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5 best new teen driver tracking apps to keep them safe

If you’re looking for a quality driver-tracking app, this piece is for you. Driving is a huge thing; when done poorly, it can lead to loss of life. That means you must ensure your teen driver is always safe and not using their device while driving. 

You also need to ensure they drive in your identified location and not go to the main road while still practicing. For that reason, you need an excellent tracing app, and this piece will take you through everything you need to know about tracking apps.

Is there an app that tracks my teens’ driving?

a teen driver

Yes, many applications exist to assist parents in tracking their teens’ driving. Most of these applications provide many features to improve safety and give you peace of mind. Here are four key elements that are commonly found in such apps:

1. Location tracking

The more advanced the GPS plus Geo-time technology used, the better. Driving monitoring apps provide constantly changing information on your teen’s whereabouts. In addition to allowing parents to keep a close eye on their teens’ journeys, with this function, the places must also be within designated areas.

2. Speed monitoring

Speed monitoring is one of the most essential elements in tracking apps, which ensure safe driving. This feature shows real-time speed information and historical records so that parents can judge whether or not any driving behavior has been unsafe. Parents can set maximum speed limits in advance, and alerts will be sent if their teen travels faster than the limit.

3. Geofencing alerts

When you have Geo-fence features on a tracking tool, you can easily set boundaries your kids should not bypass. With Geo-fence, the location tracking app will send you an alert whenever your kids bypass a particular region you marked. Therefore, parents can be assured that their kids will continue to loiter in approved places.

4. Crash detection assistance

We all need crash detection assistance that is easy to use but also has sensors to ensure there is no breakage of contact, which mainly means the vehicle might collide. An app sends an alert when the car is about to crash to help you know when your teen needs you. You must check this crucial aspect when looking for a tracking app, as it can make a difference during trouble. 

Apps with these functions can be life savers sometimes, especially if you have a teen learning how to safely drive. You need to know how they are doing at all times.

Can you track where your teens have driven?

Yes, you can check your teens’ driving timeline if you have a quality tool that provides the necessary information. From there, you can easily know where they had gone.

Sometimes, you may want to know what your kids have been doing and to make their bad habits disappear through quality advice. But to do that, you need to know their location history and what they have been up to. That means you need access to a quality tracking app that will store and make such information available to you so that you can make changes.

Why do we need the driver tracker app for teens?

There are many reasons why you need a driver-tracking app. Besides keeping your teen or loved one safe, you may also want to monitor their movement and ensure they are not going to places they should not go. To help you get the hang of what we’re talking about, here are other reasons to help you out.

Enhance safety

One of the main reasons you need a driver tracker app is to ensure they are always safe. You need to know where they are and if they are having challenges with the vehicle. That means you need an app to send alerts on whether your kid has had a crash so you can attend to them quickly.  

Promote responsible driving

You always need to promote responsible driving, and a tracker app can help you do that within minutes to ensure your kid follows the traffic rules wherever they are. For example, a tracking app will alert you when your kid is using their phone while driving so that you can do something about it.

Besides, you can check the app usage to know whether your teens have calls or answer texts on the road. After that, it’s up to you to make changes and see how you can help them get back on track.

Emergency alerts

You need a tracking app that can let you know when an emergency needs your immediate attention. Most tracking apps don’t offer much. When you have an app that can alert you to danger, you can act promptly and ensure your kid gets the correct response and attention when in trouble. 

5 driver-tracking apps for new teen drivers

Now it’s time to look at the five best tracking apps for your new teen drivers. Here are some of them.

FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids parental control

FlashGet Kids comes with various enhancements to improve the safe environment for your teen’s driving experience. Some notable features are mentioned below. A remote camera with one-way audio lets you see and hear the safety companion in real-time. It’s an all-around app that you will find fascinating.

  • Remote cameras and one-way audio help you know what your kids say or do while driving.
  • The location tracker helps you identify your kid’s location.
  • You can also access your kid’s location history.
  • It helps you monitor their texts and calls if they use their phone while driving.
  • You can set geofence to alert you if they pass a specific marked region.



Life360 is one of the most popular family locator apps in service today. It contains different location-tracking functions. This great app supports:

  • Real-time location sharing
  • Location history tracking
  • Geo-Fence
  • Alerts
  • Geographic maps
  • Mobile access
  • Mobile time tracking



The FamiSafe app contains a drive safety function that allows relatives to determine the driving habits of their teenage drivers.

All it takes is an instant push on your phone screen, and you’ll know whether they are taking no risks or if their speedometer has been broken in two. If your teen exceeds the speed limit or suddenly breaks, an alert will appear on your phone.

Road Ready

Road Ready aims to popularise good driving habits among teens. These include functions of speed checking, location monitoring, and journey summing up. The app evaluates driving behavior and provides input regarding areas needing improvement.

Hum by Verizon

Hum by Verizon is a connected car solution that moves beyond the bottom line of tracking. It has some features related to location tracking but also includes checking the health of your car, Roadside assistance, and in-vehicle WiFi (optional).

Comparison of top 5 teen driver tracking apps

App NameCompatibilityRatingPricingFree Trial
FlashGet KidsAndroid, iOS4.6From $8.99/mo7 days
Life360Android, iOS4.6From $14.99/mo2 days
FamiSafeAndroid, iOS4From $9.99/moNo
Road ReadyAndroid, iOS3Free
Hum by VerizonAndroid, iOS3From $15/moNo

How to choose the best driver-tracking app for your teens?

When choosing, you’ll need to consider factors including the Windows system and its included content while not forgetting about users’ satisfaction. Here’s a guide on how to select the most suitable app.

1. Safety features

Whether it’s a concern for security or the need to keep tabs on your teen behind wheels, picking such after-market driver trackers depends heavily upon which features provide what you want. Select the driver tracking app that provides real-time location overviews, speed measurements within a set range, alarm functions after entering or leaving safe boundaries, and even emergency assistance in case of collision.

2. User-friendly operation

A driver-tracking app is good not only for parents but also teens. If you have an intuitive interface and easy installation processes, seek a human app. To make monitoring your teen’s driving simpler and less cumbersome, the app interface needs to be simple enough for you to navigate and understand. Making practice solicited and definitive aids the positive experience of both sides.

3. Price

Try to balance your budget and the app’s pricing structure, whether cheap or expensive. Some apps offer essential functions for free, and add-on features are purchasable through monthly subscriptions. 

Prices are transparent, and a free trial lets you test the premium features. Before spending your money, it is easy to determine whether these tweet chats will suit your needs on all fronts from their financial aspect.

4. Reviews from real parents

Read the trustful reviews written by real users who have tried out this productivity application for drivers and gauge its efficacy and what users think about it. They offer first-hand knowledge of how well the app works if it is reliable, and whether there are any problems with its implementation. 

Apart from this, reviewing the app’s reviews on various platforms for higher ratings tends to reflect more favorable customer satisfaction. 


You shouldn’t have to debate about ensuring your family and loved ones are safe. It should always be at the top of your plan, especially if they’re new drivers. 

While there are quality apps we’ve just discussed, FlashGet Kids edges all of them due to its features that can keep your kids safe. It offers monitoring features from text to actual location that will blow your mind. So try FlashGet Kids for better parental control.

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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