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How to track calls and texts from another phone?

Are you wondering how to track calls and texts from another phone without anyone noticing? While it may appear difficult, it’s possible to track calls and texts from another phone in stealth mode with the right method. In this article, we’ll cover various ways to track calls and texts from another phone. We’ll dive into features of tracking apps that we’ve tested and share how to use them.

Why track calls and texts from another phone?

There are many reasons you should track someone’s phone, and one of those reasons is due to parental control and safety. Here is what you need to know about why people track texts and calls.

1. Parental Control and Child Safety

The main goal for tracking calls and texts is to protect the children online regarding their safety and wellness. Parents can install apps on their kids’ phones to help them have control over knowing what their kids are seeing or doing and protect them from inappropriate stuff, online presence, and cyberbullying behavior. Parental controls can also help kids develop healthy life habits by setting screen time and managing app usage.

How to track calls and texts from kids' phones

2. Employee Monitoring

Another reason why tracking calls and texts must be conducted is to keep track of employees’ work performance and their use of company-issued phones for official purposes. Employers can employ employee monitoring software to trace their employees’ calls and texts to ensure that all of them adhere to the company policies and laws.

3. Lost or Stolen Phones

The third-party apps for tracking calls and texts are to trace and recuperate stolen or lost phones. Missed phone owners can use apps or services to track phones, a tool that allows locating missing gadgets and has functions like locking and wiping of storage content, and so on. 

Tracking a stolen phone is capable of finding it through access to logs of calls made, messages received, photos, and other contents found on the said device.

4. Emergency Services

Police or fire department personnel may be able to reach you in an emergency, even if you can’t speak at all and don’t know your location. By using information gathered from the GPS receiver built into your phone or using the information, you could get studying coordinates of a nearby cell tower with the help of experts working for the phone provider.

Tracking someone’s phone calls and text messages: Is it legal?

These days, monitoring phone calls and text messages on another person’s mobile without their consent can be a legal case. Here are some things to consider before tracking texts and calls on someone’s phone.

Legal Considerations

Employers may be able to observe their employees’ oral and written communications under the conditions stipulated in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Some of its states also show specific territorial regulations.

All that the prosecutors need to trace data belonging to suspects, such as relating information from cell phones, is a court order.

The standard, however, is not a warrant but an inferior proceeding established on grounds that are reasonable and pertinent to criminal investigations.

Ethical Considerations

Tracking someone’s phone texts and calls may cause them to start resisting communication, especially if they are oblivious or uneducated about monitoring. Privacy rights are a product of dignity and respect for persons.

Spying on someone else’s phone and communicating with them as the spy may also undermine the trust or relationship they develop with this tracker – employer, a spouse, or parent of the child indicated above.

Trust is formed on the grounds of sincerity and loyalty between individuals. That means that you should also have a good reason for tracking someone.

3 apps to track calls and texts from another phone

Here are some apps we’ve tested that you can use to track calls and texts:

FlashGet Kids: Parental control app

FlashGet Kids is a parental control app that helps you monitor and regulate your children’s calls and messages on mobile devices. Key features of this app allow parents to have a comprehensive understanding of their child’s communication activities, enabling a safer and more regulated enviroment from all aspects.

FlashGet Kids, a parental control app.

Key Features

  • Call Tracking: Monitor calls coming in and going out on your child’s device to know how they communicate with others.
  • Message Tracking: Be aware of their conversations via text messages and instant messaging apps.
  • Contact Monitoring: Track the contacts on your child’s device and get notifications of phone activities.
  • App Usage Monitoring: Monitor the applications your child uses so that you can control and limit access to age-appropriate content as appropriate.
  • Location Tracking: Real-time location information will help you know your child’s whereabouts for better safety and peace of mind.

How to track calls and texts using FlashGet Kids

Step 1. Download the FlashGet Kids app for parents on your phone and register an account by following the onscreen instructions.

download Flashget Kids on parent's devices

Step 2. Download the FlashGet Kids app on your child’s device. Follow the onscreen instructions to hide the app.

Download the Flashget Kids app on child's device

Step 3. Bind the parental control app on your phone to the app on your kid’s device by tapping on “Parent’s device”. Go ahead and choose “Agree”. Tap “Next” to get a 9-digit code on the parent’s app.


Step 4. Enter this 9-digit text on the app on your child’s device. Click , “Next”, then “Confirm” to complete the binding process. From there, you can control your kid’s phone from your phone.

Step 5. Move to the live monitoring section on your app dashboard and tap on screen mirroring, then continue. From there on, you see your kid’s screen in real-time.

screen mirroring of FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids has incredible features that can track your kids’ phones in real-time. From its friendly user interface to its affordable pricing, you’ll get the most out of using FlashGet Kid for tracking calls and monitoring your kids in real-time. Now it is time to try the 7 days free trial.

mSpy: Phone monitoring app

You’ll get an online portal to monitor the target device with the mSpy app. It has a powerful Call Logger that allows you to access the entire call history. The app lets you visualize all inbound and outbound call logs, showing names, and timestamps. Moreover, mSpy shows you everything from call logs and social messages to browsing history and location data. So, you can always watch what your kid does on their phone and their location data.

mSpy app

FlexiSPY: Spyware

FlexiSPY usually functions by getting onto a target device without the mark that is aware of it, for instance, a smartphone or computer. Once installed, it can log several types of information, ranging from text messages and call logs to emails, social media activity history, and even mobile GPS location. This captured data is then sent to a remote server where the person monitoring can access it through a web-based control panel.

FlexiSPY app review

Other ways to track someone’s calls and text messages

While the 3 Apps discussed above are your best bet to track someone‘s calls or text messages, different ways exist. Here are some ways and how you can use them to your advantage. 

Cellular carrier services

Cellular carriers deliver services that allow users to track phone calls and texts under the same account. For instance, Verizon has a feature such as Family Safeguards and Controls whereby you can quickly see another phone’s call and SMS activity in your account using an online platform or through any your device.

  1. Look at the monitoring services provided by your cellular carrier.
  1. Use the features such as Family Safeguards & Controls, if accessible.
  1. Use the online platform provided by a carrier to check activity related to calls and texts.
  1. On the other hand, check out for activity regarding any monitored phone using your device through the provided feature.

Access texts and call logs through backup

Moreover, texts and call logs require at least accessing stored data backups from your phone saved in a secure location like Cloud services. This method can help recover lost data or contextualize previous communications.

  1. Configure regular backups on the target device.
  1. Locate where the backups are stored on cloud services or a computer.
  1. Access the selected backup service with proper credentials.
  1. In the backup, go to where there are text messages and call logs.
  1. Tull up any text messages and call logs from backups you want to review or recover.

Check other’s cell phone secretly

To monitor someone’s calls and texts, an individual will secretly check their phone when they are not around. This can be achieved by accessing the target person’s phone with a password or fingerprint.

  1. Get the password or fingerprint of the target phone.
  1. Make sure to leave no traces of your activity.
  1. Unlock the phone with obtained credentials secretly.
  1. Or, use a spy app to get around the lock screen.


As discussed above, tracking calls and messages is possible using the correct methods. While some might say it’s unethical, it is allowed if you’re trying to protect your loved ones and they’re aware of it. 

If you’re looking for a great option to track your kid’s calls and texts, consider going with FlashGet Kids. It has monitoring features, such as screen mirroring and one-way audio recording. This app also lets you track your kids’ location in real time.


Can someone read my text messages from another phone without me knowing?

It is possible with an excellent spy app. All they have to do is simply install a tracking app on your phone and let it run in the background.

Can I know if someone is tracking my phone?

Battery life is short all of a sudden, or your phone keeps hanging, it may indicate that someone is tracking your cell phone. A jailbroken phone is also an indication that somebody may be monitoring you.

Is it possible to check someone’s calls?

Yes. You can track someone’s calls using a phone tracker app like FlashGet Kids. It has a live monitoring feature that allows you to see what’s happening on your kids’ phones in real-time. You will also get notifications when a call comes in or a text message arrives on your child’s phone with it.

How can my husband and I track each other’s phone?

Install tracking apps on each other’s phones. Go ahead and create accounts and set up your apps. From there, you can use various app features including live monitoring and location tracking.

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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