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Exploring Snapchat story viewer: Safe and anonymous options

Snapchat is an app where people share instant images and videos throughout the day using a feature called “stories.” These stories vanish after one day, but it is still a fun and time-bound way to share your content. The more Snapchat becomes popular, the more its users make up the desire to see those stories without getting noticed. For this to happen, many tools and techniques have been cooked up, like Snapchat story viewer.

Now, these privacy features have become more important while browsing the entire social media domain. People would want to check over what their friends are doing without their knowledge; parents want to watch their children’s activities over the net. In such cases, anonymous viewing options are needed. Quite a few times, parents need to limit the time allowed over social media for their children in order to keep them safe from the several online hazards available. This article talks about the different ways to view Snapchat stories secretly, showing both the good and bad sides of each method.

What is a Snapchat story viewer?

A Snapchat story viewer is a tool or a method by which one can view Snapchat stories of the story owner without informing him or her. This is quite popular, since people always look forward to retaining their privacy and discreetness on social media. Users of Snapchat story viewers are also in plenty in order to save themselves from social embarrassment, keep an eye on someone discreetly, or monitor their children.

Snapchat story viewer

The two major types of Snapchat story viewers are online viewers and app-based viewers. Online viewers mostly use websites where Snapchat users, through the use of a Snapchat username, can view the stories being shared without the necessity of logging into their Snapchat account. The process is pretty simple, and no such software actually needs to be downloaded in order to view the stories anonymously. Most of these are, however, not to be trusted and are not safe for use because they are usually risky in terms of being used in phishing attacks or housing malware.

Viewers are just app-based applications that are installed on the user’s device. There are lots of advanced features available only after logging into Snapchat, such as anonymous story viewing. However, they require great access and permissions to personal data, which raises several privacy concerns. Using apps like these might violate Snapchat’s terms of service and, perhaps, get that account banned.

In a nutshell, Snapchat story viewers have the ability to see other people’s stories without their knowing, thus allowing them to have privacy. The need to note the associated risks like security threats and privacy issues makes it an important tendency to watch others’ stories without their knowledge.

How to view Snapchat Stories anonymously?

Viewing Snapchat stories can be achieved through various methods, each with its own set of pros and cons. Here are some common techniques:

Using Airplane mode trick

This is one of the old-school tricks that can help you anonymously view Snapchat stories. You don’t have to download a Snapchat story viewer app or free online tools to use this method.

Just follow through with these steps.

  1. Launch the Snapchat application and let all the stories load.
  2. Turn on the airplane mode from the notification shade.
  3. Tap on the story you wish to watch.
  4. Exit out of the Snapchat application.
  5. Turn off the Airplane mode.

This method is pretty simple, but there are some drawbacks. If you don’t close the Snapchat app completely from the background, it will still update your viewing status. However, you can still avoid that by not opening Snapchat for 24 hours.

Via third-party Snapchat story viewer app

There are a ton of anonymous Snapchat story viewer apps on the market. These apps are a bit complicated to install and can often malfunction. Anyhow, here are some common services and apps people use to anonymously view Snapchat stories.

Flexispy, a spying application
  • Flexispy: a spying application that will give you remote access to most of the content on the target device. This content will include all social media stories and messages. So, you’ll need access to the target device and its credentials to use this method.
  • Hoverwatch: This is an affordable solution for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s Snapchat stories anonymously. Hoverwatch is a hidden app that can’t be detected by teens easily. So your anonymity will be safe when you peek into your child’s Snapchat stories.
  • EyeZy: EyeZy is a complete parental control solution and social tracker for parents. It is somewhat challenging to install, but it will provide you with complete access to your child’s social stories and shared content.

All of these apps require parents to physically access the target device. Moreover, there have been a few reports, like privacy leaks and security problems. So, I’d suggest that you only use this method if your child is acting too suspiciously.

Create another account

Creating a new account is just an easy way to browse anything you want on Snapchat anonymously. Just make sure not to use your personal phone number or email to create this account.

Here is how you can get started.

  1. Download the Snapchat application and go to sign up.
  2. Give your new email and password.
  3. Add the person you wish to stalk.
  4. View their stories.

The benefit of this method is that there is no way for the other person to piece together this new account with your actual identity. However, a major drawback still exists: you’ll need the other person to accept your friend request for the new account.

Ask a friend for help

Last but not least, the most convenient way to view a story anonymously is to request a friend to view it for you. This viewer list allows one to tap on any mutual friend to watch the story. Then you can request them if they would be kind enough to give you their phone while the owner of the story gets the information that your friend watched the story.

The only con to this is that you won’t be fully anonymous, at least to your friend, and it might be known that you’re stalking someone. The major plus of the following method is you will not have to install any third-party apps or tools to check the story. So, if you have a trusted friend, there is no problem with using this method.

How do I check my Snapchat story viewers?

Understanding who has viewed your Snapchat story is useful for knowing your social circle. Snapchat provides an easy way to see this information.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check your story viewers:

  1. Open up the Snapchat app on your phone.
  2. Click on your profile icon on the top left.
  3. Go to “My Story.”
  4. Swipe up to access the list of all viewers.

This list shows the usernames of those who have watched your story. The order usually indicates who viewed it most recently. Snapchat also shows how many times your story has been viewed by Snapchat Plus users. If a user watches your story multiple times, it counts each view. However, you won’t see the exact number of views per user, just the total view count if you’re not a premium member.

Snapchat offers analytics for public stories and creator accounts. These analytics provide more detailed insights into story performance. They help you understand your audience better, including demographics and engagement patterns. For personal use, it helps you understand who is keeping up with your updates. For brands and influencers, it provides valuable data to tailor content and engage better with their audience.

Monitor your kid’s online activities on and beyond Snapchat

What counts most today is monitoring what your child is doing online. For example, with the invention of social media platforms like Snapchat, parents are very careful about safety measures. Children are very susceptible to online bullying, improper content, and predators on the internet. They do not have a clue on how to keep their privacy.

Therefore, you will have to do it by being a parent and advising them on the relevant behavior. Lucky for you, you do not have to sit with your child and judge their online activities for the whole day. You can make use of parental control tools to ensure that you keep an eye on your kid.

parental controls for keeping an eye on your kid

Here, parental control software could be very handy in tracking social media activities, as it will enable a parent to keep a check on messages and browsing history or monitor the social media use of the child. For Snapchat, they will show you with whom your child interacts and what content he or she consumes.

FlashGet Kids is one such use, with attributes such as screen mirroring and snapshots, which help you view your child’s device in real-time. Running through its advanced features, there are app blockers and screen time limiters that might come in handy for disciplining your kid. So, if you’re on the lookout for a one-stop solution for parental control, I’d suggest using FlashGet Kids.

FlashGet Kids parental control

FlashGet Kids for monitoring social media

Setting up FlashGet Kids to monitor social media is fairly simple. You will not have to waste hours of your time, and you just need one-time access to your child’s phone.

From there, you can follow along with these steps to set up screen mirroring and snapshot features.

  1. Download and install FlashGet Kids on your phone.
  2. Create a parent account after launching this app.
  3. Download and install FlashGet Kids on your child’s phone.
  4. Pair up both devices by following the in-app instructions.
  5. Open up the parental control app on your phone.
  6. Go to Live Monitoring features and tap on Screen Mirroring to monitor your kid while being anonymous.
  7. Go to the Snapshot section and then tap on the screen to schedule a remote screenshot of your child’s phone.
screen-mirroring on FlashGet Kids

Both of these features are great at keeping parent anonymous when they wish to monitor their children remotely. I can almost guarantee that you won’t have to switch to any other app after testing out these features from FlashGet Kids.

Concluding remarks

Viewing Snapchat stories shows anonymously how much privacy and security matter these days. Whether in manual ways, third-party apps, or parental control applications such as FlashGet Kids, the chosen method must offer an equal level of convenience and safety.

A Snapchat story viewer lets you see others’ activities without revealing your identity. Yet, be careful not to get into some of the dangers, such as a breach of privacy and security threats. Just ensure that you go around it with means that will keep the personal business private and within the standards of the law.

Parental control software is a really good tool for parents who might really be concerned about their children’s online safety. These let the parent monitor the child’s social media interactions while keeping the privacy of the individual. Let’s keep abreast of the changes in technology with the tools and methods that keep us safe online.


How can l see someone’s Snapchat story without letting them know?

You can rely on tricks like turning on the Airplane mode or using third-party apps to see someone’s Snapchat story without letting them know.

Can I see how many times someone viewed my story?

If you’re subscribed to the Snapchat Plus service, you can see how many times someone viewed your Snapchat story.

Can people see who viewed their Snapchat story?

Users will get a complete list of viewers after they have uploaded a Snapchat story. Just go to your profile > my story and swipe up to access the list of all viewers.

What is the order of Snapchat viewers?

The most recent Snapchat viewers are listed at the top, and the oldest are listed at the bottom of the viewer list.

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