For teens out of control online: How to return to the right path?

Nowadays, children are growing up in an age filled with information and electronic gadgets. That’s why we call them Generation Z. There is a period when one seeks independence and self-esteem. We seek passion and inner cognition, but sometimes we lose control. That’s why the word “teens out of control” comes out.

In the new era, the penetration of phones and computers among teens has reached a new level. Every teen starts to use phones before becoming an adult. Due to their curiosity and smartness, they are sharp enough to command the cell phones as soon as possible. However, they are easy to fall victim to in the virtual world, too. That will cause big problems when they are out of control online.

What makes teens out of control online?

Parents must keep in mind that even adults sometimes unconsciously take out their phones to scroll through some hashtags and news. The Internet has built a miracle world that is endless and boundless. In this network, everyone is connected and forced to receive a huge flood of information, good or bad.

Teens out of control

The alluring world makes teenagers out of control

Social media apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are cropping up everywhere. We usually share what happens around us to attract more followers. To make a story go viral, something unrealistic will be published on the Internet. Although we are experienced enough to judge what is true, teens are vulnerable to these illusions and take them as real.

For this reason, teens are more likely to imitate negative things online just because they think it is cool and can draw attention from others. For example, they tend to imitate the slang and strong words in video games and music lyrics, or a dramatic but not real plot in a story or on Twitter.

A teenager is out of control: Games and social media apps

Game addiction

Teens experience many changes in their bodies, such as the development of sexual characteristics and increased hormone levels. These physiological changes have an impact on their mood, thinking, and behavior, making them more prone to impulsivity, agitation, irritability, and mood swings.

As the online world is so fantastic, it satisfies teens’ desire to explore this world. They seek a kind of passion that doesn’t exist in the real world. That’s why online games always follow their will and fill the content with fantasy and violence.

Games are made to be addictive because game developers hope players spend more time and money on their products. For the same reason, stories on social media are written in an unbelievable way to attract teens to spend more time watching.

When your teenager is out of control online: Worst aspects

When your teen is out of control online, he will suffer from a lot of negative impacts.

Signs of a toxic teenager out of control online

Signs of a toxic teenager
  • Health Problems: Excessive screen time may lead to a lack of physical activity and affect health. Sitting in front of a computer or cell phone for long periods of time may lead to muscle tension, obesity, myopia, and other problems.
  • Academic Problems: Addiction to the Internet may affect academic performance. Teens will spend more time surfing the Internet instead of completing academic tasks. In addition, Internet addiction may reduce academic concentration and memory.
  • Social Problems: Excessive use of the Internet may lead to decreased socialization skills. Teens may become isolated and lack face-to-face interaction and relationship building. There is a correlation between internet addiction and mental health problems. Teens may feel anxious, depressed, lonely, or lack self-esteem. Due to a lack of parental love and discipline, teens will encounter behavioral problems, become reserved, and experience a period of mental loneliness.

What to do with teens out of control online?

Because of the generation gap, parents usually have no clue about what happens to their teens online. Don’t wear a long face toward this problem. Many parents are facing the same problems as you. So, to solve these problems, every developer on the Internet is working hard to help parents supervise teens online.

Here are some parental controls on the main platforms you must know:

Parental controls on your out-of-control teens’ electronic gadgets

Start parental controls
  • First, the iPhone and Mac have Screen Time to help you manage the apps and websites your teen can see. Also, screen time can manage the accessible time for your teen.
  • Second, you can create a Windows Family Safety account for your teen on the computer. This feature can block inappropriate content for your family, too.
  • Third, these are some apps like Google Family Link and Digitox to manage your Android phones. Try some and find the best one for your teen.
  • Forth, some game platforms like Steam, Xbox, and Epic roll out parental controls. If your teen gets hooked on the games and can get rid of addiction in the immersive world, you can make some options in the account.

Block some inappropriate content like violence, alcohol, and cigarettes. This is of vital importance for teens. They are growing up and will become adults in several years. If they can’t fix themselves well in adolescence, the frustrations and failures can affect their adulthood, too.

Last but not least, you should remember that teens are not little children any more; they are smart enough to find a way to circumvent the regulation. So, in the next sector, we recommend more robust parental controls.

Parental control apps help parents control their teens

FlashGet Kids, a Parental control app help parents control their teens

FlashGet Kids is a tailored app for parenting. It is designed to protect your family members from online hazards. This app has a user-friendly interface and easily configured features.

Here, we will start with its powerful features to help you discipline your teens:

🔰Screen Time

Screen time

You can set available hours for your teens. For example, you can block the phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on school days.

What’s more, you can customize your limits in light of your teen’s habits. For example, you can block the screen when it is class time, bedtime, mealtime, or family time. When your teen finishes his class or housework, you can unblock his cell phone for 1 or 2 hours.

🔰App Blocker

App blocker

You may want to find a solution to forbid your teen from installing chaotic apps. FlashGet Kids can complete this task with App Blocker. When you open Forbid New Apps, you teen can install new apps on his phone. Like Screen Time, you can use this feature to decide when and how long your teen can use an app.

🔰Live Monitoring

living monitoring

FlashGet Kids has features that can monitor your teen from all aspects.

Screen Mirroring can help you see your teen’s screen. So, what are they scrolling through? Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat? You can know it in real time. If you know the real-time conditions around your teen, open Remote Camera and One-Way Audio to look around and listen to your teen’s surroundings.

The app icon on your teen’s device is completely hidden, and when you use monitoring features, no changes or notifications will show up on your teens’ device. So, it satisfies both sides: teens’ independence and parental supervision.

🔰Location Tracking

Location tracking

Teens, not like pupils, often spend more time with friends and know how to use public transport like the bus. So, they go through more places in a day. Remember, you should refresh the location from time to time.

When you finish configuring, your teen won’t be able to uninstall the parental controls without your password.

Parental control apps can help parents monitor and manage teens’ online habits and digital footprints. Of course, there are also other parental control apps like Bark, Net Nanny, and Qustodio. They have parental control features, too. With due guidance and care online, your teen can slowly get control of himself and get back on the right path.

Offline care replaces online settings for teens out of control

Teens shouldn’t enrich their lives by spending most of their time online unsupervised. If the problems of an out-of-control situation are really severe and beyond your ability, and if you think you are at your wit’s end to manage your teen’s online behavior, you can search for more help from society.

Programs for out-of-control teenagers

In some areas, residential teen treatment programs are prepared for problem youths. This kind of institution often offers one-to-one therapy, family therapy, peer group sessions, and experiential therapy. You can send your teen to these programs. In there, they can get professional help to correct their misconduct. A tip is that you can check whether the expenditure is covered by the insurance on the relative policy.

Family communication with an out-of-control teenager

Compared with the programs, family communication is simple but of equal importance. Teens are exploring a vaster world; they feel inefficient to gain everything like it used to be in their childhood. Find a more experienced one to guide him in the right direction. The man could be his grandparents, teachers, professors, or elder cousins. Give your teen some time to get along with these men.

Final words

Parenting is an arduous part of our lives. If your teen is really out of control, we hope you will be decisive enough to set enforceable limits online. The first thing to remember is teaching teens the importance of self-regulation in their lives. Once they really understand and regain command of their life routine, they can be the future adults the society needs.

With this good intention, you can apply to parental controls like FlashGet Kids to discipline your teens online. No matter how rebellious a teen is, parents are still the most important people in their lives.

FAQs about teens out of control online

Who do you call when your teenager is out of control?

If your online-addicted teens don’t listen to you anyway, you can call his grandmother or grandfather. The young men always respect the old men because it is the moral standard of society. Another good idea is to call a therapist; this will ensure the teen gets help in a more professional way.

Why are the teenage years so difficult?

Adolescence is a complex stage in a person’s physical and psychological development. They are facing challenges in both physical and psychological fields, too. So, the family faces many changes and challenges. Remember, don’t be a helicopter parent. That will ruin the parent-child relationship and aggravate youth rebellion.

How do I deal with my 16-year-old son being out of control?

At this age, he is no longer a small kid. So, he started to think about their own future and make some decisions on his own. As long as he is willing to share what he thinks, keep an open mind and provide your guide. You can give them some freedom, but don’t let them do something out of control, like excessive game time or alcohol drinking.

What is normal behavior for a 16-year-old boy?

A 16-year-old boy is capable of handling a lot of things in his life. He will spend more time with friends and less time with his parents. Maybe this will mean he spends more time chatting with friends online and sometimes neglects family time. You can make this period smoother by keeping the lines of communication open.

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