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How to keep FlashGet Kids app running in background on Realme?

To use the features of FlashGet Kids properly, you need to keep FlashGet Kids running in the background of your phone. But how do you keep an app running in the background on your Realme phone? You need to grant FlashGet Kids the basic permissions you need.

How to keep an app running in the background on Realme?

Here is an example for Android 11. Please follow the detailed tutorial below to grant access to the FlashGet Kids app.

Settings of the device

SIM card & mobile data setting

Go to Settings > SIM card & mobile data > Data usage > Network permissions and ensure FlashGet Kids is allowed with Wi-Fi & mobile data permissions.

And turn off Data saving in Data usage.

Network permissions

Wi-Fi setting

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi Assistant, and turn on “Auto connect to the best Wi-Fi” and ” Auto switch to mobile network.”


Battery setting

Go to Settings > Battery, and turn offPower saving mode” and “Super power saving mode.”


Go to Settings > Battery > More battery settings and adjust the following settings.

  • Click on Performance mode and select “High-performance mode.”
  • Click on Optimize battery use and select “Don’t optimize” in FlashGet Kids.
  • Choose “Off” in Optimized standby
Battery optimization

App management setting

Go to Settings > App management > App list > FlashGet Kids, and adjust the following settings.

App management
  • Click on Data usage details, turn on “Background data,” and turn off “Disable mobile data” and “Disable Wi-Fi.”
  • Click on Battery usage, turn on “Allow background activity,” and “Allow auto-launch.”
  • Click on Manage notifications and turn off “Allow notifications.”
  • Click on Permissions and turn off “Auto revoke permissions.”
Other permissions


Background tasks like RAM and battery will take up a device’s limited resources. So, the Android OS system will handle the task killer when memory is low and doesn’t allow you or app developers to control the background task killer. That’s why we can’t keep the FlashGet Kids for child service permanently running in the background.

Besides, the following exceptional cases can also cause a connection issue: Device power-off; FlashGet Kids has been uninstalled; The network doesn’t work on the device.

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