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Top picks: Discover the best voice recorder app for Android

If you are looking for third-party voice recorder apps because you are unsatisfied with the audio quality or have too many fewer features of pre-built apps, then you are at the right place. Here, you can learn about the advanced AI voice recorder for Android, which can convert audio to text and even translate & summarize it in real time. So, keep reading!

How do I record voice on Android?

Whether you want a simple talk recording or a professional podcast, you can use your Android built-in recorder; it may not be the best but it’s very near to professional microphones.

Just follow the below steps to record voice on any Android phone;

  1. Pick up your phone > Search for the “voice” or “recorder” keyword because different Android brands name their voice recorder apps differently.
  2. If you don’t find it, go to settings > Apps > search there.
  3. After opening the app, you will see 3-options at the top (Only in Samsungs and some other brands)
    • Standard record: Simple record the voice of 1 person using 1 microphone.
    • Interview mode: Helpful when 2 people are talking, as it uses 2 phone mics and even shows the audio chart of each one separately.
    • Text to speech: Very rare feature as it helps convert the voice into text in real-time.
  4. Now, let us do some settings > simply click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner and a new window will open with many options;
    • Recording quality: Choose the highest option
    • Block calls when recording: Switch it on
    • Recycle bin: Switch it on to keep deleted recordings for 30 days
    • Recording location: Select any in your phone
  5. Now, come back to the main screen. If you want to attach an external microphone, do it.
  6. To start the recording, click on the Red round button at the bottom.
  7. If you want to pause click on the “double line icon” and to continue again.
  8. Let’s say you wanna mark some important stuff in the recording > click on the bookmark icon.
  9. Finally to stop recording, tap on the square icon > name and save the file.
  10. In order to see the recordings, go to the voice recorder app > see at the top and you will find the “List” option; tap on it. That’s it, you can play any saved recording you want.

Native voice recorder on Android

voice recorder on Android

In Android phones, the built-in voice recorder is known by many names, for example;

  • Samsung = Voice Recorder
  • Asus/Techno = Sound Recorder
  • Oppo / Huawei /Realme / Xiaomi / One Plus / Vivo= Recorder

No matter the name, these Android built-in voice recorders work the same. Below you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages;

Advantages of built-in voice recorder

  • Free to use
  • No need to download or install them as they come pre-built.
  • In some recorders, you can find a speech-to-text option for free.
  • You can list bookmarks to mark the best parts of every recording.
  • Some of them also have an editing function to optimise saved recordings.
  • They don’t cause errors during play so no risk of recording loss during the process.

Disadvantages of built-in voice recorder

  • The microphone recording quality is pretty basic and not good for professional work like podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. You will get a lot of background music of air, breath, etc.
  • Most brands’ built-in recorders miss speech-to-text features.
  • The editing feature is very simple; it doesn’t remove background music or filter out specific voices.
  • Some features like Auto-save, recycle bin, Auto-noise cancellation, etc., are not available in built-in voice recorders.
  • Third-party recorders can even show voice recording in text, and when you edit text, the software will delete that word or sentence from the recording and also make it look natural. But built-in recorders lack this feature.

10 best voice recorder app for Android (third-party)

Notta, a AI voice recorder

Notta voice recorder app

Notta is a third-party revolutionary AI voice recorder & transcriber software.

With the help of Notta, you can record talking, interviews, meetings, etc. Moreover, it has a speech-to-text feature which can transcribe text out of real-time recording, online meetings, or pre-recorded files. If your clients speak multiple languages, they can transcribe their language into text and even convert it to your preferred language in real-time.

That’s not all because its AI function not only transcribes text but also summarizes hours of files into a short summary with main points so you can save time and focus on what’s important.

Well, its basic version is free with 3 minutes per conversion, 3 file transcribe limit and a total of 120 minutes per month. It premium plans cost $8 ~ $17 per month.

Dolby On, a best recording & live-streaming app

Dolby On

When it comes to recording & live-streaming, you can never find a better software than Dolby On.

Whether you are making a voice note, interviewing someone, making a podcast, doing a voice-over, music records, or live streaming to your fans, then Dolby On can help you in many ways like;

  • De-essing ( Automatic )
  • Easy Fades ( Automatic )
  • Customise bass, treble, boost, etc.
  • Volume boost for voice ( Automatic )
  • Cut, Trim, or change parts of the recording
  • Compression of the file to a smaller size ( Automatic )
  • Remove breath, air, electrical hum, amp fuzz, and fan noise. ( Automatic )
  • Dynamic EQ helps adapt to your music and stereo widening ( Automatic )

The best thing about Dolby on that it is free to use and even there are no irritating ads.

Smart Recorder, a free voice recorder app for Android

Smart Recorder app

Smart recorder is a simple third-party voice recorder app for Androids and it’s free to use.

The designer of the smart recorder made this app because his wife claimed that he talks at night. One of its main features is that it can skip the silent parts of the recording. Moreover, it can also reduce background noise.

This app can be used for casual recordings like night recordings, spy work, nature sounds, etc. But this app is not a good fit for voice-overs, podcasts, and other professional stuff.

ASR Voice Recorder, basic and free

ASR Voice recorder is another basic and free app for Android phones.

This app can be used for casual recording as well as a professional voice as it offers features like Stereo/Mono, Audio quality, silence skipping in which you can set threshold, and much more. You can also trim and replace parts of the video.

Parrot Voice Recorder, an all recorder

Parrot Voice recorder is a third-party app which allows voice recording as well as call recording.

You can record your singing, interviews, voice-overs, and other casual/professional stuff because it allows you to adjust audio quality, microphone input, effects like noise & echo, audio pause, and much more.

In addition, you can also use it as an incoming and outgoing call recorder. The best thing about this app is that it stores all its data automatically on Google Drive, which is a rare feature among third-party apps.

Price: Free to use, no ads.

Google voice recorder

Google voice recorder app is only available for Pixel Android phones and can’t be used on Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, or any other brands.

As the name suggests, Google designed this app so you don’t have to worry about its quality. This app has many features like simple recording, speech-to-text, and editing. In addition, all the files are uploaded to the cloud and can be synced on any device later.

One of its great features is that you can search for a word or phrase from the transcript. Last, but not least let’s say you wanna remove a sentence, you can cut it from the audio or delete that text from the transcript and it will automatically delete it from the audio.

Price: Free to use, no ads.

Sounder Recorder Plus

Sound recorder plus has 5M+ downloads and 4.5-star views on Google Play store.

This app has many features like 320 kbps high-quality recording, audio-to-text, advanced editing ( trim, merge, split, speed, repeat, etc. ), and finally, you can also overwrite a pre-recorded file.

Sounder Recorder Plus allows you to make separate folders and sort out recordings in them for easy findings. Finally, it uploads the recording to Google Drive automatically so even if your mobile is damaged, lost, or stolen, you can still have your data.

You can record up to 2 minutes for free but for more, you have to pay $5.2 per month.

Samsung Voice Recorder, Samsung exclusive

Samsung voice recorder doesn’t come pre-built but you have to download it Playstore or Galaxy store.

As the name suggests, it can only be downloaded and used on Samsung phones. It has features like Standard, Interviews, and speech-to-text. Besides this, it also allows you to control audio quality, auto-reject calls, and much more.

Price: Free to use, no ads.

Otter: Transcriber Voice Notes

Just like Notta, Otter is another highly advanced voice recorder & transcriber app in the market.

With this app, when you are recording, it will automatically make a text transcript and this also applies when you are chatting or having an online audio meeting. It is worth noting that this speech-to-text feature is basic and Otter is not known for this but is famous for its AI feature which summarize hours-long audio into 5 minutes summarize and key take-away points.

When it comes to pricing, Otter’s basic features are free with some limitations like 30 minutes per conversation & 300 transcription minutes. While for more, you have to pay $8.33 ~ $20 or more.

Easy Voice Recorder by Digipom

If you want something basic and simple then Easy Voice recorder is for you.

You can use this app for signing, voice-over, interviews, and other simple recordings. It doesn’t have any speech-to-text function. However, it does offer you to adjust some audio quality settings. Lastly, it does offer a widget so you can record without opening the app.
Price: Free to use, no ads.

Essential qualities to find the best voice recorder on Android

With so many third-party apps in the market, it really hard to choose one but below are some of the features which the best voice recorders must have;

  • Bookmark option to pinpoint important parts of recording.
  • Can be able to cut, trim, and overwrite parts of the recording.
  • Must have an automatic noise cancellation and volume boost option.
  • Should be able to translate different languages’ audio-to-text in real-time.
  • Must have a cloud backup in case your mobile gets damaged, stolen, or lost.
  • Offers settings to adjust audio quality ( low, medium, High-quality audio ), base, echo, etc.
  • Multi-purpose functionality like for signing, podcasts, voice-overs, interviews, meetings, calls, etc.
  • Speech-to-text is a must, especially when you are interviewing someone or having an online meeting on Zoom, etc.
  • AI feature is preferable so it can summarise hours-long files into 5-minute short conclusions and key points which can save a lot of time.

Using voice recorder apps in different scenarios

Voice recorders may seem like simple apps and most people think they are used to make simple casual recordings at home, but that’s totally wrong because there are hundreds of uses, such as;

  • Can be used for Spywork
  • Record physical and online lectures
  • You can record your music and singing
  • Journalists can use them for interviews.
  • Record other promises for legal actions
  • Can be used to watch over elderly people.
  • Use them in meetings to get all the requirements of clients
  • Record memories of the events, important information, daily tasks, etc.
  • Online listen and record to child’s environment to find out what they are doing in school, friends house, clubs, etc.

Role of parental control software sound recorder

Suppose your kids have changed suddenly like they are sad or too happy all the time, it means something has changed their life when they are away from home.

If you are worried that either someone is bullying them or using them, then you can use a parental voice recorder app like FlashGet Kids to listen to the kid’s environment in real time. The best thing about it all is that you can use it from anywhere in the world.

One-way audio on FlashGet Kids

You can use the FlashGet Kids One-way audio feature in the following way;

  1. On the parent phone, open Playstore or App store and install the FlashGet Kids app.
  2. Open the app, sign up/sign in with your email > you will get a link and binding code > send the link to the kid’s phone.
  3. Open the link on the kid’s phone and it will direct you to a page where you have to download an app; do it.
  4. After installing the app, enter the binding code from the parent’s phone and then it will ask for permission; allow them all. That’s it. The app will be hidden after installation.
  5. On the parent’s phone, open the FlashGet Kids app > see at the middle, you will find the “One-way audio” option; click on it and you will be able to access the kid’s phone mic and listen to the surroundings without them knowing. All of the audio can also be recorded within the app.
Remote Recording files

Key takeaways

Since the discovery of the world’s first voice recording and playback device called Phonograph by Thomas Edison, the world has changed a lot. From meetings to interviews to music, voice recorders are used everywhere.

Android pre-built recorders have good quality but they are not as good as third-party apps like Otter, Notta, FlashGet Kids, etc. So, whenever you choose a voice recorder for Android make sure it satisfies all your needs.

People also ask

Is the smart voice recorder free?

Yes, the Smart voice recorder is free to use.

Where does recording go on Android?

Voice recording can be accessed by opening the app and clicking on the “List” option, which should be at the top of the screen. It must be noted that all these recordings are saved in the local storage of the device and some apps even store a backup on Google Drive.

Does Android have a built-in voice recorder?

Yes, all brand Android phones always have a pre-built voice recorder.

How long can a Samsung voice recorder record?

Samsung can record up to 3 hours of audio per session and when it comes to speech-to-text, it can transcribe 10-minute-long audio.

Does Android have an internal audio recording?

Yes, Android phones also have a pre-built feature that allows you to record internal audio of the device like games, apps, etc.

What is the alternative to Samsung Voice Recorder?

There are many third-party alternatives to Samsung Voice Recorder like Notta, Otter, etc.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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