How to hide an app on iPhone and Android?

Are you looking for how to hide an app on iPhone or Android? Look no further than this guide that will take you through all the necessary steps to make this possible. You may hide apps on your device to protect your loved ones from accessing them. You may also hide apps on your device for privacy reasons.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps of how to hide an app on iPhone and Android. We will also show you how to find these hidden apps.

How to hide an app on iPhone?

In this section, you’ll learn various methods of how to hide an app on your iPhone:

iPhones have an App library that will help you hide certain apps. This built-in feature is easy to navigate and implements all the necessary changes. However, you need to know the proper steps to avoid making mistakes. Here is how you can do it:

1. Long press the app icon on the app you wish to conceal.

how to hide an app on iphone - Long press the app icon

2. A menu will appear, and then click on “Remove App.”

how to hide an app on iphone - Remove app

3. Now click on “Remove From Home Screen” While it will remove it from the home screen, you will easily access it on the library.

how to hide an app on iphone - Remove From Home Screen

Hide apps by creating a folder

Using folders to hide an app on your iPhone will help reduce clutter. You’ll also be able to hide many apps without complications. The best part is that you can have 11 pages on a folder while concealing apps on the 12th page. Below are methods you can use to implement this system.

1. Create a folder or use an existing one to get started.

2. Enter edit mode by long pressing on the screen. Now drag the app into the folder you have selected.

how to hide an app on iphone - Enter edit mode

3. Open the folder to drag it to the second page of the folder so it won’t be visible on the home screen.

how to hide an app on iphone - Open the folder

Hide apps from iPhone search & smart suggestions

Your iPhone has an incredible feature that allows you to hide any app from the search section and smart suggestions. Nonetheless, apps may often appear in the search section even if you don’t want to use them. And while someone can check your apps by heading to the library, you can use the method below to ensure they can’t check hidden apps:

1. On your iPhone, launch settings and then access “Siri and Search.”

how to hide an app on iphone - Siri and Search

2. Now access all apps and click on the app you want to conceal.

how to hide an app on iphone - Access all apps and click on the app

3. From there, switch off the “Show Content In Search” and “Show App In Search.

how to hide an app on iphone -

4. However, if you’re hiding from Smart Suggestions, switch off “Suggestion Notifications,” “Suggest App,” “Learn From This App,” and “Show On Home Screen.”

how to hide an app on iphone - Suggestion Notifications

Hide an entire page of apps

One of the best methods of hiding apps is concealing them from an entire page. This method is more effective and efficient than other methods you might implement. Additionally, this method also helps in hiding many apps at once. Here is how you can implement this method:

Long press on your iPhone screen to access edit mode. Now select the three visible dots to proceed.

Ensure you can access the bird’s eye view and select the checkmark under it to remove the page.

Hide app purchases on the app store

If your phone is easily accessible, anyone can check the apps you downloaded or the purchase history. You need to hide the apps and save yourself all the drama to avoid such a situation. All you need to do is to follow the recommended steps below:

Access the App Store on your iOS device. From there, click on the profile icon to access more options.

how to hide an app on iphone - Access the App Store on your iOS device

Select “Purchased” to check all apps you have bought from App Store.

how to hide an app on iphone - Select

Click on “My Purchases” if you’re using the Family Sharing method.

My Purchases

You can swipe left once you have access to the apps you want to hide.

Access to the apps you want to hide

Now click “Hide” to conceal the app from the purchased list.

how to hide an app on iphone - click

Use the same method for all the apps you hide from the purchased section.

how to hide an app on iphone -  all the apps you hide

Use screen time to hide apps

While numerous methods exist to hide an app on your iPhone, you can also use the screen time feature to make changes. This will help you hide all the apps that are easily accessible on your device. The best part is that you can retrieve them when you need to. Here is how you can do it:

Head over to settings on your iPhone.

Now move to “Screen Time” and access “Content & Privacy Restrictions.”

Now switch on the toggle ” Content & Privacy Restrictions.”

how to hide an app on iphone - Content & Privacy Restrictions

Once you access “Allowed Apps,” you can switch off the toggle to hide the app.

How to find hidden apps on iPhone?

Identifying or finding hidden apps on your iPhone can be a nightmare if you need to know the proper steps to implement them. From app library to screen time feature, this section will uncover all you need to know about finding hidden apps:

How to find hidden apps using App Library?

Finding hidden apps on the app library is exhausting, but it’s pretty easy. With just a few simple steps, you can restore them to your home screen and use them. Here are a few methods you can use to make this happen:

1. Scroll to the right on your home screen.

2. Click on the search bar to access “App Library.”

3. Navigate to access all the hidden apps. You can also tap the name of the app.

Navigate to access all the hidden apps

4. Now hold the app to remove it from the hidden section.

5. From there, you can move it and arrange it in any section of your iPhone.

How to find all apps hidden with Screen Time?

Screen Time is an incredible iOS feature that not only helps children but also adults to remove distractions. However, if you are done with detox, you may need to have some apps back up and running. If you’re in this situation, use the methods below to restore these apps:

1. On your iPhone, open settings to have more options.

2. From there, access the “Screen Time” feature.

3. Once that is done, you can move “Content And Privacy Restrictions.”

4. Insert the Screen Time password to proceed.

Insert the Screen Time

5. Move to allowed apps and turn on all the apps you had concealed.

How to use Siri to find hidden apps?

Siri is another excellent method to retrieve hidden apps on your iOS device. It’s a process that requires you to use a voice command if you don’t want to go through the locking operation of searching or toggling settings on and off. Here is how you can implement this method:

Click “Home Button” and then command “Hey Siri!”

Home Button

Now say, “Launch (app name)

From there, you can use the apps.

How to hide an app on Android?

Hiding Android apps will also be helpful if you’re trying to protect your kids from accessing specific apps. It can also be beneficial if you’re trying to eliminate distractions during work hours. Here is how you can hide apps on Android:

Use the Hide Apps feature in the Privacy settings of your device

You can use Android’s privacy settings to hide apps you don’t wish to interact with. Follow the steps below to ensure you complete this process without any complications:

On your Android device, open “Settings.”

From there, click on “Home Screen” to proceed.

Now move to “Hide Apps.”

Hide Apps

Once that is done, you can click on all apps you wish to conceal, and they’ll move to the “Hidden Apps.”

Disable apps to hide

If you’re looking to conceal system apps, you need to use the disable option. This way, everything will run smoothly. Here is how you can do it:

Locate apps to conceal.

Long press the app.

Disable apps to hide

Click on disable.

You can also turn off apps in settings. Here is how you can implement this technique:

Launch settings on your Android device.

Move to the app section to access a list of apps.

Select an app and click on disable.

Select an app and click on disable

Use app-hider apps

You may hide applications on your Android and control them from various accounts on the smartphone thanks to the customizable App Hider. Below is how you can use this method:

Download an App Hider app like App Hider from Google Play Store.

Download an App Hider app

Launch it on your device.

Set a password to proceed.

Now select the apps to hide.

Select the apps to hide

Then customize the setting to implement the changes.

Create a guest account or use secret mode to hide apps

Try creating a guest account on your phone with someone. This way, you’ll easily hide accounts on your original account. Here is how you can make this method work for you:

Head over to the setting on your Android device.

Click on “System” then move to “Multiple Users” From there, you can access the “Guest” section to proceed.

Click on System then move to Multiple Users

Now select “Add New User” and create a profile.

Click on the human head icon and extend the notification menu while waiting for the process to complete.

Alternatively, you can use secret mode to hide apps. This is how you can do it:

Open settings on your Android device to ensure “Secret Mode” is configured. Now insert a strong password.

Secret Mode

Move to the “Notification Panel”

Now select “Secret Mode” and insert “Passwords” to add apps to conceal.

Use secure folders to lock the apps

Android has system that enables users to create folders to hide certain apps. If you’re using devices like Samsung, you’ll have to use a password to access folders since they are encrypted. Here is how you can use this method:

Open a new folder.

Open a new folder

Now click on “Add Apps” from the menu options.

Add Apps

You can choose apps you want to hide in the folder from there.

How to find hidden apps on Android?

While hiding apps is essential, so is finding them when you want to use them. In this section, we’ll go over various ways to find hidden apps on your Android device:

Use Android phone settings to find hidden apps

To use Android phone settings to find hidden apps, use these methods:

Launch Android device settings.

Now click on “Apps.”


From there, tap on ” Select All X Apps”

You will find all apps listed.

Move to Disabled Apps

Move to “Disabled Apps” and enable them.

Use your file manager to find hidden apps.

You can also use the file manager option to get hidden apps on your Android device. Here is how you can do it:

Launch a file manager after installation.

Launch a file manager

Move to the menu and click on “Tools.”

Now click on “Show Hidden Files” and switch them on.

Show Hidden Files

You’ll be able to access hidden apps.

Use app drawer folders to find hidden apps

Another excellent method you can use to find your hidden apps on your Android device is using drawer folders. Below are steps for using drawer folders to locate hidden apps:

Head over to the app drawer section on your device.

Head over to the app drawer

Click on the three visible dots for more options.

Now move to “Home Screen Settings,” which will take you to the hidden apps section.

Home Screen Settings

From the ‘Hidden Apps” section, you can implement your setting.

Hidden Apps

Find hidden apps with special access

You can also implement another particular access method to secure your app. Here is how to implement this technique:

On your device, head to the “Apps Menu.”

Now move to “Special App Access.”

Special App Access

From there, move to “All Files Access.”

All Files Access

Once that is done, you’ll be able to find the apps that were hidden.

Find hidden apps through trick applications

Another way to find hidden apps is through using the trick application. Follow these steps to make it a success:

Download a trick application of your choice.

Install it to get started by accepting all permission granted.

About this app

Give it time to scan your device apps.

Now check the results to see hidden apps.

Use FlashGet Kids to hide the kid-end app

FlashGet Kids app for parents needs to connect to its kid’s end. After installing FlashGet Kids for children on your kid’s phone, you can turn on the “Hide Icon” on the app to hide it on the home screen.

Hide Icon

If you’re looking for advanced features to help you effectively conceal apps from your kids or loved ones’ reach, you should use FlashGet Kids. This tool has a great app blocker function that ensures parents are sure no one can access hidden apps, no matter how hard they try. Here are the exciting features of the app blocker:

Limit usage of inappropriate apps

In addition, FlashGet Kids allows parents to block some or all apps they don’t want kids to access. You can block the notifications and manage their usage on specific apps. The best thing about all this is that you can place apps you want to hide in one category.

Implement app blocker rules

FlashGet Kids provides flexible management of children’s phones. It allows parents to set rules for blocking app usage during specific times and in designated zones, restrict access to certain apps, impose strict internet restrictions, and ensure a safer digital environment for their children.

Deactivate app blockers

Enhance parental control with FlashGet Kids app‘s flexible app-blocking strategies, enabling open communication with your kids. Seamlessly set, deactivate, and manage blockers while granting access upon request.

Unlike other blocker apps, FlashGet Kids extends its functionality with a dedicated productivity app service, ensuring a well-rounded digital experience for the entire family.


Can you make a secret folder on iPhone?

Yes, you can create a hidden folder on your iPhone using the “Hide” feature in the Photos app. This allows you to hide specific photos or videos from the main library and store them in a hidden folder.

Can you password protect a folder on your iPhone?

Unfortunately, the iPhone’s native operating system does not provide a built-in feature to password protect folders. However, you can use third-party apps from the App Store that offer folder-locking functionality and allow you to add an extra layer of security to your iPhone.

Do iPhones have a secret folder for apps?

No, iPhones do not have a native secret folder specifically designed for apps. However, you can use various app-hiding techniques, like creating nested folders or using third-party apps, to hide certain apps from the home screen and make them less visible to others.

Why are my apps not showing up on my home screen Android?

There could be a few reasons why apps are not appearing on your Android home screen. First, check if the app is installed by accessing the app drawer or the list of all installed apps on your device. If the app is present but not on the home screen, you can long-press the app icon in the app drawer and drag it to the desired location on the home screen.

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