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Record WhatsApp calls to capture important moments

Due to the increase in the expansion of society as well as technology, phone conversations continue to be fleeting, while precious moments might be lost. Fortunately, there are methods by which you can easily and effectively record WhatsApp calls and capture such moments.

Whether it is a business discussion or an informal conversation with friends, this article will help to learn how to record a call on WhatsApp and save such memorable moments.

Can WhatsApp call be recorded by screen recording?

WhatsApp itself does not offer an inbuilt screen recording feature; however, both Android and iPhone offer features for capturing everything on the screen, including WhatsApp calls.

Your phone’s screen recording is similar to a camera; it records the screen activity, including the video and the sound of the call.

Here’s a breakdown:

1. Android: Many Android devices have a built-in screen recorder under the ‘Settings’ option. If not, you can easily download other free third-party screen recording apps from the Google Play Store.

2. iPhone: iPhones also have a screen recording feature in the Control Center. However, ensure that it is on before you proceed to make the WhatsApp call.

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android?

There are two main ways to record WhatsApp calls on Android: either utilizing the built-in screen recording or any online call recorder application.

Method 1: Screen recording

Most Android gadgets have the screen capture option as a standard feature. This is the easiest way to record a call, although it may record only one side of the call.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Locate screen recorder: Swipe down for notification bars, and then you will find the quick settings panel. Looking for a screen recorder icon, it can be located under the More options icon.

2. Start recording (if available): If you see the icon for the screen recorder, tapping it initiates the recording process. A countdown timer should appear before the actual recording starts.

Screen recording

3. Alternatively, access settings: If the icon is missing, go to the personal settings and look for the “screen recording” option. There, you can enable it, along with possible additions like audio choice.

4. Initiate WhatsApp call: When you are ready, you turn on the recorder, open the WhatsApp and proceed to make the call.

5. Stop recording: After completing the call, navigate to the quick setting panel and tap the screen recorder icon to cease the recording. The recording will be saved in the phone’s memory.

Method 2: Third-Party Call Recording App

This method involves downloading a special call recording application from the Google Play Store.

These apps are far more versatile and are often accompanied by additional features like automatic recording and call filtering. Here’s how it works:

1. Download a trusted app: Open the Google Play Store application and type “call recorder” in the search bar. Find an application with many positive reviews and a high rating.

2. Install and grant permissions: Select an app of your choice and then open it to download and start the installation process. During downloads, you need to grant permission for the app as it requires storage and access to the microphone.

3. Configure recording options: Call recorder applications have features that enable users to decide on the recording settings. These include setting the application to record all calls that you make or recording the call and then making the actual WhatsApp call.

4. Record your call: After installing the app, go to make the WhatsApp call. In some applications, this will start the recording process on its own, while in other instances, you must start the recording yourself from the application.

5. Manage recordings: After the call has ended, click on the call recording application to check and sort your calls. You can normally reply to them, forward them, or delete the particular messages.

How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone?

Although WhatsApp does not call recording, iPhones have the Screen Recording feature which can easily record your WhatsApp call. Here’s how to use it:

1. Enable screen recording: Open your iPhone’s Settings app, go to “Settings,” and then “Control Center.” In the Control Center options, find “Screen Recording” and add it by tapping the “+” button.

Control Center

2. Open control center: To access the Control Center on iPhone X or later, swipe down the top right corner of the screen On iPhone 8 and earlier, swipe up the bottom of the screen.

3. Start screen recording: Find the screen recording icon, which is a circle with a dot in the middle. Right-click the icon to bring up a context menu.

Start recording Whatsapp call

4. Enable microphone audio: Since you want to record the call audio, click on the microphone icon (cross through it) in the pop-up menu to turn it on. The icon will be highlighted in white when it is active.

5. Begin recording: Press the “Start Recording” button, which looks like a red circle, to start the screen recording. A few seconds before the recording initiates, a countdown timer will appear on the screen.

6. Initiate WhatsApp Call: Open WhatsApp and begin your call in the normal way. This will record both the video call interface on WhatsApp and the audio that you are using.

7. Stop recording: When your call is over, open Control Center once more and tap on the screen recording icon- a red box to stop screen recording. A small pop-up will be displayed to the user to signal that the recording is complete.

The WhatsApp call that you recorded will be converted to a video format and will be stored in your photos. You can view it in the “Videos” or look for it in the search bar.

How to record your kid’s WhatsApp calls?

There is one option that will allow you to record your kids’ WhatsApp calls, and that is the one-way audio feature of FlashGet Kids.

This feature has been developed to ensure that parents can secretly monitor their children’s audio interactions, such as the use of WhatsApp calls, for security reasons.

Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Download and install the FlashGet Kids app for parents on your phone from their official website, App Store, and Play Store.
  2. Register a FlashGet account to sign up and use the app. If you already have an account, please sign in to continue.
  3. Go ahead and download and install the FlashGet Kids app for kids on your child’s phone.
  4. Go ahead and bind the FlashGet Kids parental control app on your phone to the kid’s version on their phone. You’ll key in a 9-digit code from the parental control app onto your child’s phone.
  5. Follow the prompts on your kid’s phone to allow the app to access other phone features like the camera.
  6. On your device, navigate to FlashGet Kids and find live monitoring> One-way Audio.
  7. Go to “One-way Audio” > ”Continue” > “Record.” Then you can listen to the sound around the child. Tap “End recording” to finish recording.
  8. In the app, go to the “My Recording” tab, where all the recorded calls, including your child WhatsApp calls .
Recording files

Once activated, FlashGet Kids One-way audio will enable you to monitor all the WhatsApp voice calls made or answered by the child on their device without their knowledge.

The audio recordings will be saved on your device, and you can listen to them whenever you like.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Windows?

There is no native call recording application on Windows, but you can use an Xbox Game Bar, which is already installed on Windows 10 and 11.

Here’s how to capture your WhatsApp calls:

1. Ensure Xbox Game Bar is enabled: It can be disabled by default in rare instances. To open it, press the Windows key and G at the same time. If none of this works, type Xbox Game Bar settings in the Start menu and click on Use Game Bar features to activate it.

2. Open WhatsApp desktop: Open the WhatsApp desktop application and log into your account.

3. Initiate Call: Initiate a voice or video call to the required contact.

4. Launch Xbox Game Bar: Go to the Xbox Game Bar by pressing the Windows key + G on your keyboard.

Launch Xbox Game Bar

5. Verify capture source: Look at the top left corner of the Xbox Game Bar. If WhatsApp is not selected as the active application, click the application icon and select “WhatsApp” to check if it is being recorded.

6. Enable microphone audio: Like many apps, the Xbox Game Bar does not capture audio from a microphone by default. If you wish to record your voice during the call, click on the microphone icon in the Xbox Game Bar to enable it.

7. Start recording: Locate the Xbox Game Bar and press the record button, which is a red circle. A timer to show that the recording has commenced will be displayed.


8. Manage your call: Shrink the Xbox Game Bar and continue the WhatsApp call as normal. The call window and audio will be recorded.

9. Stop Recording: After your call is complete, return to the Xbox Game Bar and click the red square to stop the recording.

Recordings are stored as MP4s automatically for your convenience. They are located on your computer in the “Videos” folder within your user directory.

The actual location, however, may be somewhat different depending on the configuration of your operating system.


The ability to record WhatsApp calls has emerged as a powerful tool to preserve life’s precious moments, capturing these audio treasures ensures they remain eternally accessible.

By embracing this technology, you unlock the power to relive cherished instants at will, savoring the emotions, inflections, and nuances that make each memory truly special.

So, don’t let another priceless moment slip away – harness the capability to record WhatsApp calls and curate a lifetime of auditory keepsakes that will resonate through the ages.


Why is there no sound when I screen record a WhatsApp video call?

Due to privacy concerns, WhatsApp blocks the audio from being recorded during video calls when using screen recording tools on mobile devices.

Does WhatsApp notify screenshots of view once?

No, WhatsApp does not currently notify the sender when you take a screenshot of a ‘View Once’ media file they have sent.

Can I record phone calls with screen recording?

No, screen recording tools generally cannot capture audio from phone calls due to the calls being encrypted end-to-end for privacy reasons.

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