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How to block/unblock someone on Discord?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation while using Discord where you need a peaceful and enjoyable experience? Discord is one of the best platforms that allows online communities to communicate with each other and also engage in some amazing games. With all sorts of people interacting with you on this platform, you may encounter someone either trolling, spamming your inbox, or harassing you for just no reason. So, in such a case, what do you do? Certainly blocking them can be a good move. Knowing how to block someone on Discord is a valuable skill that can help you maintain a peaceful communication on this platform.

In this article, we’ll take you through the various ways of blocking and unblocking someone on Discord and answer some of the questions you could have.

How to know if someone blocked you on Discord?

Discord app just like any other messaging app allows you to block bothersome user’s you’re no longer interested in their engagement. Although it is easy to block someone on Discord, figuring out if someone blocked you can sometimes be tricky. Even though you won’t get a notification from Discord if someone blocks you, there are alternatives to tell if you’ve been blocked. Besides, you can tell if you’ve been blocked without sending someone a direct message. Fortunately we’ve compiled a list that can help you know if someone just blocked you on Discord.

Method 1: React to their messages

If someone has blocked you, then you won’t be able to react to their messages.

Try to react to their message through the voice channel or in a text, not necessarily through DM (though a direct message can also work).

How to block on discord -Try to react to their message

Click on the Reaction gear then on an emoji. You just have to long-tap or right-click a message from the person and hover over the last messages you had received from them.

how to block on discord - React with emoji

Proceed to react to their message. If your reaction doesn’t not appear or the screen shakes, it means you’ve been blocked by that person.

Method 2: Try sending a friend request

If someone has blocked you, if you try to add them on your Discord you’ll receive a specific error. You can tap or click on the “Send Friend Request” button on their profile and see what the reaction is.

On the Discord Home menu, go to the “Friends” menu.

how to block on discord - Go to friends menu

Go ahead and select “Add Friend.”

Add Friend

Key in the Discord username of that person and tag. Now click on the “Send Friend Request” button.

Send Friend Request

If your friend request does not go through, then there is a chance you’ve been blocked. However, they could still have unfriended you so there’s nothing to worry about yet!

Send Friend Request

Besides, it could be that username is no longer accepting friend requests. The “not accepting friend requests” reply happens when the person has turned off friend requests

Method 3: Sent them a quick DM( direct message)

When you send a quick DM to someone who has blocked you, the message won’t be delivered but instead you’ll see an error message “Your message could not be delivered.” However, it could be that they’re only accepting messages from people on their friend list.

Open up your Discord and go to the message you’ve received from the person you’re suspecting has blocked you.

Open up your Discord

On the Reaction icon, click on any emoji.

click on any emoji

React to a DM and see if the emoji appears; if it doesn’t react, probably you’ve been blocked.

Method 4: Look at their profile

Tap or click on the person’s username to view their profile. If you see “About me” is empty without any social media links as it used to be, then they might have blocked you. However, it could also be that they just deleted their profile and the account.

Can you block someone on Discord without deleting them?

Yes! When you block someone, Discord doesn’t notify them that you’ve blocked them. This means that you can block someone on Discord and still retain your previous conversation with them such as direct messages (DMs). Your chat history will remain but you’ll no longer send messages or receive notification to that person. They won’t see your online status anymore. How to block someone without necessarily deleting them from your friend list. Here’s how to go about it.

How to block someone on Discord?

Block someone on Discord

If someone has been harassing you in one way or another on Discord, you may consider to block them to hinder any further communication with them. When you block someone, you simply prevent them from contacting you by sending messages, adding you as their friend. They won’t even see your profile picture. Below are simple steps on how to block Discord on your devices.

How to block someone on Discord (Android & iPhone devices)?

Open that person’s profile and tap on the three horizontal dots (ellipses icon) situated at the upper right corner.

Open that person's profile

Tap on the “Block” icon and that’s all. The blocked person won’t be able to send you messages or see your notifications. If you consider unblocking them, tap on the “Block” button to turn it off.

How to block someone on Discord on your Desktop

Blocking someone on Discord on your desktop is much easier. To achieve this, kindly follow these steps

Open the Discord app on your desktop’s browser and open your friend list.

Open the Discord app on your desktop's browser

Right-click on the avatar to access their profile settings and open a new option.

profile settings

Click on the three vertical dots located at the top right corner on their profile window.

Click on the three vertical dots

From the list of selectable, click on the “Block” icon, and that person won’t be able to communicate with you anymore.

Once you’ve blocked them, they’ll no longer be able to mention you in various channels, send you a direct message and also see your activities or your profile. In this way you can know how to block on discord on computer.

How to see who you blocked on Discord?

Blocking bothersome users on Discord is a wise decision to maintain a safe online experience. However, you may want to unlock someone or revisit your block list that includes people you’ve blocked in the past.

Besides, maybe you want to confirm if the person you blocked is the right one. In the guide below, you’ll learn the steps on how to see the list of the blocked users. Whether it’s for your personal reasons or just to maintain a well-customized online community, understating this feature can be very useful.

Where is the block list on Discord?

So, maybe you can remember that you blocked several Discord users from interacting with you but you can’t remember them exactly. In such a case, you’d like to see the list of all blocked Discord users from your account. Here are simple steps to achieve this. Remember, the blocked list is under your account settings.

To see it, open your Discord app and tap/ click on the “Settings” gear located on the bottom left corner of the device screen.
Select “Account” from the list in the menu. Scroll down and you’ll see the “Blocked Users” section.
Here you can now view the list of the previously blocked persons.

How to find the blocked accounts on Discord?

Finding the blocked accounts on Discord is also quite an easy task. Here are simple steps on how to view the list of the blocked person on your Discord account.

Click your profile icon located on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
Tap on “Account” tab and move down
Tap the “Blocked” tab
You’re done. You can now see the list of the blocked Discord users.

When you block someone on Discord can they see it?

When you block someone on Discord they won’t be able to see it. This is because Discord doesn’t notify someone once you block them. However, they can still see your messages in the server that you’ve shared with friends but they can’t reply to your messages.

Besides, not being able to reply to your messages, they can’t see your profile status or picture. When a blocked user sends you a direct message (DMs,) the message won’t be derived but instead they will see a notification saying “This user is not accepting messages from people they don’t know.”

Blocking someone on Discord is certainly a great way of protecting yourself from receiving unwanted messages and undue harassment. Besides, it is an effective way of preventing certain people from seeing your shared messages.

Some important tips about blocking someone on Discord:

  • Blocking someone won’t delete the previous messages they had sent to you.
  • You can still see the previous messages but you too can’t reply to them unless you unblock them.
  • If you feel like unblocking them, then go to your “Account settings,” click/ tap “Unblock” button.

How to unblock someone on Discord on a computer?

Unblocking people on Discord can be easy, follow the steps to unblock.

  • Open and click the “Discord” icon, and choose “Friends” on the DM list
  • And click “Blocked” to find blocked users.
  • Find the users you want to unblock.
  • Tap on their profile and right-click.
  • Choose “Unblock” to unblock someone on Discord.
How to unblock somone on Discord

How to unblock someone on Discord on the iPhone and Android?

  • Open the Discord app, and go to your “Friend” lists.
go to your Friend lists
  • And navigate to the “Blocked.”
  • Find someone you want to unblock.
  • Tap on their profile.
  • Click three dots menu on the upper right.
  • Choose “Unblock.”

So this is how to unblock someone on the phone.

How to monitor, restrict, and block Discord?

Discord being one of the most popular platforms for communication and gaming, it can however be misused especially by teens through sharing inappropriate content, engaging in cyberbullying, spending too much time on the screen gaming among others. Because of such reasons, you might consider setting parental controls on your Kid’s Discord app using FlashGet Kids.

How to use FlashGet Kids?

Download and install FlashGet Kids on your device. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Create your FlashGet Kids account and sign in

Bind your account with your child’s device(s). You just need to enter the binding code on the child’s device.

Customize your parental controls which will include blocking websites, games and apps such as Discord app. You can as well set time limits for which your child uses a device.

Here are some of the parental controls that you can set up:

  • Block websites and Apps : FlashGet Kids allows you to block websites and Apps that you don’t want your child to access. You can also monitor the current environment in which your kid is through remote viewing.
  • The live monitor feature on FlashGet Kids allows you to track your kid’s device and the environment around them in real time, and capture contents on your kid’s Discord. You can also listen to sounds around your kid’s environment.
  • Set screen time limits: You can set limits on how much time your child can spend on their device every day.
  • Track location: Accurately track your child’s location.
  • Receive alerts: You can receive alerts when your child tries to access a blocked website or app, or when they exceed their screen time limit.


How to block Discord on router?

Basically, blocking Discord on a router involves using the built-in features of the router to block Discord from accessing specific ports or Discord’s servers and its IP addresses. Here are simple steps to block Discord on a router.

Step 1: Login to your router as the administrator.
Step 2: Navigate to the Parental Controls and activate the settings if they had not been set previously.
Step 3: Select to Block certain Sites and include the domains in the list below.
Step 4: Save your changes and confirm.

Can someone still see your message after you block them?

No, they cannot. Once you block someone on Discord, you terminate their ability to see your messages, and you will no longer be able to see theirs. Both direct messages and server messages won’t be accessible by them. However, they can still see messages that you sent them before you considered blocking them.

Does Discord hide blocked messages?

Certainly not. Discord doesn’t hide blocked messages. When you block someone from your Discord, their previous messages will still be accessible in your chat history. However, it will include a “1 blocked(s) – Show the message. You can tap on this icon to open the blocked message.

Is Discord blocked in China?

Yes, Discord is blocked in China. In July 2018 Chinese government blocked several “foreign interment platforms” including Discord, Facebook, Twitter among others. Since then, the Chinese government has not lifted the block which means that this app is not allowed in China. However, you can use a VPN to hide your IP address to use Discord around China.

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