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Protect your kids from dirty emoji Apps with FlashGet Kids

These small digital icons or images have become a new way of representing our thoughts, ideas, and emotions while texting. When you use a wow emoji, it represents surprise. A laughing face tells the recipient of your message that you find something funny. However, outside of these cute icons, we’re experiencing a new wave of inappropriate emojis in the form of dirty emoji apps.

These apps expose your kids to adult-themed emojis, encourage sexting, and other online safety hazards. With the popularity of these dirty emoji apps, it has become crucial for parents to stay informed and take proactive steps to ensure their kids are safe online. And you do this by tackling the potential dangers of these apps and setting boundaries using parental control apps like FlashGet Kids.

This article will explain all you need to know about dirty emoji apps and how to safeguard your child using FlashGet Kids.

What is a dirty emoji App?

A dirty emoji app is a software that contains thousands of adult-themed emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Couples or other consenting adults use these emojis to exchange naughty texts or spice up their relationships. Some popular dirty emoji apps include Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard, Flirty Dirty Emojis, and Adult Emoji Sticker Keyboard. They’re mainly used for exchanging sexual content. Hence, they contain a collection of explicit stickers that are inappropriate for kids.

dirty emoji app

Common dirty emoji Apps on the market

A quick Google search of “dirty emoji apps” will reveal that these apps are quite popular. And they’re visible to all, including kids.

Plenty of them are on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. However, they’re supposedly not meant for anyone under 18.

Unfortunately, these dirty emoji apps do not require IDs or have other methods to verify potential users’ ages. Anyone can say yes to being 18. And because of that, it has become a parent’s responsibility to protect their kids from these adult apps.

In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most popular dirty emoji apps you should watch out for on your child’s devices:

Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard

Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard

Dirty Emoji Sticker Keyboard is one of the most popular dirty emoji apps. It is highly rated on app stores with thousands of reviews from users.

A quick scroll reveals that this app contains hundreds of unique adult-themed emojis and naughty emoticons. The emojis are divided into flirty texts, dirty love couple emojis, dirty emoticons, and many more. Potential users are required to pay before they can use any of these emojis. Unfortunately, some users have complained that only a few emojis are available and that the price ($2.99 per item) is not worth the emojis. However, the app is still popular amongst consenting adults and couples who enjoy passing messages through these stickers.

Flirty emoji & Adult stickers

Flirty emoji & Adult stickers contain over 850 emojis, adult-themed stickers, and smileys. You can use the app to send naughty and flirty messages to your loved ones. It comes in a free and premium version. Flirty emoji and Adult stickers have 13 different categories, including horror, textual stickers, romance, and sexy stickers. One major perk of this app is that it can be used to send naughty messages on many social media platforms and sites.

Flirty Dirty Emoji – Adult Emoticons for Couples

Flirty Dirty Emoji – Adult Emoticons for Couples

Only available on the Apple Store, the Flirty Dirty Emoji app contains over 1,000 flirty emojis spread across nine galleries. Adults can use these sensual emoji icons to make their chats more romantic or flirtatious with their significant other. This app has a unique collection of dirty emojis for different moods.

Adult Emoji for Lovers

Adult Emoji for Lovers

Adult Emoji for Lovers has an extensive collection of animated romantic and sexy emojis divided into ten galleries. Some couples have left reviews online testifying how the app helped to better text and flirting in their relationships, making it even more exciting. The app lets you use flirty, drunk, funny, and provocative emojis. One gallery has 50 free adult emojis, and it’s for free. However, you need to pay to use other galleries.

This app is popular for allowing users to create their own designs. Whatever sticker design you need for your chat, you can make it using the app’s sticker creator feature.

Additionally, it allows you to customize your keyboard background, as you wish.

However, the app is currently only available on the App Store.

Dirty emoji & Adult emoji stic

Dirty Emoji & Adult Emoji stic contains more than 1000 dirty emojis, smileys, and emoticons for texting. To spice up your conversation and make it easy to pick out emojis, they’re divided into different galleries, like flirty, party, adult, and romantic. This dirty emoji app has free and premium emojis that cost $0.99-$1.49 per item. Unfortunately, some users have expressed concern, saying the stickers are not “dirty enough.”

With the list above, it’s obvious that the digital world is growing rapidly, and as a parent of a child who has access to mobile phones, you must stay ahead to safeguard your child. These dirty emoji apps contain content that depicts partial nudity, sexual themes, and strong language, all of which are supposed to be kept away from any child under the age of 18.

Advantages and disadvantages of using dirty emojis

Dirty Emojis can be helpful for adults who want to make their sexual life and relationship more fun. They’re also useful for sending sexual signals to partners without necessarily spelling out the words. However, they become harmful when they get into the hands of kids below the appropriate age. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using dirty emoji apps:


You can use dirty emoji apps to:

  1. Communicate your sexual needs or express romantic feelings to your partner, without necessarily saying the words.
  2. Spice up your relationship by sharing and exchanging naughty or sexy emojis. This keeps the spark alive.
  3. Express your sexual thoughts in a fun way and add more intimacy to your conversation. The emojis are clear, and their meanings are never misunderstood.


As we mentioned earlier, these apps are for adults. If your kid is under 18, they should avoid it and find joy using the simpler emojis on their social media apps. With kids, the disadvantages are outnumbered. Some of these disadvantages include:

  1. Some dirty emoji apps ask permission to access your phone gallery when you download them. If an unsuspecting child agrees, hackers can steal and use their data maliciously.
  2. Kids who use these apps are vulnerable. They may not understand what’s okay to share online. And as such, when they send stickers from these apps to the wrong people, they can unconsciously harm themselves. Predators can use it as an avenue to interact with these kids and coerce or groom them into sharing more sexual content.
  3. Most of these apps contain stickers that depict partial nudity and have alcohol and tobacco references. As a parent, you don’t want your children to consume such inappropriate content.
  4. Even though these apps are rated 17+ on the Google Play Store and App Store, most do not have an age verification page. So, any curious child can easily download and use these apps.

It’s not uncommon for children to want to use trendy or “cool” apps.

But some do it without realizing how risky these apps can be, especially these dirty emojis. That’s why we recommend using parental control apps like FlashGet Kids to monitor your child’s daily phone usage and intervene wherever necessary.

FlashGet Kids helps you keep the Dirty Emoji App away from your kid’s mobiles

As your child grows, they will spend more and more time online. As a parent staying at home or working, keeping track of children’s online activities can be challenging.

Dirty emoji apps will never go away from the internet, and keeping kids away is almost impossible. How do you ensure these apps don’t reach your child’s devices or screens? It’s simple: you use FlashGet Kids. This app provides all the information you need to actively participate in your kids’ online activities. Here are some features of FlashGet Kids that will help you shield your kids from detrimental apps like dirty emoji apps:

App blocker

You can use the App Blocker feature to keep these dirty emoji apps away from your child’s device. You simply block their access to it. And if your child tries to access these blocked apps, you immediately get a notification.

This incredible feature gives you control over the apps your kids can access or download, decreasing their chances of encountering unsuitable content online.


You can use FlashGet Kids App Tracker to get a detailed report of your child’s daily app usage. This will help you to keep an eye on the different apps your child visits and ensure they are not exposed to dirty emoji apps. It also lets you check their browsing history, the apps they downloaded, and the apps they spend the most time on, whenever you get this daily report. This way, you take active steps to protect your kids whenever necessary.

Screen Time

FlashGet Kids uses this feature to show you how much time your children spend on every app on their phones. It also allows you to set daily screen time limits or “pause the internet” so they’ll engage in other activities outside of their phones.

Other features of FlashGet Kids that we consider important include, screen mirroring and live monitoring, and content filtering. They work together to make sure your child is protected from these dirty emoji apps and others that might cause them harm.

Ultimately, teaching your kids what apps are bad for their safety in the digital world is a great way to safeguard them. However, using parental control apps like FlashGet Kids helps enforce those teachings.


In today’s digital age, you have to pay attention to your child’s online activities. That’s the first step to shielding them from the dark corners of the internet. You must also stay informed and proactive in discussing online safety with your children.

It’s also necessary that you use parental control apps like FlashGet Kid. It closely monitors your child’s online activity and creates a safe online environment while keeping your mind at ease

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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