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The top 10 iPhone applications to keep kids safe

Looking for the top 10 iPhone applications that will assist you with monitoring your child’s online presence, tracking their locations, and protecting them? If so, you are in the right place.

There are numerous dangers inherent in the online world, and therefore, you must ensure that your children get protected. To accomplish this, one way is to get a parental control app that will block out damaging material and prevent cyber attacks.

Thus, this article is designed for you so that you will know which parental control app suits your needs.

Top 10 iPhone applications that can help parents protect their kids online

The top 10 iPhone applications to keep kids safe

Knowing the top 10 iPhone applications that can make it easier to protect your kids online is crucial. That’s why we have broken them down into four major categories to help you decide which app you might need.

However, these apps have more features than we have highlighted; they are just better at some features.

Section 1: Parental control and monitoring apps

Let’s start with the best apps you can use for parental control and monitoring. Here are some of them:

1. FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids parental control

The FlashGet Kids is an all-inclusive parental control and monitoring software for parents to enable them to have complete supervision of their children’s internet activities.

The system shines in real-time monitoring, allowing parents to get insights about their children’s internet activity, like the number of websites visited, consumed, or viewed.

One of the notable functions is that it enables parents to apply specific screen time limits, thus promoting responsible digital behaviors.

2. Net Nanny

Net Nanny

One of Net Nanny’s features that make it a powerful parental control solution is its sophisticated web-filtering and blocking functionalities.

The given app is very good at blocking inappropriate sites and eliminating explicit images or websites that contain harmful information.

Besides content filtering, it extends to cyberbullying and interactions with actual or potential threats.

By ensuring safe browsing, Net Nanny creates a trustworthy tool for parents that allows them to protect their little children while browsing the internet, where they can rest assured that everything is all right.

3. OurPact

OurPact, one of the  top 10 iphone applications

OurPact is a flexible parental control application that provides an array of functionalities to regulate and track the devices used by children.

Prominent functions are setting maximum time limits for the screen, blocking specific apps or app categories, and rules on device use during many activities.

The ability to make regulations personalized and enforceable through OurPact helps build structures consistent with the quest for a healthy digital environment among children.

Parents are thus given the power to ensure that their kids learn the appropriate use of digital tools, which develops a sense.

Section 2: Location tracking and safety apps

If you’re looking for apps that are great for location tracking and safety, then these are the best to go for:

4. MamaBear

MamaBear is a complete tracking and safety app that allows parents to have real ties with their children.

Among its primary functions is real-time location tracking, which means that parents can get to know where their child is at any time in order not just for better peace of mind but also to ensure prompt response during emergencies.

Mamabear can also monitor social media, enabling parents to get alerts about their child’s activity on different platforms.

Its driving behavior tracking feature lets you know if your kid is speeding or driving aggressively.

5. Norton Family

Norton Family

Norton Family is a useful parental control app that helps you establish boundaries and control your kids’ online access.

For example, you can set time limits on device use via the Norton Family. This enables your kid to interact with their friends.

Norton Family enables you to know your kid’s search history. This way, you learn your kid’s interest. And through its Content filtering feature, you can prevent adult-rated content from reaching your kids.

Section 3: Communication and alerts apps

If you’re looking for apps that are great at sending alerts in case your kid accesses inappropriate content or moves past a geofence, use these tools:

6. Kidgy

The Kidgy app tracks different aspects of your children’s digital lives, helping you safeguard them from online dangers.

Kidgy tracks call logs, text messages, and social media accounts, which enables you to monitor how your kids communicate.

Kidgy also has screen time limits, allowing you to control how long your kid uses mobile phones.

With its geolocation feature, you can develop virtual boundaries and receive notifications when your child leaves designated zones.

7. Bark

Get started with Bark for iphone

Bark is a parental control app that proactively detects dangers in children’s online activities and alerts parents.

With the help of sophisticated algorithms, Bark examines digital interactions to see signs and behaviors that may need parental intervention as soon as possible.

Bark can easily detect cyberbullying, violence, and self-harm signs on social media that you can use to understand your kid’s online behaviors.

Section 4: Internet filtering and control apps

If you’re looking for parental control apps that are incredible in content filtering, then these apps will help you:

8. Qustodio


Qustodio is a parental control app that can help you monitor and control your kids’ internet browsing.

It lets you set time limits to various apps while filtering the websites your kid can access.

Qustodio is great at filtering websites, allowing you to block undesirable websites, such as adult-rated ones. In the process, ensure your kids have a safe online world.

9. Mobicip

Mobicip is an internet filtering and control app that helps block inappropriate content and monitor how children use the net.

Using robust web filtering technology, Mobicip allows a safe browsing environment by preventing access to explicit or dangerous content.

Parents have access to understanding their child’s online behavior, such as visited sites and search queries, which could help parents with reasonable control.

Mobicip emphasizes child safety by offering such features as time limits and usage controls within the app.

10. SecureTeen

SecureTeen provides comprehensive internet filtering and control apps to protect children from online dangers.

The app uses advanced filtering technology to protect users against inappropriate content and online threats.

Uniquely, SecureTeen is proactively aimed at identifying and addressing issues related to potential cyber threats to children’s online safety.

Additionally, the app tracks social media engagement exceptionally, giving parents information and notifications regarding their child’s activities across different sites.

Comparison of the top 10 iPhone applications for parental control

AppsParental Control AppPriceDevices Tracked / SubscriptionCompatibilityFree Version
FlashGet KidsYes$8.99 /month2 devicesAndroid and iOSFree trial available
Net NannyYes$39.99/Year1 deviceWindows, MacOS, iOS, and AndroidNo
OurPactYes$6.99/Month1 deviceAndroid and iOSNo
MamaBearYes$24.99/month1 deviceAndroid and iOSYes
Norton FamilyYes$49.99 /year1 deviceWindows, iOS, and AndroidNo
KidgyYes$9.99/month1 deviceAndroid and iOSNo
BarkYes$ 29/month1 deviceAndroid and iOSNo
QustodioYes$54.95/year1 deviceAndroid and iOSNo
MobicipYes$2.99 /month5 devicesAndroid and iOSNo
SecureTeenYes$ 69.99 /Year3 devicesWindows, Android, and iOSNo

Key factors to consider when selecting an iPhone parental control app

You often must consider key factors when choosing an iPhone parental control app that works efficiently and has the needed features.

Having an app with the right features will simplify your parental duties. Here are the factors that you need to consider:

1. Location tracking

Make sure the parental control app offers solid location-tracking capabilities. This makes it possible for parents to track their child’s location in real-time, thus adding another level of safety and security.

2. Content filtering and monitoring

Seek an application that provides good content filtering ability to block the online accessibility of inappropriate websites and materials.

Also, parents should have access to a complete set of monitoring tools enabling them to see how their child uses the Internet, like visiting websites and using applications or social networks.

3. Screen time limits

Maintaining screen time limits is essential in ensuring that digital and offline activities are not crooked. Select a parental control app that allows your child to manage the time spent on their device.

4. Scheduling online time

Choose an app that allows you to schedule meeting times for Internet activities. This feature lends value to establishing routines like deciding on homework hours or bedtime, helping to guarantee a keen approach towards technology.

5. Online protection

Choose an app that offers complete online protection, including functionality to prevent cyberbullying, monitor social media use, and detect possible hazards.

Seek tools that allow parents to actively contribute to managing and controlling risks associated with their child’s internet safety and well-being.


While many apps can help you keep your kids safe, not all of them bear the same features. Similarly, not all of them are good at most of the features they have.

However, you can find an app among the 10 iPhone apps we have highlighted above that bears the features you need to keep your kids safe all the time.

These apps will help your kids have a safe and reasonable digital experience. It will also help you to monitor them more effectively.


How do parental controls work?

Parental controls are applications that allow parents to monitor and manage their babies cycle in the digital world. They have a screenshot web blocker, content filtering solutions, time limits on screen usage and app blocking according to the location of use as well as monitoring online interactions. You are able to customize the settings, restrict harmful content and put usage limits.

What is the best way to check what my boy does on his iPhone?

Set a parental control app on your child’s iPhone and link it with yours. This enables you to gain insights through reports and alerts as well view activity details such as web visits or installed apps.

Will I be able to control my child’s iPhone from mine?

You can check your child’s iPhone from yours via parental control apps. First, you will be required to install a companion app onto your device. You’ll later have distant access to reports, configure controls and receive updates in relation with your childs online activities.

Which is the best iPhone control app for a child?

A good parental control app depends on needs and preference. Some of the most popular apps for high-quality features include FlashGet Kids, Qustodio, Norton Family OurPact and Google’s Family Link. Some of the features these apps offer are content filtration, screen time control and location tracking.

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