Spotify parental controls set-up guide

Welcome to the Spotify parental controls set-up guide, where you will have a chance to learn the various essential steps to ensure an appropriate and safe listening experience for our family. Today, with the advancement of technology, music screaming is an integral part of our lives, but it is crucial to have the right tools on hand to help you manage the type of music your children are accessing.

With Spotify’s advanced parental controls gears, you can take advantage of its robust parental controls to customize the musical journey for your kids, from managing time limits to blocking explicit content. So, this guide will empower you to create a customized, secure, and enjoyable environment for your kid’s music endeavors.

Let’s get into the world of Spotify parental control to ensure that your family’s musical adventure is safe and enjoyable.

What is a kid-friendly music app?

A kid-friendly music app is an application that is specifically designed to play music that is appropriate for kids. The app features age-appropriate music where kids can explore and enjoy music. Such an app plays curated selections of playlists, songs, and plenty of interactive features that are customized to kid’s preferences besides promoting educational, entertaining and content that is free from explicit materials.

Key features of a good kid-friendly music app includes the following features but not limited to;

  • Content filtering. The app should ensure that all the music and lyrics are appropriate for kids with all explicit content filtered out.
  • Includes an age-appropriate playlist. The app should offer music recommendations and a playlist suitable for kids of different ages, from pre-teens to toddlers.
  • Appropriate kid’s interactive elements. A kids-friendly music app should incorporate interactive music-related activities, interactive games, and other enjoyable features that make it enjoyable to the kids.
  • Parental controls. The app provides parents full control over what they can access, such as the ability to set time limits, review kids’ activities, and restrict certain features
  • Educational-oriented content. Your kid-friendly music app should offer songs that are not only educational but also that are entertaining. Such songs help the kid to learn language, essential concepts and numbers with much ease.
  • User-friendly interface. An intuitive and simple interface is easy for any age kid to navigate on their own.

Does spotify have parental controls?

Yes, Spotify offers a built-in parental control feature. You can put parental controls on Spotify.

How to put parental controls on Spotify – direct answer

How to put parental control on Spotify can be easy. Follow the quick method to unlock Spotify parental control.

✔️Open and log in your Spotify on your browser > Menu (≡) > “Account Overview” > “Premium Family.”

✔️Tap on “People on this plan” and choose “Plan member.”

✔️Turn off “Allow explicit content.”

How to set up parental controls on Spotify kids?

Before you can set up parental controls on your kid’s Spotify account, you need first to download and create an account.

  • Download and Install Spotify Kids on your device
  • Create a profile for your kid(s)
  • Launch your Spotify Kids app.
  • Create a new profile for your kid. If you want to control more than one kid, you can create multiple profiles for each child depending on their age and preferences.

How to set up Spotify parental controls on iOS,iPad and iPod?

  • On your mobile browser, open the Spotify website.
  • Tap the dropdown Menu (≡) on your screen’s top right corner.
  • Log in and enter your account credentials.
  • Proceed to open the dropdown menu “Account Overview” then proceed to Premium Family.
Spotify parental controls - Account Overview

While on the “People on this plan” section, tap the “account name” of the kid you’d want to control.

Spotify parental controls -  account name

Once you access their profile page, tap “Allow explicit content,” Please ensurethat you turn it off. By doing so, you’ll block explicit content that’s on that kid’s account.

To block specific artists on Spotify, navigate to the artist page on their mobile app > Tap the three dots icon, then tap ” Don’t play this.”

What are the benefits of setting up parental controls on Spotify Kids?

You can set up content filters. Once you finish creating the profile, you’ll be asked to select an age range for the kid owning the profile. This way, you can customize the appropriate content based on your child’s age. Spotify Kids will only show content classified as suitable for that age group.

Enable time limits. Spotify Kids may include a feature that allows you to set a time limit on how long the kid stays on the app. Check this feature on the settings to see if it’s available on your version.

Review and approve content. The Spotify Kids app includes a curated selection of playlists and music, but you can further review and approve this playlist, such as specific songs, albums, and playlist content.

Use a PIN to lock the app. Some versions allow you to set a PIN code required to access the app content.

How to set up Spotify parental controls on Computer( Desktop)?

  • Go to the Spotify Kids website in your browser
  • Log into your account
  • Navigate to “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Family & other users” from the left pane.
  • Choose “manage family settings online” > “Premium Family.”
Spotify parental controls -  Manage your family plan

While on the “People on this plan,” click on the kid name/member you want to set parental control measures on.

Spotify parental controls - Allow explicit content

Click the “Allow explicit content” toggle on their profile page to switch it off. This will block explicit content on that kid’s account.

How to set up Spotify Kids Parental Controls on a Windows device?

Open “Settings” >”Accounts” > “Family & other users” > “Manage family settings online.”

After selecting your child’s name, you can choose parental control settings.

How to set up Spotify Kids Parental Controls on Windows

How to set up Spotify Kids Parental Controls on a Mac device?

Select the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen.
Choose “System Preferences” > “Screen Time” > “Continue” > “Turn On.”
Then, select “Content & Privacy” > “Turn On.” And then select your desired settings.

How to set Spotify parental controls on Android?

On your Spotify app, tap on your profile in the top right corner.
Select “Settings.”


Then select “Family.”
Tap on “Parental controls.”

Digital wellbeing and parental controls

Toggle the “Parental controls” switch to on.
Create a content PIN.

Allow supervison

Re-enter your content PIN.
Select your desired parental controls > tap “Save.”

How to turn off Spotify parental controls

Turning off Spotify parental controls can be easy. It only take a few steps.

How to turn off Spotify parental controls on iPhone and Android devices

  • Open the Spotify app and navigate to Settings ( Gear icon in the upper right corner).
  • Head over to “Explicit Content.”
  • Turn onAllow explicit content.”

How to turn off parental controls for Spotify on computer?

You can do it on either Windows or Mac.

Open the Spotify app, tap on your profile, and go to “Settings.” Or you can also tap on the 3 dots menu > “Edit” > “Preferences” to go to “Settings.”

And then navigate to “Explicit Content” and go to “Allow play back of explicit-rated content.”

Finally, Turn on “Allow playback of explicit-rated content” option.

How to turn off explicit content on Premium Family?

Open a browser and then visit and log in Premium Family page on Spotify. You can also open Your Account Overview to head to the Premium Family Page in the menu.

Choose Plan member you would like to turn off .

Turn onAllow explicit content.”

What is the difference between Spotify and Spotify kids?

The primary difference between Spotify Kids and Spotify lies in their target audience, feature, and content curation. Let’s discuss some of these differences.

Spotify KidsSpotify
Target AudienceIt is specifically designed for kids.
It offers a kid-friendly experience.
It is designed for the general audience.
Content curationThe content is customized for kids.
It includes a selection of stories and songs for kids
The content is age- appropriate.
The app offers a wide range of music including explicit content.
Parental ControlsParental controls are the key feature of this app.
Parents can set age-appropriate content.
Content filtering features available but
explicit content present.
App featuresThe app provides a fun and a safe listening experience to kids.The app offers general content i.e playlists, social sharing,music discovery and podcast streaming.

What is the best music streaming service with parental controls?

Music streaming is an integral part of our lives as it allows us to access various music on our devices. However, parents must ensure that their kids are only accessing age-appropriate content. This is where the best music streaming services with parental controls come in. These services not only provide kids with curated music but also an extensive library of music suitable for kids and also provide parents with tools to manage what kids can listen to online. So, below is a table comparing some of the best music streaming services with parental controls.

Music Streaming serviceContent filteringAge-Appropriate playlistsAdditional notes
Spotify KidsKids can create their own personalized playlists & avatars.Has a library of age-appropriate songs, stories, and audiobooks.A standalone app with content curated for kids.
Amazon Music UnlimitedIncludes playlists and curated song selections that will appeal to children.This app gives you the ability to listen to the type of songs your child is listening to.Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription includes parental controls.
YouTube KidsThe app allows listeners access to a vast library of songs and age-appropriate videos.Google Family Link System offers more restricted accessibility.Primarily video-based content; music videos are part of the offering.
Pandora KidsThe app offers a controlled listening experience for your kids.
Allows you to create a station that features your popular performers and recordings such as Disney radio and Kidz Bop.
The app works by learning musical preferences for your kids and then playing songs that it thinks your kid will like.A version of the Pandora app curated for kids.

Spotify. It includes Spotify and Spotify Kids, a user-friendly music streaming app. The Spotify Kids app is designed for kids, offering many different music genres and parental control services. It is easy for families to use.

Others include: Pandora Kids. A kid’s version of the popular Pandora music app designed for kids. It features parental controls and ad-free music. YouTube Kids. While this app is not exclusively a music app, the YouTube Kids app includes a wide variety of kid-friendly music videos and content specifically curated for the young.
When choosing your kids-friendly music app, it’s crucial you consider the child’s interests, age, as your preferences to ensure that the app aligns with your family values and needs.

In summary, Spotify is the best music streaming service with parental controls. This music streaming app includes Spotify Kids, a separate app designed for kids to stream curated playlists. The app includes content appropriate for kids aged 3 and up, various age groups, and parental controls to help parents customize their kid’s music streaming experience.

Why do you need to use FlashGet Parental Control when kids use Spotify?

Maybe you’re suspecting that your kid is using Spotify or other music streaming apps that might expose him/her to explicit content, something you can’t let happen to them. Yeah, Spotify is a leading digital music, video service, and podcast that can give your kid access to millions of songs and other content from all creators in the world. To help manage the time your kids can spend on Spotify and also see their activities on Spotify, you need a more advanced app like FlashGet Parental Control.

FlashGet Parental Control helps you to monitor all of your kid’s online activities including on Spotify and hence keep them away from accessing explicit content on the platform.

With FlashGet Parental Control, you can:

Set Screen time limit for your kid on Spotify Kids.
Track Apps, including Spotify kids.
Block apps, including Spotify.
Monitor your kid’s daily usage, Location tracker, and Live Monitoring.

To capture the content that your child is viewing or listening to, do this on your FlashGet account.

On the dashboard, go to “Live Monitoring.”
Click “Screen Mirroring” > “Continue.” You can now view your child’s phone screen. To go back, tap “←”

Screen Mirroring

To use Remote Camera, please go to “Remote Camera” > “Continue.” You can now see the current environment where your kid is.

Remote Camera

To listen to the sounds around your kid’s environment, tap “One-way Audio,” then “Continue,” then “Record.”
You can now listen to the sounds near your child’s environment.

One-Way Audio

All the recordings should be saved on “Me” > “My Recordings.”

After configuring the settings, you can start to use FlashGet Parental Control to monitor and see what they listen to.


Yes! Spotify includes a family plan known as "Spotify Premium Family" which allows multiple family members to have their own individual Premium accounts under the support of one subscription.
With Spotify's Premium Family Plan, parents have access to “Explicit Content Filter” settings for kids associated with that account.Besides,the plan also includes Family Mix:which enables families access to personalized playlists for the entire family.
Yes, Spotify grant's parents access to their kid’s listening history and can go ahead and block explicit content. To apply these new settings on Spotify, Search for the “Grown Ups” section> select your child’s account history and apply changes.
Spotify kids is a standalone app designed mainly for music streaming needs for children aged 3 and above. The app allows kids to access a more controlled and kid-friendly music streaming environment. Some of the restrictions include; no explicit content, curated content, parental controls, ad’s free music and no personalization of music among other features.
Spotify offers a special app, "Spotify Kids" that is mainly designed to offer kids a safe and age-appropriate music streaming experience for children aged3 and above. The app ensures explicit content is filtered out and only content suitable for kids is accessible to them. However, the regularSpotify app does not offer content filtering features which means the kid can access explicit content which is harmful to their psychology. While parental control measures in Spotify app can filter explicit content, the high availability of such content can be of great concern.

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