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9 best Find My Friends alternatives for Android

The Find My Friends (now Find My) is an important feature for iOS users to check in their friends or loved ones’ movements. While it works seamlessly when family members and friends all have iOS devices, things can get confusing when there’s a mix of Android and iOS users amongst you. Keep reading! We will answer your questions about whether Find My Friends works on Android so you can make the correct choice. What’s more, let’s dive into several better alternative ways to share location with Android users.

Can you get Find My Friends on Android?

Find My Friends is designed and developed by Apple specifically for Apple devices: iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch. This means that you won’t find an official Find My Friends app running on Android devices. However, there are other similar location-sharing apps for Android devices that you can directly download from the Google Play Store.

While these apps provide similar functionalities, the specific features and user interfaces may vary. You should choose the right one based on your specific needs, like cost, additional safety features, and the level of privacy offered.

Does Find My Friends app work between iPhone and Android?

Of course, it can’t! The “Find My Friends” app, which is now integrated into the “Find My” app, is not natively available on Android. It isn’t designed to be compatible between Android and iPhone devices. It’s more of an Apple-exclusive app. However, there are ways to achieve cross-platform location sharing between iPhone and Android devices. Keep reading to get them!

3 Find My Friends alternatives for Android from Google

As we’ve mentioned above, the Find My Friends app is exclusively developed for Apple devices but there are other options for Android devices.

Google Maps

It is a popular web mapping service by Google that lets you explore your location in real-time, track direction when walking, driving, or when using public transport. It also allows you to view the real-time traffic conditions on the route you’d like to use. Its additional features include the indoor maps, street view, and offline maps. However, the app has numerous limitations:

  • The service requires the internet and limited offline functionality.
  • It collects location data which can pose security issues to the user.

Google Family Link

It’s a parental control app for parents to manage their children’s Android devices. It also allows parents to  approve app downloads, set screen time limits, and see the kid’s location.

  • Children are required to have Android devices.
  • Limited control over several aspects about the ki’s device.
  • Requires both the kid and the parent to register a Google account.

Google Personal Safety

It’s a collection of a number of features from Google that helps users to stay safe in real-life situations and online. It could be about emergency SOS features on Android devices, safety alerts on Google Maps and generally tips on how to stay safe online.

  • The feature is not available in some regions.
  • It relies on your location services being enabled.

6 third-party tracking apps better than Find My Friends

The safety of your kids both online and in the real world is paramount and that’s why you need a reliable location tracking app. Fortunately, there are top 6 reliable third-party tracking apps you can choose from to keep an eye on your kids location with even better features than Find My Friends app.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the most popular tracking apps for Android, along with how they compare with FlashGet Kids app, the overall best apps for sharing and tracking locations.

FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids app is a comprehensive parental control app offering quite several features to help you safeguard your kid’s online activities. It’s more than just a location-sharing app, the app allows you to set screen time limits, set up geofence, and live monitor your kid’s phone remotely.

Find My Friends alternative - FlashGet Kids


  • Location tracking. The app enables you to see your kids’ whereabouts directly on your device and also store their location history.
  • Geofence. You can set a safe zone for your kids on this app, and get alerts when the kids leave the specified areas.
  • Manage app usage and screen time. The app allows you to stay informed on kids’ daily phone usage and set screen time limits they spend on their smart devices and specific apps.
  • Live monitor target phone. Always keep an eye on the type of content and websites your kids access thus promoting a safe browsing habit. You will be synchronized to receive alerts and notifications on your kid’s phone.


  • Holistic tracking features. FlashGet Kids app solves multiple aspects about your child’s digital safety including location tracking for responsible device usage.
  • Enhanced security and privacy policy.
  • User-friendly design. The app minds both the child and parents by offering an intuitive user-interface.


  • Requires subscription to unlock all features.


The Life360 app is designed specifically to help families stay connected. It goes beyond tracking and showing someone’s location to offer a suite of parental control features to help focus on your family members’ safety and communication. Especially, the emergency assistance and crash detection can be a life saver innovation.

Find My Friends alternative - Life360


  • Real-time location sharing.
  • Emergency response assistance and crash detection.
  • See your driving insights and history.
  • Places alerts to know when someone leaves or arrives at a certain location.
  • Family messaging.


  • It’s a comprehensive feature set
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited feature on its free plan.
  • Premium plans are expensive.
  • Drains battery very quickly.


Basically, Glympse tries to answer the question, “Where are you?” The app allows users both personal and business to share their real-time location securely, safely, and temporarily no matter the devices they are using.

Find My Friends alternative - Glympse


  • Allow temporary location-sharing in an expiry time.
  • Don’t have to create an account
  • Focus on privacy with its one-time location sharing.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Not ideal for detailed location tracking.

Snapchat’s Snap Map

Snapchat’s Snap Map is simply a location-sharing feature that enables users to see where on a virtual map are their friends. The user’s location is shown by their Bitmoji avatars. Users can decide to share the location with only the secret friends or all friends or even no one i.e. going into Ghost Mode.

track location on Snapchat Map


  • Fun and engaging for young Snapchat users.
  • Disappearing location sharing feature.


  • Require Snapchat account to access features.
  • A lack of detailed location tracking.
  • Disappearing messages are not ideal for your safety purposes.


GeoZilla is another great GPS locator app that enables you to share your real-time location with your friends and loved ones. This family-oriented tracking app also has chat and place alerts for departures and arrivals.



  • Show alerts for departures and arrivals.
  • Store your driving insights and history.


  • Elaborate user interface.
  • Free plan has limited features.
  • Premium subscription doesn’t have the value of cost.

Geo Tracker

Geo Tracker is a location tracking app for adventure activities like trips and hikes. The app enables you to see distance, elevation stats , speed and even share your recent route with your friends and family members in real-time. The chat functionality within the app ensures faster communication. It’s a great app for exploring your outdoor activities.

Geo Tracker app


  • Simple and easy to user-interface.
  • The free plan has great basic features.


  • Limited features compared to other location tracking apps
  • Intrusive ads keep popping on the free version.
  • Privacy concerns.

All in all, the FlashGet Kids app is an all-in-one solution that comprises location tracking, safe content management, and advanced parental controls all under one roof. Once you download and install the app, you’re simplifying the children’s digital safety needs.

Moreover, it is age-appropriate. FlashGet Kids caters for your kids digital needs appropriately. The app offers stealth mode that won’t bore or overwhelm them.


While each of the location sharing apps above has its unique strings, FlashGet Kids app has the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution for parents looking forward for peace of mind regarding their kids location and overall online activities. It’s time to focus on your kids’ safety through the FlashGet Kids app.


Does Samsung Have a Find My Friends?

No, Samsung doesn’t have a built-in “Find My Friends” app. However, they offer “Find My Mobile” to locate and manage your own lost or stolen Samsung device.

Can you turn off Find My without your friends/parents knowing?

This depends on the specific app. Some location-sharing apps might notify your friends or family if you disable location sharing. It’s best to check the app’s settings to see if it discreetly turns off sharing.

Does Find My app work on Airplane mode?

No, the Find My app relies on location services, which are typically disabled in Airplane mode. Without an internet connection and GPS signal, the app won’t be able to track your device’s location.

Is Find My Friends accurate?

Generally, yes, Find My Friends utilizes GPS to pinpoint your location. However, accuracy can vary depending on factors like GPS signal strength, buildings blocking the signal, and even your phone’s internal hardware.

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