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Omegle like apps: what should parents know about?

While Omegle-like apps attract a ton of teenagers to online chatting platforms, these have become quite popular among online predators as well. Children log onto these online chat platforms to meet new people and socialize. Even people with anxiety rely on such media to overcome their mental issues. However, online predators lurk on these chatting applications to target underage kids. 

People with malicious intent target unsuspecting teenagers to extract their data on Omegle-like apps. This situation can be frightening for parents who don’t monitor their child’s online journey. It is pretty easy for online predators to manipulate teenagers into arranging meetups. Moreover, some cases also underscore predators getting inappropriate images from underage children online. 

Some parents recognize the potential dangers of online chat platforms, but most people don’t take their kids’ online safety seriously. This carelessness from parents exposes kids to exploitation by groomers and predators online. So, parents must be on the lookout for Omegle-like apps.

Omegle like apps: anonymous online chat

What happened to Omegle? When and why did Omegle shut down?

After 14 years of facilitating child abuse, Omegle officially shut down on November 8. Before that, people could use Omegle to communicate with strangers from different ethnicities without physical risk. However, this ease of communication also enabled online predators to link with unsuspecting children, ultimately leading to the demise of this chatting platform. 

A lawsuit in 2023 finally ended this application. This chatting platform settled a lawsuit after reportedly connecting an underage kid with a known pedophile. Omegle’s founder recognized this issue and permanently shut down this platform to stop online predators. 

There is no debate that Omegle was a great website to facilitate people from different territories, but the dark side finally took over this app. Its misuse forced the founder to end all operations ultimately. 

Since November 08, 2023, no one has been able to use Omegle. You’ll only find a statement from the company’s founder on its website stating, “As much as I wish circumstances were different, the stress and expense of this fight are simply too much.”

This move from Omegle’s founder put some parents at ease. However, the fight against online predators didn’t end with Omegle. Instead, predators moved toward Omegle-like platforms to continue targeting children. However, before we get into that, let’s discuss Omegle and how it worked to connect millions of users from across the globe. 

What is Omegle?

Omegle is an online anonymous chat platform for people who wish to interact with strangers online. This application lets you create a chatroom to have text, voice, or video chat with strangers worldwide. 

Consider Omegle as a virtual space to hang out with random people and enjoy the conversation. This virtual chatroom is especially suitable for people with confidence issues and anxiety. Omegle is the ideal platform if you’re uncomfortable going to parties but want to meet new people. You can meet people from all over the world without much hassle. Moreover, you can mute your mic and keep texting with strangers online if you’re shy. 

While the concept of online chat rooms is excellent (as shown by Omegle’s success), the chances for its misuse are even more significant. This exact threat led Omegle’s founder to close this chat platform. So, even if you’re now interested in using Omegle, it is no longer active for anyone. 

However, there are still a ton of Omegle-like applications that can help you meet new people. Even though the user experience and the chatting features are not as great as Omegle, you can still explore new cultures with these applications. So, let’s cover OMegle-like apps.

Is there any apps like Omegle?

Yes, with Omegle’s shutdown, many Omegle like apps have improved their services to accommodate a new influx of users. Even if you never experienced Omegle chat rooms, you can enjoy a similar experience with the following list of applications.

Azar – It is an application for people who wish to interact with strangers nationwide. You can download this application for free on iOS and Android devices. The best thing about Azar is that you’ll get fantastic background and filters to keep the conversation interesting.

Moreover, you can also create a friend list to add people you wish to keep in your circle. So, try Azar if you have social anxiety and want to make friends from around the world.

Holla – While this application is unavailable on iOS devices, it is popular with Android users. Yes, the user base on this video chatting platform is not as much as Azar, but you’ll still get decent matches within this platform. It offers all users free text, voice, and video chat services. Moreover, you can purchase premium services to improve your chances of connecting with the right person.

AHA – This is an excellent application that accommodates people from different backgrounds. Whether you want to learn about a new culture or interact with strangers, it offers a perfect opportunity for all socially anxious people. Moreover, it is free to download on both iPhone and Android devices.

TinyChat – Although this platform is not as rich regarding filters and background options, it is still great as a simple chat room. If you have a poor network connection or struggle to find like-minded people, going with TinyChat is a decent option. You’ll find many people using this platform because of its simple UI. So, try it out if you’re unhappy with the above-mentioned options.

Monkey – After Omegle’s termination, many people flocked to Monkey, a random video chat app because it declared itself the New Omegle. This online chat platform targets people in their 20s and 30s. Monkey app is free on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

These were some of the Omegle-like apps you can use to interact with new people. However, it will still help to be cautious of predators, as anyone can make a fake account and join your chatroom. So, if you’re underage, don’t try and log onto these platforms to meet new people.

What can you do on Omegle like apps?

Depending on your application, you can send text messages, hop on a video call, or communicate verbally with others. Even if you don’t have a specific person in mind, these applications will help you connect with like-minded people.

You can specify your preferences, and the application will create a chatroom for you and a random person. From there, you can exchange pleasantries and ask about the other person. These applications are great for making new friends or learning about people from around the globe.

Is Omegle safe for kids? Concerns for parents

No, Omegle is not safe for kids. It had become a hub for online predators as they knew they could target children easily on this chat platform. This situation raised a ton of concerns among parents who were monitoring their child’s online activities. Here are some common issues parents and their kids face on Omegle. 

1. Online predators

Online predators are abundantly present on Omegle, and they specifically target young children. It is pretty easy for these predators to connect with an unsuspecting child and gaslight them into becoming their friend. From there, they can groom your children or get inappropriate pictures. This is one of the most frightening situations for parents who don’t monitor their kids online. 

2. Inappropriate content

Even if you’re not worried about online predators and your kid is smart enough to navigate that issue, they can still be exposed to inappropriate content. You can’t regulate what strangers in the chatroom choose to show your kids. So, parents should keep their kids away from such platforms to maintain their innocence. 

3. Unregulated website links

The chatroom on Omegle doesn’t filter out website links in the text chat. It is straightforward for people to target young children by clicking unregulated website links. All they have to do is to appear friendly and trick them into clicking malicious links. These links can compromise online security and access sensitive data on the target device. 

4. Cyberbullying

If your kid is already socially anxious, they can be targeted by cyberbullies on Omegle. These bullies target young children to break their confidence for fun. There are no voice chat filters that block profanities on this platform. So, even if your kid is quick to skip such matches, cyberbullies will still affect them.

5. Extracting personal data

The security concerns on Omegle expand beyond the digital realm. Video calls can capture faces for more personal information easily. From there, it is pretty easy for predators to abuse your kids and groom them. You can only avoid this situation by monitoring your kids’ online activities. 

6. Catfishing

Lastly, kids are much more susceptible to catfishing. Even if you set up all the preferences correctly for chatrooms, predators can easily target these children. There are a ton of video filters and catfishing tools on the internet to facilitate such predators. 

These were some of the concerns that worry parents nationwide. Unfortunately, protecting your kids from apps like Omegle can be challenging if their mobile usage is unregulated. Luckily, parental control can be a great assistant to help you keep your kids safe. 

How to protect your children from apps like Omegle? 

If you’re worried about your kid using Omegle-like apps, then you’ll have to become much more attentive about how your kids’ mobile usage. Here are some common tips that can help protect your children from such apps. 

Using parental control apps

Even if you’re technically illiterate, using parental control apps can help you protect your children. You can use options like FlashGet Kids to link your device with your kid’s phone.

From there, FlashGet Kids will help you directly block applications and malicious websites from your phone. Moreover, you will have the option to monitor their notifications and filter content. It might take a while to set up FlashGet Kids, but you’ll never have to worry about your kids’ online security. So, test out this parental control app to protect your kids from online predators.

FlashGet Kids parental control

Educating your kids about potential risks

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to educate your kid. You need to sit them down and explain how these chat platforms target young children. It is much better to have a challenging conversation with your kid than to expose them to online predators. 

Limit their mobile use

Limiting mobile use and monitoring your kids’ online activities will help you protect them adequately. You should always keep your kids supervised when they are browsing online. That way, you can watch them from inappropriate content and Omegle-like apps. You can immediately intercept their curiosity even when they get curious about such platforms.

Block domains from router settings

Lastly, you can block out all websites or domains of popular Omegle like applications. To block domains, you can access the router settings from your browser. From there, just navigate to the website blocking tool and add the domains you wish to block. However, if you’re having trouble manually blocking such domains, ask your internet provider to handle this issue. 

Among these tips, parental control apps like FlashGet Kids are the most viable option. So, if you don’t want to take any risks around your children’s online safety, try integrating this parental control application into your family. 


There is no debate that Omegle can be a great place to hang out and meet new people online. However, the cons of this platform far outweigh the benefits. There is no point in having a website where online predators can target young children. Even after Omegle shut down, a ton of Omegle-like apps have joined the market with a similar platform. So, parents must stay on their toes to keep their kids away from such problems.

Luckily, there are a few methods, such as installing parental control apps like FlashGet Kids to monitor your kids. You can block malicious websites directly from the router through these apps. Either way, you must ensure your kid cannot access such platforms.

Even if you don’t know how to set up parental control apps or block malicious websites, hiring an expert is a good idea. Spending a few bucks for your kid’s safety is worthwhile for any parent.


Does Monkey have any parental controls?

No, Monkey doesn’t have any parental controls. It is an anonymous chat platform that can expose your kid to explicit content and online predators. You’ll need third-party parental control apps to monitor your kid’s activity on Monkey.

Is there an age limit on Omegle and Monkey?

Yes, you are allowed on Omegle if you’re 13 or older (with your parent’s permission). However, the Monkey application is only for mature audiences, with the minimum age limit being 18 years.

Are there Omegle alternatives to chat with strangers safely?

Yes, many Omegle alternatives allow anonymous chatting with strangers. You can use Monkey, Azar, Holla, and a dozen other platforms to connect with other people.

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