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10 remote spy listening app for Android you must have (free/paid)

Are you looking for a spy listening app for Android? If you are, then this piece is exactly what you need.

While many people look at spying on kids as a bad habit, it can be helpful if you’re trying to protect them. As a parent, you need to get some control and monitor their device to help listen in and see where they are.

If this is your goal, then this piece will guide you effectively to every last step so that you know how to go about the situation.

Advanced remote listening app for Android – FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids represents a comprehensive spy app for parents to balance their children’s digital interaction.

FlashGet Kids seeks to deliver a comprehensive tool for modern parenting in the digital world, tracking location, screen time management, and content filtering as educational materials.

This app has incredible features like one-way audio and a remote camera, which helps you listen to conversations from a distance.

The spy listening feature can record ambient sounds around your kids when you’re away. You’ll be able to listen to each of these sounds when you’re free and learn how your kids interact with their friends.

What else does FlashGet Kids offer?

What are the main features of FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids is a complete parental control software enabling parents to manage their children’s online views. In addition to its primary function, FlashGet Kids provides a range of other features that exceed parental control standards.

  • Location Tracking: The location tracking feature available in FlashGet Kids helps parents keep track of their child’s movements. The real-time GPS tracking feature of the app monitors a child’s location, ensuring that parents are at peace as they can respond to issues promptly.
  • Screen Time Management: For encouraging a healthy equilibrium of online and offline activities, FlashGet Kids contains advanced screen time management. Parents can prevent media overuse by setting limits on their child’s devices.
  • App Usage Monitoring: It is made easy by FlashGet Kids to monitor the applications that children use on devices. Parents can control app usage; this helps them to have insight into their child’s digital activities and ensures that they align with parental guidelines.
  • Geofencing: By using FlashGet Kids, parents create virtual boundaries through geofencing. With this feature, parents will receive alerts to provide extra security and awareness whenever their child enters or leaves predefined areas.

How to live listen to Android surroundings from a distance?

FlashGet Kids app has a live listening feature that can help you listen to conversations from a distance. It can record ambient sounds in your kids’ surroundings, enabling you to know the nature of your kids’ conversations. These are the steps you need to follow:

Tap on “Screen Mirroring” on the FlashGet Kids dashboard.

screen mirroring

Now access “Remote Camera” then tap on continue. The Remote camera feature lets you see your kids’ surroundings in real-time. If your kid is in danger, you can find ways to intervene.

Remote Camera

Move to “One Way Audio” and then “Continue.” You can use the One Way Audio feature to hear your kids’ conversations. Since it is One-way, you can only hear sounds from one direction. The kid cannot hear sounds from your direction.

spy listening app for Android

How to record ambient remotely on Android?

While you might understand why FlashGet Kids is so popular and has all the cool features you need to protect your kids, you also need to know how to use some of its features, like the one-way audio, to make it work.

You need to know these:

Access the FlashGet Kids dashboard, tap on “Screen Mirroring,” and press on continue. Now tap on “One Way Audio” to listen to your kids’ surroundings.

one-way audio on FlashGet Kids

You can also press “Record” to gather everything. So you can listen to the conversations your kids are having multiple times.

To find the recordings, access “Me” and tap on “My Recordings.”

Before you can use FlashGet Kids for remote listening, you need to have physical access to your child’s phone and install the FlashGet Kids for child app. For a detailed tutorial, check out: The beginner’s guide to using FlashGet Kids

9 other remote spy listening apps for Android (paid/free)

This section is meant for anybody looking for a remote spy listening app. It has all the incredible spying apps you need to have better parental control, monitor your kids from a distance, and hear conversations with strangers in their surroundings.

EAR SPY: Listening Device, Mic

EAR SPY is a free spy listening app for Android with capabilities enabling parents to surveil their child’s environment secretly.

Following a child-safety theme, this app allows parents to listen to ambient sounds to be aware of hazards or concerns occurring in their environment.

Spy Ear – Listen To Next Door

Spy Ear – Listen To Next Door allows parents to listen in on their child’s immediate environment without them knowing.

The app allows parents to protect their children by being aware of their current space, enabling them to adopt proactive parental controls.


Eyezy is a parental control app with a recording and listening to surroundings feature. This feature helps you to have an eagle-eyed look at your child’s online and offline actions.

Even though the recording and listening to surroundings feature is paid, it’s worth it because of the high quality ambient sounds it records.


To empower parents with information on their child’s device usage, mSpy monitors their phone location and online interactions.

This all-encompassing parental control app is designed to provide a secure online presence for children with the ability of parents to monitor and control aspects such as spy listening, screen time, and privacy settings, among others.


XNSPY is a parental control solution with call monitoring and GPS tracking features.

With an emphasis on enabling parents to protect their child’s well-being in general, XNSPY develops tools allowing them to closely monitor the activity and location of a device used by the youngsters.


Although popular for its sophisticated monitoring features, FlexiSpy can be used reliably by parents to hear their kids’ conversations.

The app has more features that enable you to control and safeguard your children in the virtual space by giving information on numerous aspects of a child’s online behavior.


Designed for parents, iKeyMonitor offers monitoring tools for a child’s smartphone usage. It can record and allow you to listen to ambient sounds in your kid’s surrounding.

By creating a safe online space for kids, iKeyMonitor allows parents to monitor children’s digital behavior and keep gadget usage reasonable.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile provides listening tools that enable parents to monitor activities around their children’s devices.

Placing itself as an instrument to create a safe online environment, the app is intended for parents by providing them with information about their kid’s virtual life and helping prevent unpleasant surprises.


Cocospy, as a spy listening app for Android, helps parents track their children’s activities by hearing conversations in the surroundings.

This app focuses on creating a safe digital world for children by providing listening features that allow parents to monitor their children’s online presence without being obtrusive.

Comparison of the 10 remote spy listening apps for Android

AppsOne Way AudioAmbient sound recordingCamera Remote AccessFree/Free Trial
FlashGet Kids
Spy Ear
Highster Mobile

Final thoughts

While you may consider spying on people by remotely accessing data in their Android devices, it can become a valuable habit if you’re trying to protect your kids.

But that is true only if you choose a spy listening app for Android with the necessary features to protect your children.

The spy listening apps mentioned above are excellent, but if you seek a complete parental control app, surely choose the best spying software available today – FlashGet Kids.

FAQs about spy listening apps for Android

What is the best spy listening app for Android?

The best remote listening app is FlashGet Kids since it has all the necessary functions to provide safety for one’s kids. It has great features like live location tracking and an interactive camera that helps you monitor your kid’s environment.

What is the app that can record and listen at the same time?

FlashGet Kids can help you record and listen at the same time. This app has all the needed features, namely unidirectional audio and remote camera access, to enable you to see through your child’s surroundings and what he or she is doing.

Are there any spy apps to see someone’s cell phone?

Yes, many apps allow you to spy on someone’s phone. The good thing is that some of these applications work on a stealth mode, ensuring it’s easy to deny knowledge about them. Subscribe to their paid plans to enjoy all their features.

Can I remotely mirror someone else’s phone? Like my kids.

Yes, you can monitor your kids even from a distant place. You’ll need a reliable spying tool with all the requisite characteristics to function adequately. One app you can use for this is FlashGet Kids, which has amazing features like live tracking and geofencing.

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