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Are apps like Wizz safe? Parents should know about

Are you wondering if there are other apps like Wizz? Dating apps for kids can have both advantages and disadvantages. Your kids may interact with dangerous people online, get cyberbullied, or access inappropriate content. So, to manage your kid’s online presence, you should know the apps your kids are using, and the right way to block them.

Fortunately, this piece has all the information you need regarding apps like Wizz. You’ll learn how apps like FlashGet Kids can help you identify and block such apps on your kids’ phones.

What is Wizz? A dating app for kids?

Wizz app

Wizz is an app created for persons over 13 years of age, allowing them to create personalized profiles and communicate via chats.

Even though the platform demands age verification for users, some people have found ways to bypass it. This may be dangerous as pedophiles and other dangerous people may access the site with bad intentions and fake profiles. 

What age is Wizz for?

Wizz is only appropriate for users aged 13 and above, with stringent restrictions to uphold safety within its community.

To open an account, all people must be 13 years and older. They need to provide a valid email address while getting verified by real-time selfies to determine their age. The platform uses facial recognition robots and sometimes moderating humans to ensure that age restrictions are met correctly.

There are specific rules for users below the age of eighteen. As a parent, you should monitor your kids’ interactions while on this app or even block the app on your kid’s phone if necessary. 

10 apps like Wizz Parents should know about

Many social apps around the world are similar to Wizz. While they are meant for a certain age group, some of them pose a danger to the younger generations. Let’s go through these apps and see what they offer.


Wink is a social networking app that targets young users and helps people find new friends. It includes features such as the development of profiles, chat operations, and links with people based on common interests. The app hopes to promote positive engagement while keeping the target audience of teenagers as safe as possible.


Yubo messaging app

Yubo is another social discovery app that brings people together via live video streaming. Created with teenagers in mind, this allows users to jump on group video chats based on various interests. 

Yubo’s tour mission, while focusing on the sense of community, also puts much attention on the safety measures initiated for a secure environment among its users.


app like Wizz 3: Swipr

With Swipr, there is a new approach to social media targeting younger people who can easily connect based on common interests. 

Swipr’s sleek design and intuitive features, in turn, offer teens a controlled but monitored space where they can find people to connect with.



Azar stands as a unique worldwide television video chat and messenger app where people around the world connect via live calls. 

Although not only for teenagers, Azar brings out a new range of interactions as it may be useful to watch over young people’s usage of such platforms.


MeetMe app

MeetMe can be highlighted as a multi-purpose social networking application targeted at the general population where people can network with new friends and develop their circle

Parents should be aware of its popularity, and they must promote responsible use, especially among the younger generation.


The site is purposefully created for teenagers and aims to provide a secure monitored page where teenagers can find new friends. Prioritizing safety qualities, Spotafriend aims to maintain a friendly atmosphere in which adolescents can have fulfilling conversations.


Hoop takes users to discover each other through Snapchat; the swiping mechanism depicts social discovery. It is targeted at a younger population that can meet and interact with friends in an environment in which they cannot step out of their parent’s house but still get to enjoy the services as any other adult.


Purp is a social application for teenagers that stands out as an app dedicated to finding friends in secure conditions. To ensure that teens have a positive experience while they establish connections and develop friendships, the company highlights safety and moderation in its Purp product.


Vibe stands out by its emphasis on positive connections and friendships that are meant for a younger crowd. It allows for community formation through features such as profiles and chat, which provide a safe space conducive to engaging with those who share common interests.


open Bumble app

Whereas Bumble is a popular dating and networking app, it features women making the first move after matching up with anyone, unlike other mainstream apps in this category. It is not only for teenagers, but also has a wider audience. Parents should take into account the supervision of younger users in terms of age limits.

Are apps like Wizz safe?

The safety of users, especially minors, is a great concern in today’s digital world. Parents and children need to know how dangerous social networking applications are. 

It is in this section where safety issues brought about by apps such as Wizz are discussed in detail to discuss cyber-bullying, among other aspects that make the images, texts, and videos featured on applications dangerous.

1. Age verification and moderation

The issues of safety in applications such as Wizz often revolve around how well age verification works and moderation. This creates a potential hazard that underage people may have uncontrolled access to the site.

2. Cyberbullying prevention

The social networking app creates a new risk called cyberbullying. Apps such as Wizz have to work diligently and invest a lot in anti-bullying strategies, including reporting mechanisms, blocking users found guilty with immediate action followed by proactive vigilance or monitoring.

3. Content filtering

Unacceptable content is, therefore, a major threat to security, particularly among younger users. Applications such as Wizz should roll out their content-filtering tools to prevent explicit materials from being shared or viewed. These include pictures, texts or any mode of communication that can cause hurt and disturb the users.

4. Privacy and data security

Protecting end-user privacy and data is critical. There are also concerns raised with regard to the storage and security of users’ information, especially considering that these apps are being developed specifically targeting a particular age group. 

Reasonable data protection measures, visible privacy rules, and clear communication regarding the handling of users’ information are crucial to fostering trust and guaranteeing security.

5. Prevention of online predators

Applications that use a system similar to how Wizz works should thus be careful when it comes to interactions with potential online predators

The introduction of stringent user verification procedures, awareness by users of the online safety measures, and provision for reporting suspicious behavior are some key steps in ensuring a secure atmosphere. It is also necessary to keep safety features updated with regard to changing other threats online for better securing the risks.

FlashGet Kids helps monitor children’s phone

You can prevent your child from using apps such as Wizz with parental control apps. One good determinant in this respect would be FlashGet Kids. FlashGet Kids offers a range of features to ensure a secure and monitored digital environment for your child. Read on to learn more about its standout features.

What are the main features of FlashGet Kids

1. App blocker

The parental control module of FlashGet Kids has an App Blocker that enables parents decide which apps to block or limit access to, like Wizz. This assists in monitoring as well as regulating the apps that your child can use to avoid the usage of risky platforms.

2. Screen time management

The app offers reliable parental controls, which can set limits for the amount of time children spend on various apps daily or in a week. This function also contributes to the preservation of a healthy equilibrium in screen time versus other activities by reducing the abundance of use of non-essential apps.

3. Live monitoring

With FlashGet Kids, you can monitor the activities on your child’s device in real time. Parents have real-time access to the apps being used, and therefore, inappropriate or harmful applications such as this one are immediately addressed.

4. Daily usage insights

The app gives you details about your child’s day-to-day patterns of using the apps. When viewing reports, parents will understand which apps, including social networking ones, are used most often. This function helps in making informed choices on whether to configure app restrictions.

5. Alerts and notifications

There are alerts and notification messages from FlashGet Kids that can be forwarded to parents when the set limits for app usage have been reached or if a child tries to access prohibited apps. This quick feedback guarantees that parents always remain up-to-date with their child’s digital activity and, if need be, can act.

6. Location tracking

FlashGet Kids has additional location tracking features for safety purposes. Even though it is not directly related to blocking apps, this functionality enables parents to check the location of their child so that they can secure physical safety.

How to block apps like Wizz using FlashGet Kids?

Now you’ve seen the features that FlashGet Kids offers to help you protect your kids and ensure they have a safe online presence. It’s time to look at how to use it. Ensure to follow all the steps so that you effectively restrict apps like Wizz on your kid’s device:

Step 1. Download FlashGet Kids on your device and your kids.

Download FlashGet Kids app

Step 2. Register an account and sign in.

Step 3. Bind your kid’s accounts to yours using the 9-digit code.

Bind parent‘s account to kid's account

Step 4. When done with the setup process, move to “Usage Limits”.

Step 5. Select either “Disable All Apps” or “Forbid New Apps” to restrict applications like Wizz.

Usage limits on Flashget Kids


Protecting children’s online experiences while using apps like Wizz requires an integrated approach because parental awareness and involvement are critical. The risks of cyberbullying, inappropriate content and meeting online predators highlight the necessity for alert monitoring.

It is in this sense that parental control apps like FlashGet Kids ensure being an indispensable source since they are associated with features such as app blocking or screen time management, live monitoring day-use insights alerts and tracking of location.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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