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Top 6 apps like Yubo parents should know

Social apps might seem like a great way to make new friends, but they’re usually a letdown. Most of the time, social apps just drag people down as they compare themselves to celebrities and influencers. Instead of receiving any confidence boost, you’ll end up struggling to manage your self-esteem. In such situations, apps like Yubo offer a decent value to youngsters. People can use Yubo or apps like Yubo to make new friends who are interested in similar topics or trends. Moreover, you can share your day with existing friends without feeling the need to show off.

If you’re a parent and your kid struggles to maintain social connections, Yubo can be a great start. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are always risks attached to interacting with strangers online, especially if your kid is too young. So, go through the app’s functionality and features before letting your kid on Yubo or Yubo-like apps.

Why parental awareness of apps like Yubo is essential?

Parental awareness of apps like Yubo is necessary to keep kids safe from strangers. I won’t argue the fact that Yubo is a great platform to meet new people. However, not everyone has the best intentions when interacting with your kid. Cyberbullies, online predators, and groomers often target these social platforms to meet young kids. So, the responsibility falls on parents to keep their kids safe online.

Even if your kid is mature for their age, they still lack the sense to fend off predators and cyberbullies. If you choose to remain ignorant about apps like Yubo, then it can raise several risks for your kid. You’ll need to get at least a rough idea of how to safeguard your child from online dangers.

What’s the Yubo app?

If you’re struggling to make friends and want to meet new people online with similar interests, Yubo is the best app for you. It is a social platform where you can broadcast to hundreds of strangers, and they can interact with you freely through this application. Moreover, that can also be arranged if you want to enjoy a private streaming session. Just create a stream link and share it with your friends. From there, you can watch the content or discuss your day with your whole circle.

YuBo app

Risks of Yubo and similar apps

Now, Yubo might seem like a fun app, but there are several risks associated with this platform. Here is a list to give you more insights on Yubo and similar apps.

  • Cyberbullies can join your stream.
  • Online predators can target you.
  • Privacy leaks.
  • Inappoirate content sharing.
  • Exposure to slurs and foul language.

Even though the age limit for Yubo is 13, I suggest that you keep your child away from this app until they are at least 15. Moreover, you need to monitor their behavior and educate them about these risks.

Top 6 apps like Yubo parents should know

As a parent, your job doesn’t end at just learning about Yubo. There are several Yubo-like apps that might expose your kid to similar risks. So, go through the following apps to stay ahead of the issue.


This app is more suited to a more mature audience, and people use it like Tinder. However, instead of finding matches one by one, you can broadcast yourself to several people around you. It is a fun way to meet strangers with similar interests.


  • Arrange dates.
  • Free chat.
  • Video calls.
  • Live interaction.


Even boomers are well aware of how Snapchat works because of its popularity. This app is marketed to kids 13 and older, but the content on it is mainly for a mature audience. Moreover, the disappearing text feature can make kids more impulsive to share inappropriate content on this app.

Snapchat parental controls


  • Shared map.
  • Video calls.
  • Disappearing texts.
  • Content sharing.
  • Fun emojis.


Think of Spotsfriend as a watered-down version of Tinder. You can use this app to meet new people easily, but sadly, it is infested with scammers. You’ll either find catfishes or predators when using the Spotafriend application.  So, even though this app targets teenagers, you should keep your kid away from this social platform.


  • Swipe through random strangers.
  • Match and chat with one tap.
  • Custom profile presentations.
  • Get pictures of teens in your region.


Hoop is another swiping app to connect teenagers nationwide. It is easy to use but offers weak protection for kids. Anyone can lie about their age on this platform and try to connect with your kid. So, don’t let your kid on Hoop, even if they are a teenager. They will likely be targeted by predators pretending to be teenagers.


  • Get quality matches with premium features.
  • Connect with random teens in your country.
  • Share social profiles directly.
  • Glam up your profile with custom decorations.


Even though Bumble is primarily advertised as a dating app, it offers so much more than just lovers. You can use this app to get creative and make new connections for your business or your soccer club. However, it is still recommended that you don’t let your teenagers on this app. Random strangers can easily approach them.

open Bumble app


  • Live video chat with strangers.
  • 24-hour conversation timer.
  • Travel mode to meet people in other regions.
  • Advanced match filters.


MeetMe is another social app to interact with our local audience. If you’re feeling low, you can go live and flirt with random strangers in your region. Moreover, if you find someone you like, arranging meetups is pretty effortless.


  • Stealth browsing.
  • Track who views your profile with premium credits.
  • Live streaming.
  • Custom profile designs.

How to improve the security of social apps like Yubo?

Now, if you can’t convince your kid to stay away from apps like Yubo, you can still keep an eye on them to protect their privacy. Here are some methods you can use to enhance the security of social apps like Yubo.

  • Monitor your kid’s profile.
  • Check their contact list.
  • Resitrct location permissions from the app settings.
  • Educate your kids about online predators.
  • Limit their time on the Yubo application.
  • Ask them about the new people they meet on Yubo.
  • Use parental control applications.

These are some of the methods you can use to improve the security of social apps like Yubo. While these methods won’t make Yubo risk-proof for your kids, you will not have to worry as much about privacy issues. Moreover, if you can find a decent parental control app, you can use that tool to track your kid’s competitive online activity.

FlashGet Kids: A comprehensive solution for parents control and monitoring

FlashGet Kids is the best hidden parental control app that you can use to monitor your child. Social media is unsafe for kids under 18, and you have a responsibility to protect your kid. So, don’t hesitate to integrate FlashGet Kids into your family. It might seem like a hassle to use such apps at first, but these tools are worth the trouble.

FlashGet Kids parental control

Here is what you can expect from FlashGet Kids.

  • Screen mirroring – This feature will let you see whatever is going on on your kids’ phones. So, when your kids are on Yubo, you can use this feature to check their activities. I recommend that you try to monitor your kids’ conversations with strangers. It will give you a rough idea about how to protect your child.
  • App limits – This feature from FlashGet Kids will help you put a time limit on apps like Yubo. Setting up the timer to 1 hour per day is usually enough. Any more than that, and your kid might get addicted to this social application. So, keep the time limits short.
  • App blocker – If your kid always tries to find new social apps to interact with strangers, you can use the installation blocker. This feature will not let your kid download any new app to the device.
  • Content filtering – This feature allows you to limit what type of websites your kid can visit through the phone browser. So, if they’re using any browser plugin to interact with strangers, then that can be blocked as well.

These are just some of the tracking features you’ll get from FlashGet Kids. This parental tool is one of the most feature-rich options on the market. So, if you’re a new parent, start out with FlashGet Kids. You will not have to spend more than 5 dollars a month on its yearly plan. Moreover, you can get the free trail for 3-10 days without spending a penny.


Apps like Yubo can be a tricky subject for parents. While these apps can help your kid make new friends, you also risk your kids’ privacy on these social platforms. So, even if you do allow your kids to use apps like Yubo, make sure to monitor them with parental control tools. FlashGet Kids is a great option to pair up soical platform. You’ll always have an idea on how to monitor your child and regulate their behaviour.

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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