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How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

Instagram has over 2 billion active users per month. And getting restricted or blocked on Instagram by friends, family, or GFs/Bfs is very common. In case if you are looking for ways to find out what happens and how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, then you can read all about it here.

We will also tell you how to check if someone blocked you or their account is disabled, how to block someone, and how to block Instagram from your phone. So, stay with us until the end to learn more.

How to know if you’re blocked on Instagram?

Instagram can block your account without any prior warning, which can be unfair, especially if you own a business account on which you have spent hours and a lot of money.

Find who blocked you on Instagram

There are many levels of blocking, such as;

1st level = Account disabling

“In Account disabling, you cannot perform certain activities like follow, like, comment, message, or post anything from your profile. But this disabling is temporary, and all activities will be restored within 2 hrs – 2 weeks.”

An Error message will appear when you try to like, follow, or perform other activities. “Your account is temporarily blocked, and this block will lift in XXX amount of time.” See below for further info;

Instagram block your account activities error message

There are many reasons for temporarily blocking. But the most common one is that you crossed the Instagram per hour threshold for account actions, and Instagram thinks you are some bot or spammer, so it disables your account. The threshold limits are;

New users✅ 30 per hour✅ 30 per hour✅ 30 per hour✅ 30 per hour
Old users✅ 60 per hour✅ 60 per hour✅ 60 per hour✅ 60 per hour

2nd level = Unable to log in

“In this last stage of Instagram blocking, when you write your login credentials but instead of logging in, a message will appear saying ‘your account is temporary/permanently blocked.”
Unable to log in to Instagram account disabled

This kind of account blocking may restore automatically, or you have to send a request to Instagram, and they will decide whether to lift the suspension or not.

This kind of blocking happens when you;

  • Keep violating Instagram policies.
  • Getting mass following or unfollowing in a short period.
  • You share or use copyrighted songs or content on your profile.
  • Reported by multiple accounts for spam messages, bad posts, etc.
  • Log in from different IP addresses from far away locations ( cities, countries ) and so on.

What happens if you get blocked by someone on Instagram?

If some person blocks you on Instagram, then you will not be able to;

Unable to send messages

“If someone blocked you, you may be able to send messages from your side, but they will not receive them.”
Unable to send messages

When you get blocked, you can search for their ID. But messaging them is not an option; you can write and send them a message in your chat box, but these messages will not appear on their ID.

Stories/posts will not show up

“When someone blocked you, their stories or posts will neither show up on your feed, nor you will be able to see them on their profile.”
Stories/posts will not show up

Gernerally, you are friends with somebody. Normally, when they make posts, it automatically appears on your Instagram feed along with other people’s posts. But if someone blocks you, you cannot see their stories and posts and will not get an update. Moreover, even if their account is public, you will see a “No Posts Yet” message when you go to it.

Can’t see followers or following lists

“Last but not least, when you get blocked by someone, their following & followers lists will only show a count.”
Can't see followers or following lists

When you get to their profile from search or chat, their posts, followers, & following icon will only show an old count back from when you got blocked. And when you click on any list, it will expand into an empty window and say, “Couldn’t load users.”

Can’t see the latest profile Photo or ID name

“If someone blocks you, only their old ID name or profile photo will be visible.”
Can't see the latest profile Photo or ID name

If you open the profile of the person who blocked you from chats or searches, you will see a name and a photo on their profile. But this stuff will be from the day they blocked you. And if they have or will change their profile photo or name, it will not be updated on your side.

How to see if someone blocked you on Instagram?

No notifications

If you are friends with somebody and have activated notifications for their latest posts, but for some days, you are neither getting any updates nor seeing any of their posts on your feed, it’s a sign that they have blocked or restricted you.

See their saved posts

“If you don’t know about someone’s username and can’t find their ID, but you have saved their posts in the past, then go to your saved posts and see if that post appears or not; if it doesn’t, it means that person blocks you.”

To see your saved posts, follow the below steps;

  • Click on your profile pic ( at the bottom right).
  • Now, look at the right top, and you will see three lines. Click on it > A menu will appear from below > Search for the “Saved” option and click on it.
  • In the next window, click on All posts and search for your friend post whom you want to see if he/she has blocked you or not. If nothing appears, it means they don’t block you.

Try to follow their profile

“You see, if someone blocked you and you visited their ID, it will look just like a private ID. But to know if you are blocked, click on the “Follow” option; if it gets dark for a second and returns to its initial “Follow” condition, then it means that person has blocked you.”

Open their profile and check the restrictions

“Last but not least, if a person blocks you, their account will appear just like a private account to you.”

If you try to open the followers or following lists on your friend’s or public ID that was previously accessible to you, but nothing happens, then it indicates that they don’t block you. Moreover, on their profile, you will see the message “No Posts Yet” instead of posts.

Lastly, you will encounter an error message that states “User not found” either in the designated location or elsewhere on your mobile screen, which provides a 100% guarantee that you have been blocked and that the individual in question has not made their account private.

How to see who you blocked on Instagram?

In order to see who you have blocked on Instagram has different procedures for mobile and PC but don’t worry because we will cover both below;

See the block list on a PC

Go to the Instagram official site on your PC browser and log in with your credentials.

Now, look at the left-side menu; you will see the “More” option at the bottom; click on it.

click on More to open Blocked accounts settings

A pop-up menu will appear from below, find the Settings option from this list, and click on it.

Click on Settings to open the Blocked Accounts option on Instagram PC

In the settings window, click on the “Who can see you” option.

On the right side of the screen, you will find the “Block accounts” option, and below it, there will be the “See and manage accounts that you have blocked” option this option; choose it to see blocked persons in detail.

Open Block Accounts List on Instagram PC

See the block list on a mobile

On your mobile, open your Instagram app.

Click on your Profile photo, which should be at the bottom right.

Open your profile on Instagram mobile Blocklist

Now, click on the 3-bar icon on the top left side > A pop-up menu will appear from below > “Settings and privacy.”

Open Settings in Instagram to check the block list

In the next menu, swipe all the way down and click on the “Blocked” option. That’s it. In the next window, all the accounts which you have blocked will appear.

Click on the Blocked option in Settings Instagram

How to block Instagram?

We will guide you through different blocking methods so that you can secure yourself and your kids if you are tired of certain individuals on Instagram or concerned about your child’s Instagram activity.

How to block someone?

Open your mobile, open the Instagram app, and search for the person whom you want to block or open his/her profile from recent chats.

Once on the profile, click on the 3-dots icon ( in the top right corner ).

click on the 3-dots icon

A pop-up menu will appear from the bottom > click on the 2nd option, which is “Block” > then another pop-up menu will appear > click on the “Block or Block and report option,” whatever you like. That’s it; that person will not be able to interact with you in any way.

Block someone on Instagram

How to block certain posts?

If some posts on the internet bother you and you don’t want anybody to see them, then unfortunately, you can’t do it alone; you have to contact multiple people to report those posts, and only then will Instagram take action.

However, you can hide that post from your side, and it will never appear again on your profile. To do that, follow the below method;

On your Instagram account, go to that post that you don’t wanna see.

Click on the 3-dots, which should be on the top right side of the post.

click on the 3-dot icon to see the hide option on Instagram

A menu will appear from below > “Hide.” That’s it; that post will never appear again for you.

Hide a Certain Post Instagram

Now, another message will appear with 4-options;

➢Report This Post ( click on this to take down that post from Instagram. )
➢Mute “that person ID”
➢Unfollow “That person’s ID”

When you click on the Report option, then a pop-up menu will appear asking you why you want Report? > Choose a pre-written reason option if it matches your intent; otherwise, swipe down and click on “Something else” > And then write your reason. That’s it.

Report someone's post on Instagram

How to block Instagram on iPhone?

“All iPhones have a built-in Screen Time feature, which you can use to limit app usage.”

You can limit Instagram using the iPhone’s built-in parental feature (Screen Time) if your kid is addicted to Instagram or if you are worried about strangers contacting your kid. However, Screen Time doesn’t block the app completely, but you can limit it to 1 min per day, which is the same as a block.

In order to block ( limit ) Instagram on iPhone, follow the below procedure;

Block Instagram App

Open the iPhone’s “Settings.”

Open your iPhone Settings

Swipe down until you see the “Screen Time” option’ click on it.

Click on Screen Time to limit Instagram iPhone

Now, activate Screen Time and choose if it’s your’s phone or your kid’s.

In the Screen time main menu, click on the “App limits” option > then click on Add limit.

click on Add limit to set daily Instagram usage

In the next screen, click on the arrow next to the “Social” option, and a list of all your iPhone’s social apps will appear below > choose Instagram from it.

Choose Instagram from Social Apps in Screen Time

Then, set the counter to 1 minute > then click on the “Add” option ( at top left corner ). That’s it. You did not set the Instagram app on your iPhone to use it for only 1 minute daily.

 set the counter to 1 minute

Block Instagram from Browsers

Your Kid can still access Instagram from any browser on your iPhone, so to block that;

Open iPhone’s Settings > Screen Time.

 Open ScreenTime in iPhone's settings

In the Screen Time main menu, click on the ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions” option > And then activate this option in the next window.

Choose the Content & Privacy Restrictions option to block Instagram from browsers

Now, click on the “Content Restrictions” > “Web content.”

In the Web Content window, 3-options will appear;

➢Limit Adult Websites ( choose it to block Instagram on browsers )
➢Allowed Websites

Now, see below, and you will find the “Never Allow” option > “Add Websites” > Then copy Instagram URL from any browser and paste it there. Nobody will be able to access Instagram from any browsers on this iPhone.

Add Instagram in Never Allow website list Screen Time iPhone

Use FlashGet Parental Control to restrict use on Instagram.

If you want to block Instagram instead of restricting it to iPhone’s Screen time or are an Android user looking for Instagram blocker third-party apps, then the FlashGet Kids app is the best choice for you.

“FlashGet Kids is a third-party app for parents to keep an eye on & manage their kid’s phone apps, activities, location, and much more.”
FlashGet Kids parental control

FlashGet Kids can help can restrict the daily usage of Instagram on your kid’s phone directly from your phone, and unlike Screen Time, it can also block the app completely.

Other Features

Besides app management, FlashGet Kids also offers multiple advanced features;

  • See the live location of your kid’s phone from your phone.
  • Receive all the notifications of the target phone on your mobile.
  • Enable you to mirror the target phone screen to your mobile remotely.
  • Can set Geo-fence and get a notification when the target phone enter or leave that area.
  • Can access target phone camera & microphone and see & listen to everything from your phone.

And you can do all this watching without anyone knowing because the FlashGet Kids app icon gets hidden in the target phone.


Am I blocked, or is the account deactivated on Instagram?

To check if you are blocked or that person has deactivated his/her account, simply search for their ID from your account;

If that person’s account appears, but you are unable to see their followers/following, Posts ( it will say no Posts Yet ), etc., then it means you are blocked.

If that person’s ID doesn’t appear, it means they have disabled their account from Instagram.

What does a temporarily disabled Instagram account look like?

A temporarily disabled account will not appear if you search for it from your ID. However, if you have a chat with that person, you can open his/her profile from there. And that account will look like a private account, but the followers & following list count will be blank.

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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