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Safe communication: Using free online app to chat with strangers

We can understand that making new friends is such a headache these days because everybody is so busy and immersed in their mobiles that approaching & starting a chat is almost impossible. And if you are looking for the best chat with strangers app with tips on how to be safe on them, then you are in the right place; keep reading!

Why do you want to chat with strangers on the app?

It’s a universal fact that we humans are social animals, which means we basically can’t live to our full potential without interacting with others.

Based on this fact, we are always trying to meet with new people in;

  • Real life, for example, in society, school, restaurants, playgrounds, etc.
  • Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, the main problem with the above methods is you either have to meet a person face to face or send them a request digitally, both of which require a lot of confidence and a high probability they will reject you.

chat with strangers online app

So, keep this in mind: developers have designed applications on which strangers can make accounts and talk with each other. The biggest benefits of using chat with strangers app are;

  • You can hide your real identity and still make friends.
  • You can chat with strangers online from the ease of your home
  • These apps widen your geographical range; you can meet people from other countries and regions.
  • Only people interested in making friends will make accounts so that talks can be initiated quickly.
  • Even if somebody rejects you, there are still hundreds or thousands of people there to choose from
  • You don’t have to meet anybody in reality for the first time, so it’s pretty safe for exploration; you can meet them after you become friends. In contrast, physically meeting with strangers may be very risky, as they may be bad persons.

So, these are basically the reasons why people prefer digital apps to meet strangers rather than physically meeting them in real life.

Best app to chat online with strangers


If you are looking to go for online strangers exploration, then these 12 apps will definitely help you, no matter which country you are living in;

  • Whisper
  • MeetMe
  • Fruzo
  • Telegram
  • Chatous
  • Psst
  • RandoChat
  • Frim
  • Omegle
  • Moco
  • Anonymous Chat Rooms
  • Holla

Whisper, an anonymous social app to chat with strangers

Whisper is a freeware Android mobile application used as an anonymous social app with over 10M+ users.

It offers new opportunities to its users to express themselves and connect with strangers who share similar interests and niches. While using the application, you can create posts, share photos, and make video calls anonymously. However, you must be honest in conversations and when making new friends.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost; registration is required.

MeetMe, meet new people online

MeetMe is an application designed to meet new people digitally, and it has about 100+ million users worldwide.

The application is available for Windows, Apple, and Android devices. To use the application, you must enable your GPS settings, which will help you meet and connect with new people in your area. Then, you can chat and video message random people to make new friends or dates.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost.

Fruzo, connect with strangers

Fruzo is a unique social media dating app that allows users to connect with new people using your Facebook profile.

This chat with strangers app only allows real Facebook users to create a profile, so there are fewer chances of fake accounts. One of its features is that you can upload your pictures as well as others, which helps you make new friends and enhance your social circle. It offers more advanced features such as chatting, live video calls, adding new friends, uploading unlimited pictures, and searching for new people.

Pricing Plan: Most features are free, but only some advanced ones, like video calling, require a subscription.

Telegram, chatting with strangers/friends in group

Telegrams is an encrypted Instant messaging app with over 900 million monthly active users.

All of us know Telegram, and it works just like Facebook, where you can discover new people or make your stories so people can reach you. It has many features you can initiate, make private/group chats or calls, share photos & large files, and many more. This chat with strangers app is compatible with all platforms like Android, Apple, Windows, etc.

Pricing Plan: Free to use.

Chatous, video chatting with strangers

Chatous is an online instant messaging and video chatting application with over 10M+ downloads on Android alone.

On this Chateous app, there are many advanced functions, such as a search section, where hundreds of people are online to chat. Besides that, this application is more popular among teens because anyone can use it without age limits. That is not all; it has a unique AI chatting feature, which you can use to make your own taste bot with whom you can chat all day.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost.


As the name suggests, “Psst” provides total secrecy in your chats.

In this list, Psst is the only chatting app that takes the privacy of its users very seriously; for example, the messages are deleted instantly after reading ( even from their server ), and you can change your ID credentials as well as the name of your friends, and that’s not all; you all chats are password protected, and you can shake a phone to lock chats instantly.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost.

RandoChat, random chat app

RandoChat is another anonymous random chat app with over 10M+ users on Google Play store alone.

After logging in, you can start a new chat with a stranger in the app, and your messages will automatically removed continually during your chat. After the chat, your IP address or data connection credentials can’t be traced back to you.

However, to use this app, you must be 18+, and it has strict policies on sharing inappropriate content such as nudity, racial, or offensive; if you violate their terms and conditions, your access will be blocked permanently.

Pricing Plan: Free to use


Frim is a free app that lets you chat anonymously and share your interests with new people.

It is a free messenger application available for Android and iOS phones. It allows you to find & communicate with new people who are around you. The app also allows you to send messages to other users if they are offline. It doesn’t care much about privacy, as the chats are not deleted automatically.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost.

Omegle, chat-with-strangers app

One of the oldest chat-with-strangers apps, Omegle pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they anonymously connect and share their interests.

You see, you don’t need to make an account to use it; all you need to do is download the app and start searching, which will automatically connect you with random users to whom you can video call ( its main focus ) or chat. It is interesting to note that they have over 10M+ downloads on Playstore online.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost.


Moco is a social networking application for 18+ users, and it has over 10M+ downloads on Playstore alone.

It is similar to other social networking sites that are specially designed for Android and iOS devices. While joining the Moco community, you must create your profile to show your personal information and interests, such as relationship status, body type, ethnicity, etc. It offers opportunities to its users, such as sending requests, sharing pics/videos, chats, video calls, and more.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost, but you have to watch ads or pay to remove ads completely.

Anonymous Chat Rooms

As the name suggests, the Anonymous Chat Rooms app will allow you to connect with other people anonymously, and its users have 5M+ downloads on the Google Play store.

When you use this app, it will open one-to-one chat in which you can text, send audio, share media, or even make video calls. And all this can be done by staying anonymous to the other person.

Pricing Plan: Free of cost


A live random video chat app, Holla lets you meet new people with just a swipe, offering free video calls to connect with strangers.

Holla is the most advanced application that allows its users to make new connections with people worldwide. It offers several options for connecting, such as creating chat rooms, joining video calls, and more. It is a user-friendly and secure application.

Pricing Plan: Basic features are free of cost, but you need to pay for advanced ones.

How to keep safe when chatting online with strangers

When chatting with strangers on app, you must be extra careful. Because there may be someone who knows you or some predator, which will cause you harm in the long term. Below are some tips and tricks for a safe approach to these dating apps;

  • Never ever share financial details with anybody.
  • Be cautious of links and files; they could lead to your phone being hacked.
  • Never send any inappropriate pictures or videos of yourself because they can be used by predators for blackmailing.
  • If you want to meet somebody, always ask them to come in public places and never give your home address.
  • You may consider the instant deletion of chat history because today’s friends can be tomorrow’s enemies. Moreover, they can use that data to blackmail you. So, remove all proofs to stay safe.
  • Choose those apps that allow you to keep your ID name, picture, address, and other confidential info secret. In this way, you can approach others and filter out the best ones out of them.
  • Finally, always ensure that if you see something suspicious, block that person without hesitation. Moreover, don’t forget to report them to app officials so nobody else can get harmed.
  • If you have mistakenly sent some of your secret pics/videos and they are blackmailing you, don’t be scared. They will say that if you fullfil their demand, they will delete it. However, that’s a lie. They will keep asking for more & you will go deeper in this blackmailing hole. The wisest thing to do is get some courage and share it with friends and family.

How to keep children safe if they are using anonymous app


Anonymous chat apps are not made for kids because on these apps. Most of them want to initiate a relationship (more likely a one-night stand), and the rest are scammers/predators who wish to harm. So, for kids under 18, there is a huge red flag. You must try your best to keep your children away from these elicit apps.

However, the problem lies here. Kids these days are attached to their screens 24/7, and if we check their mobiles, they say it’s a privacy breach. So it’s hard to know even if they download these apps.

But don’t worry; there are parental control apps these days like FlashGet Kids. Which will allow you to control their phone without touching it, for example;

  • Set keyword alert: With this feature, you can add different keywords like dating apps, sex, etc., and whenever your kids type it, you will get a notification on your mobile – worldwide.
  • Track notification: This function will track each & every notification on your kid’s phone and send it to your phone immediately, so you know if he gets a message, a new app installed, buys something, etc.
  • Check app usage: With this function, you can get a detailed summary every day, like which, when, and how much time your kids use the apps, including dating ones.
  • Set screen time limits: If you think your kid is abusing mobile in any way, like dating apps, you can set time limits on individual apps or on the mobile as a whole, and when that limit is used, the mobile will switch off automatically.
  • Block inappropriate apps: If your kid has installed strangers talking apps, then you can block them permanently by using your mobile.

It is important to note that once you install FlashGet Kid on your kid’s phone, you can watch & control all the above features directly from your phone without ever touching your kid’s phone. And the best thing is you don’t have to be in the same place because this works via the Internet worldwide.

Final thoughts

Chat with strangers app is neither bad nor good; it depends on its users. For example, if you are above, then you can chat & video call new people, make friends, and learn new things from all over the world. However, if our kids below 18 use it, they interact with adult persons to whom sexuality, alcohol, and violence are normal, which will harm your kids in many ways. So, as a parent, always use parental apps like FlashGet Kids to watch your kid’s phone 24/7 for these illicit apps.


Is the anonymous chat app safe?

The first thing to remember is that these apps aren’t made for those under 18. And even if an adult is using them, they should be precautions because there are a lot of time-passers, scammers, and predators on these apps.

What is the best alternative app to Omegle?

MeetMe and Holla are good alternative apps where you can talk with strangers for free, video calls, and other ways to meet new strangers in a safe environment.

Are these anonymous chat-with-strangers apps completely free?

Most anonymous chat-with-strangers apps are free, but they have a lot of ads. Below is a list of such apps: Psst; Chateous; Whisper.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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