otherwise, you can always test out FlashGet Kids for a more strict approach.

Bark – The best location tracker for parents

Unlike the other options listed here, Bark is more catered towards your kids’ outside activities and protection. Even though you will find some parental control features like text monitoring and website blocking, its location tracking is just exceptional. Most parents choose Bark to track their kids’ whereabouts all the time. So, if your kid has become more social and you need a decent tracking solution, try Bark.



  • Alerts for inappropriate content.
  • Website blockers and app limits.
  • Deny contacts.
  • Location tracker.
  • Pause internet connectivity.

Free trial

  • 7 days


  • Top-tier location tracking features.
  • Simple installation on the target device.
  • Decent parental control restrictions.


  • Somewhat easier to bypass.

Bark would have been on the top of my list if I didn’t have to worry about my kids bypassing this app. It doesn’t offer a decent stealth mode. So, if your kid or teen is motivated enough, they will be able to bypass Bark. However, if you’re dealing with a pre-teen, chances are that you have a couple more years before bypassing parental controls is an issue. – Best spy tool for tracking phone numbers

If you don’t have access to the target device and just want to track their location with a phone number, then is the perfect pick. The reviews on this spy tool are mixed, as some of the users weren’t able to get an accurate location for the targeted number. However, it is still worth a try on the 2-day free trial for 1 dollar.



  • Remote tracking.
  • Trace a phone number from anywhere.
  • One-click location access for the targeted device.

Free trial

  • 2 days


  • No installation is required.


  • The feature list is pretty limited.

Personally, I am not a fan of this spy tool. It does work for a few people, but you can only use it to get a rough idea of the target device’s location. So, if you need a more complete solution for your family, try FlashGet Kids or any other family tracking app.

FlexiSPY – The commercial-grade spy tool for mass tracking

FlexiSPY doesn’t compromise on the tracking features and is one of the more expensive options on the market. Consider it a professional spy tool that can track everything from a FaceTime call to the audio files present on your phone. So, if you’re not worried about the budget side of things, I will always suggest FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY app review


  • Complete app tracking and monitoring.
  • Comprehensive reports of device usage.
  • Detailed browsing activity report.
  • Keylogger.
  • File monitoring.
  • Text and call monitoring.

Free trial

  • 1 day


  • More features than any other spy tool.
  • Easy to monitor the target device.
  • Prompt response from customer support.


  • Very expensive.

You’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars on the premium plan offered by FlexiSPY. It is not for your average Joe, and it mainly targets big firms and companies. So, if you need a more complete solution at an affordable price, I’d suggest going with FlashGet Kids. Otherwise, you’ll feel a hit on your monthly budget. However, if you’re an entrepreneur and need a business solution, then FlexiSPY might be the right option.

Comparative analysis: The best spy apps with a free trial

If you’re still unsure about the best iPhone spy app free trial, the following metrics should help.

  • Pricing plans

FlashGet Kids is the cheapest among all the given options, with only $4.99 per month on the yearly plan. After that, you can go with FamiSafe at $9.99 per month, which is not that much, either.

  • Compatibility

Almost all the apps listed above will work with both iOS and Android devices. So, don’t worry about having an older iOS version or an outdated Android. Even if you do run into installation issues, a quick software update will sort out all errors.

  • Monitoring features

FlashGet Kids and FlexiSPY will take the lead here. Both of these tools offer more monitoring features like surround audio and camera access. However, FlexiSPY costs hundreds of dollars, while FlashGet Kids costs under five dollars a month.

  • Reliability and accuracy

The reliability and accuracy are pretty decent for all apps except GEOfinder and Famisafe. I personally prefer Bark for location tracking, but FlashGet Kids does as good a job.

  • UI & Installation

FlashGet Kids will take the lead here. It doesn’t take more than five minutes to install and configure this app. However, you will need physical access to the target device. Similarly, the user interface and the parental control dashboard are also pretty amazing when compared to other apps here.

All in all, FlashGet Kids seems like a suitable option for me. It has the longest free trial, and the pricing plans are also pretty affordable. So, if you have similar requirements for a spy app, give FlashGet Kids a shot.


Finding the right iPhone spy app free trial is no easy task. For me, FlashGet Kids offered the necessary location accuracy and subscription prices. Moreover, the advanced features like app blockers and screen time controls help a lot in keeping my kids focused. So, if you were looking for a similar parental control solution, going with FlashGet Kids is a decent enough option.

Each app above excels in different dimensions. The Bark app is great for location tracking, Famisafe offers the most effective web filters, GEOfinder is best for number tracking, and FlexiSPY is a commercial-grade spy tool. So, depending on your requirements, you can go with any one of the apps listed above.

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