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9 best Instagram viewer app to view private IG profile and photos

Are you looking for an effective Instagram viewer app? A good Instagram viewer app can help you see what your spouse or kid posts on their private Instagram account. There are various reasons that may drive you to want to check anyone’s private Instagram account.

Regardless, not all Instagram viewer apps are created equal. And that is, we have compiled 9 of the best Instagram viewer apps available online. We’ll share their features and unique advantages.

What is the Instagram viewer app and what can it do?

An Instagram viewer app is software that lets you view and interact with Instagram posts without necessarily having an Instagram account.

These apps enable you to view private accounts, see their posts, and view profile stories anonymously.

Instagram viewer apps have various advantages, including downloading content easily from the platform. You can also view someone’s story anonymously. It also allows you to access Instagram without creating an Instagram account.

Quick list of the Instagram viewer app

best Instagram viewer apps

Look at the main features and capabilities that define this app as unique.

From private profile viewing to being able to view personal accounts, this comprehensive list highlights some features that the Instagram viewer app has.

  • FlashGet Kids: if you’re looking for an all-around monitoring tool to monitor Instagram live, then FlashGet Kids is what you need. This app also has incredible features like usage limits and live tracking that will blow your mind.
  • Glassagram: This app allows users to access and view private profiles anonymously.
  • 4K Stogram: If you want an app that can download Instagram stories and posts and access information about private users, then 4K is your go-to tool.
  • Instalooker: With the most ease, users may view photos and videos from private Instagram accounts without needing to follow requests; this ensures the utmost secrecy, even though the objective is to seek access to secret content.
  • GWAA: This tool is a covert way for people barred from accessing or rejecting follow requests to see photos and activities from closed accounts without the owners’ knowledge.
  • Dumpoir: An online profile stalker and an Instagram story viewer who can access other people’s profiles, reels, stories, followers, and tagged posts.
  • InstaNavigation: Anonymous Instagram story viewer for staying current on the content without signing in, complete anonymity, and secret user following.
  • Hoverwatch: The features of Hoverwatch include private Instagram profile viewing anonymously, which grants discreet access to numerous personal data – photos and content.
  • uMobix: uMobix is a broad monitoring tool that can allow for secretly seeing private Instagram profiles where they get personal content of visible photos and other hidden details. The user’s privacy and safety are kept intact.

Detailed introduction of the Instagram viewer app

This comprehensive section will give a clear picture of what the apps are capable of and demonstrate how easy and improved your Instagram experience will be.

We’ll cover how Instagram viewer apps let you check private profiles, stories, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a free or paid tool, this section will help you learn how to view private Instagram accounts on Android and iOS devices.

FlashGet Kids, view Instagram by screen mirroring

FlashGet Kids-view Instagram by screen mirroring

FlashGet Kids is a parental control app that enables you to remotely access all apps on your kid’s Android or iOS phone.

You can see what they post on their private Instagram accounts through the screen mirroring feature. Even better, you can track and regulate how long they use Instagram through FlashGet Kid’s screen limit feature. It’s an all-in-one package for protecting your kids from online dangers.


Glassagram-anonymous Instagram viewer app

Glassgram is an anonymous Instagram viewer app enabling you to access various private Instagram profiles without getting detected.

With only a 5-minute setup process, Glassagram can retrieve data from any Instagram account and deliver it to you easily.

With the need for installation annulled, Glassagram offers ease of use for users who can conveniently manage multiple accounts without the common issues with app installations.

You can use Glassgram on iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram

4KStogram offers numerous functions to Instagram users. You can download reels, profiles, photos, and highlights. With this app, you’ll surely access all the desired features of the Instagram app.

You can use 4K Stogram to scrape data from Instagram accounts for storage and content mining. This data may be useful for marketing or sales strategy, depending on your niche.

Since 4kstogram is a web-based service, you can access it through any browser on your phone or PC. So it works with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows operating systems.

Instalooker, free private Instagram viewer

Instalooker free private Instagram viewer

The Instalooker enables you to view private accounts even if your account has been blocked by the user.

To use InstaLooker, you simply key in the name of the private Instagram account you’re interested in and then click ” view profile” button.

You don’t need to create an account to use this tool. So it saves you time and effort when you want to access someone’s profile.

Instalooker is also a web-based Instagram viewer. You can access the service from a browser on your iOS, MacOS, Android, or Windows device.

GWAA, private IG viewer

GWAA private IG viewer

Gwaa is the fastest and easiest tool to view a private Instagram account anonymously. It also enables you to get information about followers, follow, comments, and post interactions.

Since it’s fully web-based, you don’t need to download the app to your phone. The process is quick and seamless.

Gwaa only has the disadvantage of filling in a survey before using it.

Gwaa is compatible with various operating systems. Whether you have Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows, you can still use the Gwaa Instagram viewer.

Dumpoir, Instagram story viewer anonymously

Dumpoir stands out as an online profile stalker and viewer of Instagram stories, offering access to other people’s profiles, reels, stories, followers, and tagged posts.

This tool provides a flexible and comprehensive approach to Instagram consumption, allowing users to explore different facets of Instagram profiles smoothly, which is ideal for those who want a wholesome viewing experience.

Dumpoir is a web-based Instagram viewer app. So you can access it from any phone or PC.


InstaNavigation-IG story viewer anonymously

InstaNavigation is aimed at anonymity in Instagram content consumption; therefore, it presents users with an anonymous story viewer.

No sign-in is required for the users to keep track of Instagram content and stay as anonymous as possible while discreetly following other users.

The feature focuses on user anonymity, allowing users to keep track of content changes without revealing their identity or privacy.

Instanavigation is an Instagram viewer app that you can access from any browser. So whether you have Chrome, safari, or Edge, you only need to paste the profile of the person you’re interested in.


Hoverwatch review

One of the features of Hoverwatch is private Instagram profile viewing, which places it among some elite monitoring tools.

It gives users a private and anonymous opportunity to access various files, such as photos and content, among other things. This tool has a comprehensive privacy policy and quality control options.

Hoverwatch is compatible with iOS, android, windows, and macOS devices.


uMobix positions itself as a comprehensive monitoring tool that can be used to gain unsuspicious access to private Instagram profiles.

It is not only a tool for viewing visible photos but also allows the user to access hidden details and thus gives him an overall vision of private content.

The tool promotes user privacy and security as its fundamental values, which makes it a dependable option for those who need a monitoring solution that carefully protects users’ confidentiality.

uMobix is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

What else can FlashGet Kids offer you?

Discover these various aspects of FlashGet Kids to protect your child’s internet activity and contribute to that experience by actively participating in the digital journey alongside the little one, contributing towards a healthy and informed parent-child relationship.

It’s a powerful parental control tool that helps parents access kids’ photos and direct social messages.

Screen mirroring

screen mirroring

FlashGet Kids’ screen mirroring function gives parents a full scope of their kids’ digital world.

This tool facilitates open communication between parents and children allowing them to navigate safely through the online world.


camera snapshot

The Snapshot feature is available in FlashGet Kids, letting parents take snapshots of important moments from their kids’ screens.

The FlashGet Kids provides visual context for online interactions, and hence, issues could also be corrected factually by parents.


grasp kids daily activities through notifications

FlashGet Kids’ highest point is that parents are informed right away about their child’s social media activities

In the case of platforms like Instagram, parents can be active and react instantly to possible difficulties; thus, the intervention will be direct.

Real-time monitoring

Through the FlashGet Kids monitoring function, parents can track their children’s social media site activity.

You can also look at direct messages. More specifically, in reference to Instagram, they can track their children’s activity in order to create a secure and safe online environment.

Real-time location and alarm


The live location tracking with alerts feature enables parents to know exactly where their child is in real-time.

Among the features of social networking services, in sites such as Instagram, this option makes parents’ monitoring stronger for them, and more stress is put on the matter of online safety.

Smart anti-app management and block

Setting usage limits on FlashGet Kids

Control the device your kid uses with FlashGet Kid’s parental control features.

For Instagram, parents monitor the conversations of their children and avoid them from being carried away by electronic images

Remote camera access

Parents can see their child’s surroundings in real-time with the remote camera access of FlashGet Kids.

This also strengthens the security of their child, especially if they use social network sites such as Instagram.

How to choose the best Instagram viewer app

FeaturesFlashGet KidsGlassagram4K StogramInstalookerGWAADumpoirInstaNavigationHoverwatchuMobix
Anonymous viewing
View private profiles/accounts
View Instagram stories
View followers and follow
View posts
View DM
Many compatible platforms
Free trial

Select the best Instagram viewer app based on its user privacy, go for a simple-to-use one, and check for features that allow story viewing anonymously.

Think about app reliability via user reviews, and choose the one that fits your preferences regarding a safe and customizable way to view Instagram.


Instagram viewer app is a vital tool for people desiring to visit private profiles and photos on the social media platform.

Its unique standout features make it the ultimate solution for those facing challenges in keeping their profiles and photos private.

Boasting a convenient interface and no restrictions, these apps have earned the title of the best solution for users interested in accessing private Instagram stories without revealing their identity.

FAQs about the Instagram viewer app

Can someone see how many times you viewed their Instagram profile?

No, Instagram does not provide this kind of feature for individual/personal and enterprises’ accounts. It concentrates on the privacy aspect by viewing someone’s profile. No clue is given; neither the user will be notified nor their profile statistics will be saved.

Can someone see that l viewed their Instagram video if we are not friends?

No, Instagram shows no such details about the users who have seen the videos. Even if you aren’t following someone’s Instagram account, your views on the video which has been published by the account owner won’t be public.

How can l watch someone’s private Instagram story anonymously?

No, Instagram doesn’t allow viewing private stories anonymously explicitly. On the other hand, there are some third-party apps or services that claim to offer the aforementioned functionality that can accomplish this.

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