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7 best spy apps for Facebook Messenger

Even though many people think that the hype around Facebook Messenger died down a couple of years back, it still has billions of active users. This abundance of online users often attracts kids and teens to this social platform. You’ll find many kids using Messenger to connect with new people. However, these kids don’t realize that groomers and online predators could target them. So, as a parent, you’ll need to use spy apps for Facebook Messenger. 

Kids are not sensible enough to sniff out danger when they’re approached by a stranger. The responsibility for their online safety falls on you as their guardian. However, I do understand that monitoring kids all day, every day, can be impossible. Luckily, spy apps for Facebook Messenger help address this complication for parents nationwide. 

Spy on Facebook Messenger: Why need it?

Even though thousands of cases pop up each day about kids getting targeted by online predators, parents still stay oblivious to the fact that the digital space is dangerous. If they don’t protect their kid, the kid could be exposed to inappropriate content. Moreover, there are a ton of issues like privacy leaks and exploitation that can happen to your child. Here are some of the major reasons why you should spy on Facebook Messenger. 

  • Explicit content – The content regulation is negligible on Facebook Messenger. If you’re not tracking your kids’ conversations, you’ll never know that they are being exposed to explicit content. Integrating a spy app will help you stay ahead of this issue. 
  • Cyberbullying – Many parents think that cyberbullying isn’t an issue, but it can seriously harm your child’s confidence. Trolls online can target your kid with different accounts and share slurs and profanity. It will destroy your kid’s innocence, and he will be less keen on socializing with anyone. 
  • Online predators – Creeps target unsuspecting children on online platforms to steal their private data and pictures. If your kid is interacting with a predator, the predator will try to arrange meet-ups with your child. The only way to stop your child from becoming a victim is by actively tracking their Facebook Messenger conversations. 
  • Privacy leaks – Even if your kid doesn’t add a stranger, they won’t be aware of how to protect their best privacy online. It is common for kids to share every single detail with their friends. So, to stop your kids from sharing something they would regret later on, you will need to monitor Facebook Messenger. 

There is nothing ethically wrong in keeping your child safe online. It is your responsibility to educate and direct your kid toward appropriate online behavior. 

7 best spy apps for Facebook Messenger

Now that you know why spy apps for Facebook Messenger are important, I will guide you about the best spy tools for your family. Finding the right spy app can be tricky as there are so many fake tools on the market. All apps in the following list comprehensively cover Facebook Messenger and expand your control of your kids’ online activities. So, pick a suitable option after thoroughly reading the features and benefits of each spy app. 

1. FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids will always be at the top of my list when introducing spy apps to parents. This parental control tool doesn’t just stop at Facebook Messenger monitoring. You can mirror the screen from the target device to monitor your kid when they are on Facebook Messenger or any other app.

It offers a complete one-stop solution to parents worldwide with remote tracking. So, you’ll never have to worry about your kid hiding anything on their mobile devices. Moreover, the hidden mode on FlashGet Kids won’t let your kids know that you’re tracking them.

FlashGet Kids parental control
  • Features
    • Surround monitoring with remote camera
    • One-way audio access
    • Social app tracking and monitoring
    • Text monitoring and call monitoring
    • App blocking and screen time limits
    • Notification alerts and content blocker
  • Pros
    • Give a complete bundle of parental control features
    • It takes five minutes to install
    • One tap access to all spy features
    • Affordable subscription plans
  • Cons
    • Some features are limited on iOS devices

2. mSpy

Similar to FlashGet Kids, you’ll get an abundance of features with mSpy. It can help you track Facebook Messenger conversations and group chats within this social app. However, its pricing is somewhat more expensive.

  • Features
    • Read texts and emails
    • Monitor call history
    • Keyword alerts
    • Screen recording
    • Audio recording
  • Pros
    • Decent feature list
    • Compatible with all devices
    • Detailed parietal control dashboard
  • Cons

3. iKeyMonitor

Even with the spy app, you can’t monitor your kid all the time. However, with iKeyMonitor’s keyword alerts, you’ll get prompt updates when your kid is involved in something suspicious. This spy tool for Facebook Messenger mainly targets keywords and phrases. Moreover, you can customize the keywords to cover sensitive topics.

  • Features
    • Recording calls and texts
    • Tracking GPS data 
    • Real-time screenshots
    • Social app tracking
  • Pros
    • Amazing keyword tracker
    • Offers decent flexibility by surpassing language barriers
  • Cons
    • Somewhat difficult to configure at first

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another community favorite spy tool to monitor Facebook Messenger. Even though the standard plans for Hoverwatch are somewhat expensive, you can subscribe to the business plan for $1.67 a month. This affordable price attracts many parents, and you should give it a shot as well.

Hoverwatch review
  • Features
    • Records SMS and call audio
    • Camera access
    • Location tracking 
    • Social media tracking
    • Calendar tracking
    • Contact tracking
  • Pros
    • Affordable subscription plans
    • One of the easiest spy tools to install and use
    • Decent community support
  • Cons

5. Eyezy

Eyezy is a decent family protection app to help you keep your loved ones in check. It excels in delivering detailed usage reports and alerts. The keystroke capture features and social spotlight tools within Eyezy make it one of the best social tracking apps. However, the pricing is not as affordable as other social monitoring tools.

  • Features
  • Pros
    • Remote installation on iOS device
    • Decent location accuracy
    • Custom alerts on when your kids leave a geofence
  • Cons
    • Somewhat expensive when compared with other spy tools

6. Flexispy

FlexiSPY is a top-tier spy tool that you can use for your business. It offers so much control and penetration on the target device. However, this control comes at a pretty hefty price tag. You’ll be paying a couple hundred bucks each month to keep this spy tool running. Moreover, the free trial doesn’t last more than 24 hours. So, FlexiSPY can be pretty heavy on your budget.

FlexiSPY app review
  • Features
    • Surround recording and monitoring
    • App and hardware access
    • Complete location history 
    • Geofencing
    • Text and call tracking
  • Pros
    • The best spy tool if you’ve got the money
    • Accommodates a massive number of devices
  • Cons
    • Very expensive
    • Overkill for family usage

7. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is a pretty famous spy app for Facebook, but it kinda fell off in the past few years. The developers have not addressed the app bugs, and you’ll find many parents complaining about the location tracking accuracy. So, if you can’t compromise on the tracking side of things, then Cocospy is not for you.

  • Features
    • SMS Spy
    • Call Spy
    • Social app Spy
    • SIM location spy
  • Pros
    • Decent social app tracking
  • Cons
    • Features often bug out

The 7 best spy apps compared

All of the apps above are decent enough for any family. However, I do realize that each person has a different budget and spending habits. So, go over the following comparison table to pick the right spy app for your family.

AppCompatibilityBasic Monthly PricingFree TrialTracked DevicesHidden Mode
FlashGet KidsiOS & AndroidFrom $8.997 daysUp to 10 devicesYes
mSpyiOS & AndroidFrom $48.99Up to 3 devicesYes
iKeyMonitoriOS & AndroidFrom $16.66Up to 25 devicesNo
HoverwatchiOS & AndroidFrom $29.953 daysUp to 25 devicesYes
EyezyiOS & AndroidFrom $68.56Up to 1 devicesYes
FlexispyiOS & AndroidFrom $29.951 dayUp to 1 devicesYes
CocoSpyiOS & AndroidFrom $39.99Up to 1 devicesYes


We’ve listed all the best phone spy apps in the market. While there are millions of other options, you won’t find an app that outperforms the above-mentioned list. Still, It might be confusing to choose the perfect tracking app from the get-go. I’d recommend you try a spy app with a free trial. That way, you will not have to spend a penny, and you’ll be able to test out all the monitoring features. I am stuck to FlashGet Kids, and you can subscribe to its free trial for a week. So, check it out, and you can purchase the subscription plan when you’re sure that this is the right option for your family.


Are spy apps safe and legal?

It depends. You can choose from our recommendations in the blog. These apps are legal and safe to keep your family safe.

Do I need to jailbreak or root the device for Facebook monitoring?

No jailbreak or root access is required for Facebook monitoring if you’re using the right spy tool, such as FlashGet Kids.

Can I spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger without their phone?

Yes, you can use a spy tool like FlashGet Kids and mirror the target device’s screen to spy on Facebook Messenger without their phone.

How to spy on Facebook messenger for free?

In fact, there is no completely free spy apps with standout features. The only way to spy on Facebook Messenger for free is by stealing the target’s credentials and logging into their account on your phone.

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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