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Life360 VS Bark, which is better?

Even though there are many arguments for how smartphones expose our kids to inappropriate content, these devices can also help us keep our kids safe. You can use apps like Life360 or Bark to keep track of your kid’s whereabouts at all times. These apps will use the phone’s GPS data to give you live location updates. However, choosing the right location tracker can be difficult. It is pretty common to see discussions on Life360 vs Bark.

If you’re confused between these two apps as well or don’t know the right parental control tool for your kids, then let’s cover this topic more. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure out how to keep your child safe when they go outside.

Life360 vs. Bark parental controls

When comparing Life360 to Bark parental controls, you need to realize that one app is purely a location tracker while the other performs as a complete parental control solution. So, if you’re dealing with teenagers, you need to go beyond just a simple location tracker for kids. Let’s cover what exactly you can expect from Life360 and Bark.

What’s the Life360?

Life360 is a location tracking app that connects family members or relatives to a shared map. Each member is represented by a circle with their picture on the shared map. You can check the location of any circle member by inspecting the shared map within the Life360 app. Moreover, you’ll need consent from all the circle members to show their location on the shared map.

Life360 only targets location tracking features like driving history, location details, route details, and much more. You can also subscribe to Life360 premium plans for more features like extensive location history and alerts.


However, when you compare it with Bark, you will not get any parental control features. Life360 won’t give you anything like app controls, mobile usage history, safe search features, or anything else. It is purely for location tracking and location analytics. Other than that, it is a pretty useless app if you wish to protect your teens or pre-teens.

What’s the Bark?

Bark parental controls will outperform Life360 in every dimension. Now, I won’t sit here and say that the location tracking features from Bark are also better than Life360. However, the difference is not significant enough to force parents to choose Life360 over Bark. This parental control app has focused more on location tracking accuracy than any other tool on the market. So, you won’t have to worry about missing any alerts when using Bark.

Bark for kids

The best thing about Bark is its parental control features. Here are all the features that you will get in Bark that are not available in Life360.

  • App and text monitoring features.
  • Alerts and content warnings.
  • App blockers and screen time limiters.
  • Contact details and access.
  • Location tracking.
  • Location history.
  • Geofencing.
  • Website filtering.

All these features put Bark above Life360. However, if your kids are over 18, they won’t let you track them with Bark. So, only stick with Bark if you’re using it to keep your teens or pre-teens safe on the internet.

Pricing and value for money: Life360 vs Bark

The pricing structures for Bark and Life360 can vary depending on the package you choose for your family. However, the affordability for Bark is better than Life360 in all dimensions. You’ll have to pay double as much for Life360, and you’ll only be stuck with location tracking access and alerts.

Life360 Pricing

Free plan

  • 2-day history
  • Two places with unlimited alerts
  • Driving summary
  • SOS alerts

Gold ($14.99/mo)

  • 30-day location history
  • Unlimited place alerts
  • $25k stolen funds reimbursements
  • $250 stolen phone reimbursement


  • 30-day location history
  • 50-mile free towing
  • $1M stolen funds reimbursement
  • $500 stolen phone protection
Life360 Pricing

Life360 can be a decent backup plan for when you live in a rough neighborhood. It is not exactly meant to act as a parental control tool. So, if you just need something to stay in touch with your family, Life360 is the way to go.

Bark Pricing

Free plan

  • Not available

Bark Phone ($39/mo)

  • Unlimited devices and accounts
  • Website blocking
  • Screen time schedule
  • Location tracking and alerts
  • Texting app and social media tracking
  • Emergency alerts
  • Deletion restrictions
  • Remote alarms
  • App & contact approvals

Bark Premium ($14/mo)

  • Unlimited devices and accounts
  • Website blocking
  • Screen time schedule
  • Location tracking and alerts
  • Texting app and social media tracking
  • Emergency alerts

Bark Home ($6/mo)

  • Unlimited devices and accounts
  • Website blocking
Bark Pricing

These are the options offered by Bark for custom devices and media controls. Most users will only choose Bark Premium at 14 dollars a month to use this app. So, if your kid already has a phone and you don’t mind letting go of a few features, subscribe to the premium plan. You’ll have to pay half as much when compared to the Life360 platinum plan.

Privacy and security: A concern for family safety apps

The location alerts and driving summary offered by Life360 are arguably better than Bark. You’ll also get reimbursements for any property stealth when using the premium plans offered by Life360. So, I’ll always recommend Life360 if you are worried about the safety of your family outside the house.

On the other hand, if you drive your kids everywhere they go, then there is no need to invest in Life360. Your kids won’t need the reimbursement buffer, and you only want to track their location and mobile behavior. So, instead of wasting money on Life360, you need to download Bark instead. This application will keep you sorted with all the parental control features you need to keep track of your child outside and in the digital world.

User-friendliness and Interface: Life360 vs Bark

The navigation and user-friendliness offered by both Bark and Life360 are exceptional. Even if you’re technically illiterate, you’ll be able to use either one of these apps to access all the marketed features.

However, if I had to choose one, I’d go with the comprehensive dashboard offered by Bark. It is simply better than Life360, and you’ll be able to access everything on your kid’s device from one place.

Which is better, Life360 vs Bark?

Bark is the better option if you’re looking for a parental control app. It is on par with Life360 when it comes to location tracking. However, it goes beyond Life360 with social app tracking and a ton of other features like text monitoring. So, if your kid is under 13, you can use Bark to keep them safe from inappropriate content while also tracking their whereabouts.

On the other hand, Life360 is also a top-tier application, but it is more suited for adults. You can’t convince your kids above 18 to download Bark on their devices. It will invade their privacy, and they won’t be willing to share their texts or contacts with you. Instead, you can pretty easily convince them to download Life360 for location tracking only. So, before you pick the right app for your family, consider the willingness of the family members to use parental controls or location tracking.

Is there a better location app than Life360 and Bark?

Yes, location tracking features from FlashGet Kids location tracker are also pretty decent. This parental control app outperforms Life360 and Bark when it comes to location tracking and parental controls. Moreover, the pricing for FlashGet Kids is under 5 dollars a month on the yearly plan. So, if you’re looking for an affordable location-tracking solution for your family, go with FlashGet Kids.

FlashGet Kids parental control

The following table will further help you decide the perfect pick for your family.

Life360BarkFlashGet Kids
Real-time tracking
Location History
Surround tracking
One-way audio

While I won’t deny that the safety features offered by Life360 and Bark are great, FlashGet Kids takes the lead with its surround tracking. You can access the target device’s hardware, like the camera and mic, to monitor the surroundings. This information can prove to be crucial in case of emergencies. Moreover, you will be saving money with FlashGet Kids when compared to other location trackers. So, stick with this option to keep your kid protected and to save money.

Conclusion: Enhancing family safety with the right app

Finding the right family safety application is no easy task. Even if you don’t live in a rough neighborhood, you’ll still have to invest in your family’s safety. So, to pick the perfect solution, make a list of your requirements beforehand. Life360 is a great solution for family safety when you don’t want an intrusive app and simply need a location tracker.

However, if your kids are young (under 18), then you’ll have to choose either Bark or FlashGet Kids. Both of these apps offer decent parental control tools along with their location tracking features. Personally, I’d recommend FlashGet Kids because of its surround monitoring features. You can access its free trial for seven days if you’re skeptical about spending money. So, just download it to your phone and connect it to your kid’s device. You won’t feel the need to switch to any other family safety app afterward.

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