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Top 5 screen time control apps 2024: Tried and tested

In the past two decades, we’ve all grown addicted to tech. The constant use of mobile devices and social apps for entertainment has shortened our attention spans and focus. You’ll find many individuals using a screen time control app on their phones to avoid this addiction. However, most users simply give in to temporary pleasure and endless scrolling on social media apps.

If you’re also struggling with productivity and can’t seem to focus on work, then using a screen time control app will help you immensely. These tools lock up browsers and social apps after the defined usage limit has been surpassed. So, you can limit your screen time to a couple of hours daily and focus on your work properly.

Top 5 screen time control apps on the market

Finding the ideal screen time control app can be a tricky task. Each individual values different features, and no ideal app exists for all users. Still, the following are some of the best apps for users nationwide.

FlashGet Kids – Balancing Child Safety and Screen Time Control

FlashGet Kids is a parental control application compatible with all devices (iOS & Android). It offers screen time management features and works best to track your daily usage. You can use FlashGet Kids to restrict apps on kids’ devices and have them focus on work. Moreover, you can set up weekly schedules around how FlashGet Kids will restrict certain apps on various weekdays.

FlashGet Kids, a app for screen time control


  • Focuses primarily on child safety by limiting social app usage.
  • Filters websites to keep your child away from inappropriate content.
  • Blocks apps past the defined usage time.
  • Tracks weekly app usage to provide a comprehensive mobile usage report.
  • Offers location and notification tracker.

Overall, FlashGet Kids is the ideal screen time control app for parents. If you struggle to get your kid to focus on studies, it might be suitable to integrate this app immediately. At just $4.99/month on the yearly plan, FlashGet Kids will ensure your child can focus on work and not get distracted by social applications.

FamilyTime – A Comprehensive Solution for Screen Time Management

FamilyTime is known to make digital parenting effortless for parents. It is also a parental control tool with many monitoring and tracking features. You can also control kids’ devices with this tool. With just a finger tap, you can block any app or limit screen time on your kids’ devices. Moreover, FamilyTime will always keep you updated about your kid’s whereabouts. You only need to ensure that the kid’s device has a suitable data connection.

FamilyTime Parental Control App


  • Implements time limits during your kid’s study time.
  • Don’t let kids use any app past their bedtime.
  • Helps block pornography.
  • Filters out explicit content on social platforms.
  • Offers geofencing features and location tracking.

FamilyTime is a decent screen time control app for larger families. You can add up to five devices on the MyFamily5 plan at 5.75 dollars per month. This plan offers all the premium features along with 24/7 live chat support.

Screen Time – Setting Limits and Monitoring Usage

Screen Time is another tool that helps parents set time limits on kids’ devices. You can also use this tool on your own device to keep up with the work schedule. With Screen Time, you can set up blocked periods (like sleep or homework time) for your kids. In blocked periods, your kids’ devices will lock up, and they won’t be able to use any app for entertainment.

Screen Time is a tool that helps parents set time limits on kids' devices.


  • Effortless setup with kids’ devices.
  • Extensive range of app-blocking features.
  • Helps filter inappropriate web content and shows web history (Android only).
  • Allows parents to modify defined limits to distract kids on rough days effortlessly.

When compared with other apps, Screen Time offers a lot more features. It is especially suitable for limiting screen time and customizing app limits. With this screen time control app, you’ll always have complete control over how your kid uses their device. The only downside is that you’ll pay $6.99 monthly to use this application.

AppBlock – Blocking Distractions for Focused Screen Time

AppBlock is another screen time control app tailored for adults. You can use it to block annoying apps and websites on your phone to limit your screen time. Focusing on work can be hard when you get distracted by social media. Luckily, with AppBlock, you can block app distractions to maintain your work schedule.

AppBlock for screen time limits


  • It offers quick block features to instantly block all distracting apps on your phone.
  • Prevents slip-ups with custom strictness levels.
  • Helps create custom work schedules to enhance your productivity.
  • Offers parental control features to ensure your kids’ online safety.
  • Provides in-depth reports on your app usage and screen time.

Unlike some of the other parental apps mentioned above, AppBlock is more suitable for entrepreneurs and adults. This app focuses on improving your productivity by blocking all unnecessary apps. Setting up the work schedule on AppBlock might take a while initially, but you’ll be flying through your projects in the upcoming weeks. It is free for all users, and you can subscribe to the pro plan for around 3 dollars each month.

OurPact – Empowering Parents with Customizable Controls

OurPact is an online tool to help parents keep their kids safe. This tool limits screen time and tailors the content your kid watches. With OurPact, you can keep your kid safe from online predators. Moreover, it will help you keep your kid focused on their studies.


  • Blocks the internet and certain applications on the kids’ devices.
  • Helps set up work schedules and blocked periods.
  • Offers a location tracker and geofencing features.
  • Allows app rules and screen time conditions to set up weekly schedules.
  • Manages texting permissions on different social applications.

OurPact can help you keep your kid safe from online dangers. The online environment might seem harmless at first glance, but many predators target young children on social websites. Luckily, with OurPact, you can always have an eye on your kid’s online activities. This tool is priced at 9.99 dollars each month on the premium plus subscription.

AppsFlashGet KidsFamilyTimeScreen TimeAppBlockOurPack
Price$4.99/mo (yearly plan)$5.75/mo$6.99/mo$2.99/mo$9.99/mo
No. of devices1055120
Money-Back Guarantee
Free trial3-10 days3 days7 days14 days

Features and functionalities comparison

Setting Time Limits and Schedules

All apps listed above will help you customize screen time limits and work schedules. However, FlashGet Kids and AppBlock stand out the most when defining strictness levels. You can use either of these apps to specify how to restrict phone usage during crunch time. Moreover, your kid won’t be able to use their device or bypass the screen time limits when you’re using FlashGet Kids or AppBlock.

Content Filtering and App/Website Blocking

As far as the content filtering and app blocking features are concerned, you can use OurPact and FlashGet Kids. FlashGet Kids supports ten devices at just $4.99 a month, even if you have a large family. You can set up website filters and block social applications through FlashGet Kids to protect your kid from online predators. However, if you need an app for more than ten devices at a time, then OurPact is the better solution.

Usage Reports and Activity Monitoring

Screen Time and AppBlock take the lead regarding usage reports and activity monitoring. Both apps focus more on analytics and generating detailed reports rather than offering parental control features. So, if you need an app to understand how you’re wasting your time, you can choose either option.

Remote Control and Location Tracking

Among the options listed above, the remote control and location tracking features from FlashGet Kids far surpass other options. Not only is this app cheap, but it also offers the most tracking features and controls to the parents. So, if you wish to always have an eye on your kid’s device, going with FlashGet Kids is a good idea.

Pros/cons of screen time control app

Till now, I’ve only talked about how you can improve your productivity or keep your kid focused with a screen time control app. Sadly, using these tools can also create issues within your family. The details below should help you determine how screen time control apps can impact your family.

Pros of Screen Time Control App

  • Improves productivity – You can focus on your workload and keep your kids focused on their homework instead of distracting phone applications.
  • Easier to manage time – You’ll find a ton of free time on your hands when you’re not wasting hours scrolling through YouTube shorts.
  • Limits social media addiction – Screen time control apps protect users from excessive use of social media apps by blocking them after defined time limits.
  • Helps kids be more active in extracurriculars – When distracting apps are blocked on the mobile device, kids try to find joy in extracurricular activities.
  • Encourages real-world interactions – Screen time control apps also shift a kid’s focus from the digital world to the real world. You’ll find them more excited to go outside when they know they can only use the mobile phone for a few hours.

Cons of Screen Time Control App

  • Can make your kids more rebellious – If you’re being too strict with the screen time control app, it will make them more rebellious. They’ll constantly find ways to not focus on work and waste their time in another manner.
  • Bypassing screen time limits – Most screen time control tools are easy to bypass if your kid is motivated enough. So, you can’t just rest easy after setting up a few time limits on their device.
  • Decreased creativity – The mobile device can be a great way to learn new things. If you barely allow your kid an hour a day of mobile usage, they’ll struggle to keep up. So, find a suitable balance to maintain your kid’s creativity.

Choosing the right screen time control app in 2024

Finding the perfect screen time control app in 2024 is not easy. Most of the older apps have now been cracked, and there are many workarounds to help you bypass the time limits. So, you’re better off using some latest apps like FlashGet Kids. Here are some features you should look for in the right screen time control app.

  • Flexible screen time customizations.
  • Varying strictness levels to keep you in check.
  • Weekly schedules.
  • Usage reports and analytics.
  • Blocked periods.
How to update FlashGet Kids for child on your kid’s device

You’ll be in the green as long as you can control these factors with the screen time control app. So, find an app that allows you to manage the screen time to match your weekly schedule.


I’ve gone through the Top 5 screen time control apps in 2024 above. All of these apps are pretty great, and you’ll need to first list your requirements before picking the right one. Personally, I prefer using FlashGet Kids because of its extensive range of features and affordable price tag. However, if you’re not interested in all the parental control features, then AppBlock can also be a good option. You’ll surely notice a massive boost in your productivity after setting up these screen time control apps on your phone.

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