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Trustful Spyier app review: a great phone tracker

Spyier app  is a multi-purpose phone monitoring tool for parental controls, couples in troubled relationships and employers. The app enables users to monitor messages, call logs, social media activities, locations, videos and even keylogger credentials.

As a trustworthy and reliable monitoring app, Spyier is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive monitoring solution. With its user-friendly interface and advanced monitoring features, the app has established itself as a top choice for anyone in need of a discreet and powerful phone tracking tool. So far, Spyier has gained popularity especially due to its effectiveness in tracking various aspects of mobile devices in target.

How does the Spyier app work?

The working mechanisms of the Spyier are simple yet very effective. The app works by secretly collecting and monitoring data from the targeted device. Once you install it on the target’s device, it operates in its stealth mode thus remaining undetectable.  The app algorithms then gather information about the various device activities such as text messages, call logs, social media interactions, and location among others.

The gathered data is then encrypted before transmission to your Spyier account. You can then access this data via a web-based dashboard.  To view all the detailed reports, you simply log into your dashboard and access a comprehensive overview of the target’s phone usage. The background mode ensures the app’s tracking process does not interfere with other device’s activities and is discreet.

Spyier app

How to use Spyier app to track a phone?

Basically, the process of using Spyier to monitor a target device  is straightforward.

Step 1. Visit Spyier official website and click “Get Spyier” to choose your subscription plan.

Step 2.  Log into your Spyier account using the account and password sent to your email.

Step 3. Enter a nickname or the real name of the person you’re targeting to monitor their device. Pick the operating system for the targeted device.

Spyier setup 1

Step 4. Navigate to “Settings  > “Lock screen & security”. Tap “Unknown Sources” > “OK”.


Step 5. Head to “Settings” > “Google” > “Security” > “Google Play Protect”. To enhance the installation process, disable “Improve harmful app detection” > “Scan device for all security threats”.

Step 6. Visit a browser on the target’s device and download the APK file for the app. On the “Notification” pop-up alert, tap “OPEN” or “INSTALL” to start running the app.

Spyier setup 3

Step 7: Open the app, read the “EULA and Privacy Policy” > tap “Agree” > sign in to the paid Spyier account.

Step 8: Grant the various permissions to allow the app to work in background mode. You can dial **001** to access it anytime.

Spyier setup 4

Step  9: Start tracking the target device from a web browser.

Features: What can you get with Spyier app?

As we said earlier, Spyier is a comprehensive phone monitoring tool that offers a wide range of tracking features to meet virtually all of your monitoring needs. Here are some of its key features.


Real-Time Location Monitoring: The Spyier app enables you to track the current location of your targeted phone in real-time. It offers accurate and updated location information of the device you’re tracking.

Call Monitoring: The app allows you to access a detailed call log of the device you’re tracking including outgoing and incoming calls, their contact details and call durations.

Text Messages Tracking: Spyier allows you to track text messages, both the MMS and SMS thus providing a record of timestamps, conversation and contact details of the text owners.

Social Media Monitoring: With Spyier, you can track the various  social media activities including those on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp among others.

Geofencing: Spyier app enables you to set up geofences (virtual boundaries) on a map. A notification will be triggered if the owner of the targeted device exists or enters the virtual boundary.

Keylogger: A keylogger feature enables recording of keystrokes on targeted devices, thus offering an insight about the type of passwords, typed messages and searches made.

App usage monitoring: You can easily track the device usage of the targeted phone, including duration and frequency of usage for each app.

Stealth Mode: Spyier app uses the stealth mode to hide in the background and hence that the app is unnoticeable on the target’s phone device thus allowing for discreet monitoring.

Web Browser History: The app allows you to view the browsing history hence an insight about the website visited, timestamps and bookmarks.


  • User-friendly interface: The app boasts of its user-friendly and intuitive interface making it readily accessible to users of almost all levels of technical know-how.
  • Stealth Mode: Spyier app operates in the background thus ensuring a discreet monitoring ability without the owner of the targeted device discovering it.
  • Comprehensive monitoring:  Spyier offers multiple monitoring features including call and message monitoring, social media tracking, and location tracking in real-time among others.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The app works perfectly on both iOS and Android devices thus offering the much needed flexibility from users of different varieties of smartphones.
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device: Spyier app works perfectly on iOS and Android OS thus making it simpler to preserve the security of the target’s device.


  • Relatively high subscription cost: Although Spyier has a free trial, its subscription plan is relatively expensive compared to other top ranking apps.
  • Limited Social media coverage.
  • No live customer support.
  • Limited Remote Control features.

How much does Spyier cost?

Here is a comprehensive pricing plan of Spyier app.

Pricing PlanAndroid DevicesiOS Devices
Basic Plan39.99/month
Premium Plan$49.99/month
Family Plan$69.99/month
Business Plan$399.99/month

Alternatives to Spyier app: Eyezy vs. mSpy vs. FlashGet Kids

Although Spyier app offers great mobile monitoring features, it has competitors on the market performing even better. The likes of FlashGet Kids, mSpy and Eyezy app offer even better and advanced monitoring abilities.

FlashGet Kids app

FlashGet Kids app is certainly the most reliable, effective and affordable parental control app of our time. As an online assistant, it helps you protect your kids from potential dangers online in real time. Key features that distinguishes this apps from the rest average monitoring apps include but not limited to:

  • Accurate Screen Time Tracking: The FlashGet Kids app allows you to monitor and get insights into an accurate amount of time your children spend on their mobile devices.
  • App Blocker: It allows you to restrict or even block access to certain apps on your kid’s device thus helping foster focus and minimize distractions.
  • Daily Usage Notification and Alerts: It allows you to receive notification and alerts based on certain criteria like exceeding daily usage limits, encouraging mindful device usage among others.
  • Location Tracker: You can track with accuracy the location of the target device in real time. This way, you can monitor the whereabouts of the tracked device using your device.
  • Geofences: Set virtual boundaries on a map and receive a notification when the target device exists or enters such boundaries.
  • Live Monitoring: Observe the activities of a device in real-time to determine their usage patterns.
  • Snapshot: Capture various moments or even record a device’s screen in real-time and hence know the current state of someone’s device.


  • It requires internet connection on both devices to work.


mSpy app is a comprehensive monitoring app designed for both iOS and Android devices. Popular for its tracking versatility, mSpy includes a range of monitoring features tailored for employee monitoring and parental control and ensuring the safety of a loved one. Its monitoring capabilities span from text message monitoring, GPS location tracking, call tracking, and social media surveillance among others.


  • Comprehensive monitoring.
  • No jailbreaking or rooting is required.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Limited Remote Control abilities.


Eyezy offers amazing monitoring features. The truth is that it is simply a surveillance tool for both the parent’s and child’s devices. Howwver, it is overpriced and lacks essential parental control features found in other popular parental control tools like the FlashGet Kids app and mSpy apps.


  • Social spotlight
  • Pinpoint
  • Files finder
  • Keystroke capture
  • Web magnifier
  • Magic alerts


  • Acts as a surveillance app.
FeatureSpyierEyezymSpyFlashGet Kids
CompatibilityiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Hidden Mode
Emergency Alerts
Notifications Tracker
Live-monitor Surroundings
Remote Camera
Screen Mirroring
Location Tracker
Location History
App Blocker
Manage App Usage
Pricing PlansNo free trial
As list above
No free trial
From $48.99/mo7 days free trial

After analyzing the various top monitoring apps, FlashGet is certainly the most competitive app especially due to its affordable pricing plans and comprehensive monitoring abilities. It’s simply the best digital bodyguard for your children.


Nothing matters more than trying to keep someone you love safe, whether it’s your kids, partner, or even your employees. With the FlashGet Kids app, you monitor virtually all aspects of a target device in real-time thus making an informed decision on how to keep them on the right track. From live monitoring, screen time management, app blocker, emergency alerts to affordable pricing among others, FlashGet Kids app is a must-have app for all of your tracking needs.


Is Spyier detectable?

No. Spyier app uses stealth mode in its operation. The mode hides the app in the background thus making it undetectable by the user of the targeted device.

Is Spyier legal?

Yes, Spyier app is a legal monitoring app . You can use the app to legally track the activities of a targeted device once you comply with tracking and monitoring rules within your jurisdiction.

Does Spyier need root or jailbreak access?

No. Spyier app is designed to work on both iOS and Android OS devices so you don’t have to jailbreak or root your devices. All you need is to choose your pricing plan, sign in for an account and set up the various requirements for effective device monitoring.

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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