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T-Mobile kids watch review: SyncUp Watch features and pricing

Does your kid keep asking for a smartphone, but it doesn’t feel the right time yet to make that step? The T-Mobile Kids Watch, which also is known as the SyncUp Watch, could be a perfect compromise between the two alternatives.

The kid-oriented smartwatch comes with features that can bring parents some kind of peace. And also provide children with a fun and healthy way to stay in touch.

Let’s take a detailed look at the excellent features offered by the T-Mobile Kids Watch. And why it might be a good match for your family.

T-Mobile kids watch: An overview

The T-Mobile SyncUp Kids Watch is a smartwatch designed specifically for children, allowing parents to stay connected with their kids while promoting independence.

With a vibrant 1.4-inch touchscreen display, it allows the watch to provide its users with a user-friendly interface designed specifically for young kids.

T-Mobile SyncUp Kids Watch

Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  1. GPS tracking. Using the SyncUp app, parents can track their kid’s whereabouts precisely at all times. And granting them the assurance of safety and peace of mind.
  2. Two-way voice calling. The watch allows the child to make voice calls to their approved contacts, smoothing communication when needed.
  3. Safe messaging. In case of an emergency, the kids can send texts or voice notes to the designated contacts they have listed. This can make the kids feel a bit independent, but on the other hand, the parents can see what the kids are doing through the app.
  4. Reminders and schedules. Parents are allowed to set up alerts and notifications that will assist kids to be more organized and focused.
  5. Activity tracking: The watch registers steps, distance and body activity, motivating the young kids to develop a more active lifestyle.
  6. Customizable watch faces. The children can pick any design they like to use as a watch face as it all meets the standard of age-appropriateness.

The T-Mobile SyncUp Kids Watch is designed for children in the age group of 4-12 years old.

Such attributes are an excellent choice for young school-age children. And these skills are helpful for parents who intend to monitor and communicate with their kids.

The T-Mobile Kids Watch was designed to provide entertainment and safety solutions at the same time. Therefore giving children the desired freedom and their parents peace of mind.

Detailed review: What does T-Mobile SyncUp Watch do?

The T-Mobile SyncUp Watch is an ideal combination of fun, security, and convenience in one smartwatch designed specifically for children.

Design and build quality

SyncUp Kids smartWatch

The SyncUp watch has a durable and kid-friendly appearance with a shiny 1. 4-inch touchscreen display.

The watch is accessible in numerous colors, which are suitable for different age ranges and preferences.

Its small size allows it to fit on young wrists easily, plus its lightweight construction ensures maximum comfort.

The watch is also water-proof and can therefore, bear the activities undertaken by the kids outdoors or accidental splashes of water.

User interface and ease of use

T-Mobile has developed an interface that is quite user friendly and is even easy for the young ones to use.

The watch’s screen is a touchscreen that is responsive to taps and swipes, making it easy to access its different functions.

The menu’s interface is simple, with large icons and user-friendly navigation, allowing the kids to roam around and use it independently.

Safety features for kids

Safety is one of the most crucial factors for parents to consider, and the Sync Up Watch truly is an outstanding choice in this regard.

The device provides the following safety features:

  1. GPS tracking. Through the mobile app, parents can know their child’s exact location in real-time on the map.
  2. Safe zones. It can develop a virtual fence around notable spots such as home or school. Parents receive notifications whenever the child enters or exits these particular areas.
  3. SOS alerts. The available SOS button allows kids to send a notification immediately to the pre-set contacts with just a press of a button.
  4. Two-way calling and texting. Link with your child via crystal clear voice calls and messages using location-limited access to approved contacts only.
  5. School mode. A parent-controlled function enables the filtering of some features especially during school hours with the objective of lessening the distractions of online users.

Battery life and performance

SyncUp Watch provides you with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 48 hours with a single charge.

This will allow the children to utilize the watch’s features for long without having to go through a tedious charging process.

The device operates at a high level of efficiency because of the hardware and software optimization in monitoring.

Water resistance and durability

The SyncUp Watch has an IP67 rating to resist water & dust. It can handle drips, spills, and even being accidentally plunged into shallow water.

Its tough design incorporates a scratch-resistant screen, which means that it can be a credible friend for active children as it can withstand the inevitable bangs and drops.

What kids can do on the watch

The SyncUp Watch offers a range of activities and features to keep kids engaged and entertained:

  1. Text and voice messaging. Kids may use pre-written text messages or voice notes to communicate with their approved contacts, thus practicing communication skills with some sort of parental control.
  2. Activity tracking. The watch counts steps, distance, and physical activity, in turn encouraging a healthy lifestyle and positive habits.
  3. Customizable watch faces. Children can have their own watch set up with many different fun and age-related watch faces that can be used to express their uniqueness.
  4. Reminders and schedules. Parents can assign reminders and plans for their children, keeping them organized and adhering to the set daily routines.
  5. Games and apps. The watch has kid-friendly games and apps already installed, which offer entertainment and educational content customized for young users.
  6. Video calling (Optional add-on.) By purchasing an extra subscription, one can allow their kid to make Face-to-Face calls with rated contacts through the use of video calling features.

The T-Mobile SyncUp Watch is a great wearable that allows parents to encourage independence for their children while still overseeing their safety and security.

With its outstanding features, user-friendly design, and durable structure, The SyncUp Watch is set to become the top option for families who like technology.

Comparison with other kids watch

The T-Mobile SyncUp Watch provides an attractive choice for parents searching for secure and easy means of keeping in touch with their children.

However, with so many kids’ watches on the market, you need to compare features and functions before committing to a specific model.

This table provides a head-to-head look at the SyncUp Watch against some of the most popular kids’ smartwatches on the market:

FeatureT-Mobile SyncUp WatchVerizon GizmoWatch 3TickTalk 4Xplora X5 PlayGabb Z2
Price (watch only)~$175~$150~$180~$199~$200
Monthly Service Fee~$10~$15~$15~$12None (uses Wi-Fi)
Age Range5-12 years5-12 years4-12 years5-12 years3-12 years
Cellular NetworkT-MobileVerizonNo cellular (uses 2G network)VariesN/A (Wi-Fi only)
GPS TrackingYes (Real-time)Yes (Real-time)Yes (Real-time)Yes (Real-time)N/A (Wi-Fi only)
Safe ZonesYesYesYesYesN/A
SOS AlertsYesYesYesYesYes
Two-Way Calling & TextingYes (limited contacts)Yes (limited contacts)Yes (limited contacts)Yes (multiple contacts)No
Video CallingNoNoNoYesNo
Games & ActivitiesYes (limited)Yes (limited)YesYesNo
Water ResistanceSplashproofSplashproofSplashproofSwimproofSplashproof
Battery LifeUp to 1-2 daysUp to 2 daysUp to 1 dayUp to 3 daysUp to 3 days

User experiences of T-Mobile kids watch

Three years ago was introduced to the market the T-Mobile SyncUp Watch, and it became highly appreciated and rated by many customers who gave their feedback.

“My daughter is 8; she really loves the youthful watch face and the games on the SyncUp Watch. I can set reminders and schedules for her, and it is very entertaining. “-David T.

“My daughter wears the SyncUp Watch daily, and when it comes to battery life, we could not ask for anything better as the battery lasts up to two days, which is a perfect fit for our case.”

“It has really been a lifesaver as we’re protected from water thanks to the waterproofness feature. It has happened twice that my child dropped the Sync Up Watch in water, but both times the Watch came out good-as-new. “– Jessica P.

A camera function for video calls on the SyncUp Watch would have been great. It would have been quite cool, particularly for kids. “ – Amanda L.

Most parents of the children are satisfied with a T-mobile Watch SyncUp since the device is attractive due to its safety features, playful applications, and strong construction.

However, some people think that the apps could be made more user-friendly and the number of games should be increased, while the majority of users think that the SyncUp Watch is a reliable and feature-packed smartwatch for kids.

A better parental control solution for kids

Despite this SyncUpWatch allowing parents to access their children’s whereabouts and monitor them, it has to still be upgraded to the gear of getting parental assistance in its purest form.

If you wish to provide your children with more attention and control over their digital interactions, then the software called FlashGet Kids is worth a try.

While the SyncUp Watch is a cool product in the areas of tracking, such as position and location and basic communication, but FlashGet Kids offers a more holistic approach to digital parenting by covering much more than just those features.

FlashGet Kids gives parents the authority to control and to guarantee the security of their children being in a more protected online environment as well as providing the parents the choice to supervise and filter the activities made across several digital devices.

FlashGet Kids goes further than smartwatches

FlashGet Kids parental control

This app not only gives you a tracking on your child location but the app is a parental control solution that lets you monitor your child internet life and you equip you with the necessary tools to manage the internet activity successfully.

remote-camera on FlashGet Kids

Here’s how FlashGet Kids goes a step further than a smartwatch.

  • Cross-device compatibility. FlashGet Kids is portable and can be installed on different devices, smartphones, and tablets. It ensures uniform protection regardless of the platform.
  • Web filtering and content blocking. The software allows the parents to block inappropriate websites, online content, or applications that match the age-appropriate filters that help in safe browsing for children.
  • Screen time management. Parents may set daily time limits for devices, schedule browsing sessions, and block applications/games they consider inappropriate to cut down their excessive screen time.
  • Activity monitoring. Through FlashGet Kids you can get full reports as to what your kid has been doing online. This includes the sites visited, search history and app usage. Therefore, parents have more supervision and access.
  • Remote management. The software can be run remotely and set up with parameters to your liking. This also enables parents to make such adjustments as the child is elsewhere.
  • Social media monitoring. Through the employment of FlashGet Kids, parents will be able to limit their children’s social media activity, thus blocking bullying, inappropriate content, and online predators.


The T-Mobile Kids Watch, which you can also call the SyncUp Watch, is a popular tool for parents who are looking for a way to find the right balance between their kids’ happiness and safety.

However, it may not be the feature-rich one, but it definitely is a reliable competitor to the ones you find everywhere for ensuring kids to learn while their parents lose sleep.

In your case, a suitable digital solution is what will bring you the balance as per the age of your children, their appropriate choice, and your affordable budget and ensure moderation in their digital life.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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