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uMobix spy app review: a stepwise guide on how to use uMobix

The Internet is scary with age-inappropriate ads and all those predators lying around, waiting for your kids to get trapped. As a parent, if you have heard about the uMobix spy app, which can enable you to keep an eye on your kid’s phones, and now you are curious how it works and what else it does, then you are at the right spot. In this blog, we will discuss all the features of uMobix in detail, tell you how to set it up, what its demerits are, and what its alternatives are. So keep reading!

What is the uMobix spy app?

“uMobix is basically a parental control app for monitoring targeted kid phones 24/7. You can also think of this as a spying app.”

Although this app was launched back in 2020, it managed to gain enough success in the digital landscape due to its easy use and advanced features. In the above definition, we know that this app is made for kids, but it is not a hard and fast rule because you can use it literally on anyone’s phone (i.e., spouse, friends, enemies, employees, etc. ).

Quick review: Table analytical data

Free Trialxx
Block Wifix
Block Websitex
App Limitsx
Call History
Restrict Calls
Social Apps
Messaging apps
Block Apps
Restricted Apps
Screen Time
Text Messages
Disable messagesx
Deleted Callsx
View Deleted Infox
Renamed Contactsx
GPS Location tracker
Geo Finder
Access Targated Phone Camerax
Access Targated phone Microphonex
Photo Snapchatx
Video Streamx
Data Storagex
Additional App for Parentx
Pricing$49.99 per month$49.99 per month

Detailed review: What uMobix can do?

We have come across every minute detail of the wonderful uMobix spy app, so let’s dive in;

  • Call History
  • Social Apps
  • Text Messages
  • View Deleted Info
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Control Target Mobile
  • Access Camera & Microphone

Call history

If any stranger is calling your kid, then installing the uMobix app will help you in many ways, you can know remotely from your mobile;

  • Who knows who is calling your kid/who is your kid calling
  • How long they have called
  • Caller detailed info
  • View deleted call history

Then, if you want, you can permanently block that number without even letting your child know.

Social Apps

According to a study, 1 in 5 Kids gets contacted by predators on social media, i.e., Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. Of course, you can’t block these apps because they are becoming a source of income these days. But what you can do is monitor them 24/7 with the help of parental apps like uMobix.

You see this app will allow you to get a detailed chat history including messages and you can also limit the use or completely block any app if you see it harmful in any way. And the best thing is you can do it all from your mobile anywhere in the world.

Text Messages

These days, nobody uses SIM messages, and there are much better options like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, etc., but we do get SIM codes for all our purchases and payments. These messages can tell you a lot about what the kids are interested in and to which places they are going ( restaurants, hotels, etc. ).

So, with the help of uMobix, you can read all messages and find out if anything is suspicious, about which you can take action immediately and save your kid. Moreover, you can also recover the deleted messages even if you delete them.

View Deleted Info

uMobix has this amazing “View Deleted Info” feature that allows you to keep track of every deleted message, call, contact, or even about the contacts that your kid has renamed, so whether you are with your kid or not, nothing will go unwatched from your eyes.

GPS Location Tracker

Kids lie to their parents about their whereabouts because it’s what this teenage age is about which is being rebellious and being against every decision their parents make. However, using uMobix’s advanced GPS tracking feature, parents can figure out exactly where they are with accuracy in meters.

Moreover, uMobix also offers a GEO-fencing option that enables you to set a perimeter like a school to home, and if your kids go outside it, you will get a notification.

Control Target Phone

using uMobix, you can also control some of the functions to stop your kids from engaging in bad effects. For instance, you can:

  • You can view photos & videos from the gallery
  • Block websites if you think they are going to be age-inappropriate ones
  • You can also delete calls & messages, disable them for the future, and even restrict apps.
  • You can block wifi to stop the internet if you think they are overusing/misusing mobile

Access camera and Microphone

By uMobix you can get access to your kids’ phone camera and microphone. So you can see your kids in real time where they are, what they are doing, or what things around them. You can see with whom they are hanging out. You can also listen to their conversation by microphone.

How to use the uMobix spy app on iPhone?

It is important to note that the uMobix spy app can’t be downloaded on the iPhone. Instead, it works by linking your Apple ID account to the uMobix website, and from there, you can control the targeted iPhone. Follow the below steps for proper setup;

  • Pick up your kid-targeted iPhone and go to settings > enter your Apple ID > in the next menu, choose iCloud from the list > enable every app backup from the next menu.
  • Now, go to the uMobix website, make your account with any Gmail, and then purchase a subscription.
  • Then, on your uMobix account, choose the iPhone log-in option and enter the Apple ID & password of your targeted kid’s phone.
  • For successful logging, uMobix will ask for a code that you will receive on your iPhone, and enter it on the website.

If you connect one device to the Apple ID, you will directly go to the dashboard where you can control your kid’s device. If you connect multiple devices to the same Apple ID, select the device which you want to monitor. And that’s it, and you are all set.

uMobix installation and setup guide on Android

uMobix is a spyware app, so it doesn’t have any official presence on the Google Play store, so you need to download it from their website;

  • Go to uMobix’s official website and login/sign up.
  • Then, it will direct you to a subscription page; buy one according to your liking.
  • After buying their subscription, you will be redirected to a new page, where you will see a link ? copy this link and send it to the targeted kid’s mobile.
  • Open the link in the kid’s phone in any browser, and allow the app APK to be downloaded & installed.
  • After installation, open the app and allow all the permissions it asks for.
  • Then go to browser downloads history, and delete the installation file > go to search history and clear it. And finally, hide the app icon using your mobile settings. That’s it; you are all set.

Free alternative to uMobix spy app

There is no doubt that uMobix is a great spying app, but it does have demerits like;

  • It doesn’t offer any free trials, and it is very pricey
  • Its icon doesn’t get hidden automatically, so your kids can delete it easily
  • Above all, it doesn’t have any app for parents to monitor; every time you need to go to their website to watch what happens, It is time time-consuming and complex process

So, uMobix is not that great but don’t worry because we have an alternative app for you which have all the features of uMobix and none of its demerits, and that app is FlashGet Kids.

How to setup FlashGet Kids app

  • Go to the Google Play Store and fetch the app.
  • Sign up/log in with your email address.
  • After logging in, you will see a page with a link on it > copy this link and send it to your kid’s mobile phone.
  • On the kid’s phone, open this link in any browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc., and allow permission to download the app. After downloading, install it.
  • Open the app on the kid’s phone, and allow all the permissions it demands. That’s it; you are all finished. And above all, once you close it, the FlashGet kids icon will automatically get hidden.

Final words

uMobix spy app is reliable and has been around for years, and without a doubt, it does its job well. But, it has become a major brand, and just like all famous brands, they are over-charging their customers. For example, they are asking for $49.99 per month, and FlashGet Kids is asking $8.99/month. Moreover, you cannot even hide their app icon, so kids will definitely know you are watching, which beats the whole purpose of spying. Hence, the math is pretty simple, pay less and get more functions with FlashGet Kids instead of uMobix.


Is the uMobix spy app detectable on the target’s phone?

Unfortunately, the uMobix app is detectable on the Android phone. But you can hide its icon if your phone has hidden the icon option.

Does uMobix show deleted messages?

Yes, uMobix keeps a log of every deleted message which you can see even after months.

Does uMobix work on iPhones?

Yes, the uMobix app does work on iPhones but its features are limited there you can’t access the camera & microphone remotely, can’t locate the kid’s location, keylogger details, and all other important functions. So, for the iPhone, uMobix is pretty useless as compared to its hefty price.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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