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7 effective tracking strategies to find my lost Motorola phone

A misplaced phone can send shivers down anyone’s spine. Important contacts, precious memories, and irreplaceable work documents – all seemingly lost in the blink of an eye. But fear not, Motorola owners! Implement several effective tracking strategies to find my lost Motorola phone before deciding to get a new device.

Let us examine 7 clever tracking techniques that will help reunite you with your missing companion and keep your valuable data secure.

Does Motorola have built-in location tracking?

Losing your Motorola phone can be a stressful event. Fortunately, Motorola phones have a built-in location tracking feature known as Find My Device.

Consider it a superpower that allows you to locate, ring, lock, or even erase your device remotely if someone steals it—this gives you one less thing to worry about.

Motorola phone

To take advantage of this feature, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the Google Settings app of your Motorola phone.
  • Tap “Google Services & Preferences.”
  • Choose “Security” and then “Find My Device.”
  • Turn the “Find My Device” switch on.
  • Make sure “Location” is allowed on your device.

Make sure to keep your Motorola account details, like your email and password, up to date at all times.

By doing so, you can use this feature from any web browser or another device in case your phone goes missing, or someone steals it.

How to find my Motorola phone with tracking apps

If you misplace or lose your Motorola phone, tracking apps can be very instrumental in tracking down your device.

These apps apply different technologies to find the location of your phone and therefore, recovering it becomes quicker and effective.

Google Find My Device app

Finding a Motorola phone misplaced or lost can be extremely difficult. However, the Google Find My Device App provides a simple and efficient solution to the problem.

This free app from Google allows tracking of your Motorola phone location. And provides many features to help you recover your phone.

Find My Device

Once installed and set up, this app offers the following features:

  • Locate your device: The app uses your Motorola phone’s current location and displays the information on a map. It lets you easily locate where your phone is.
  • Play sound: When your phone is close by and in silent mode, you can activate a very loud sound even if it is on silent.
  • Secure device: In case your phone is misplaced, or someone gets hold of it, you can remotely lock it with a new password or PIN. This way will block unauthorized access to your personal files.
  • Erase device: As a last option, there is an option to remove all information from your Motorola phone remotely.

For you to utilize the Google Find My Device application, you first have to set it up by activating the “Find my Device” feature on your Motorola phone in advance.

Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can easily track the movements of your missing Motorola phone if someone has turned it on and activated the location services.

Although Google Maps is not made to be a tracker, it gives a free and easy way to locate the place of your Motorola phone that is missing or misplaced.

Google Maps can help the tracking of your Motorola phone, through the usage of the device’s geographic data.

Here’s how it works:

  • Location tracking: Google Maps can pinpoint the current position of your Motorola phone in real-time.
  • Last known location: Unlike other apps, Google Maps can show you the last known location of your phone. Even if its battery runs out or the device is turned off because of GPS data.
  • Find My Device integration: It allows you to locate your Motorola device directly on the map via the app.

In order to use Google Maps for tracking your Motorola phone, make sure that you turned on the location services on your device and sign in with your Google account.

FlashGet Kids live location tracker

FlashGet Kids is a dedicated app specifically designed to assist parents in tracking their children’s Motorola phones using its location-tracking feature.

FlashGet Kids parental control

Although this is not a completely costless option, the security app offers a variety of features to ensure the safety and well-being.

This app will enable you to monitor your baby’s whereabouts in real-time. It gives you peace of mind and helps you see what your child is doing.

Here are some of the key features offered by FlashGet Kids live location tracker:

FlashGet Location tracking

Real-time location tracking: The app shows your child’s current location on a map, which is constantly updated the moment your child moves.

Geofence alerts: The app permits you to set up virtual borders called “geofences” around certain places. For example, home, school, or any other areas you choose.

Location history: FlashGet Kids Geo locator records the history detail of your child’s phone location.

With its great set of features, FlashGet Kids is a good investment for parents seeking to track their children’s Motorola phones and keep them safe.

Find my Motorola phone by using the free web service

Even if you do not have a specified tracking app installed, you can still access various free web services to locate your lost Motorola phone.

These services exploit different features and technologies for the purpose of helping you to track your lost Android smartphone.

Via Motoblur account

Motorola’s search service called Motoblur comes in handy when you can’t find your Android device or have misplaced it.

If you have established the Motoblur account earlier and synched it with your Motorola phone, you can use this service to trace and maybe recover your device.

By logging into your Motoblur account on the Motorola website, you can access the “Locate Device” feature, which provides the following capabilities:

  • Location tracking: Motoblur works with your phone’s GPS and Wi-Fi signals to find its approximate location on a map.
  • Remote lock: If your phone is missing or stolen, you can lock it remotely using your Motoblur account.
  • Data backup: With Motoblur, you are allowed to back up your device’s data. Including contacts, messages, and important information, to the cloud.
  • Remote wipe: Motoblur gives you the ability to erase all the data remotely. You can make certain that your important data is on the safe side.

One prerequisite for accessing the Motoblur platform is creating an account beforehand and linking it with your Motorola device.

Via Android Find

Google offers Android Find, a free web service that helps you locate and track your Android devices. Including Motorola phones, from any web browser over the Internet.

To locate your Motorola phone with Android Find, you should have previously turned on the “Find My Device” feature.

Here are the key features it offers:

  • Locate device: Android Find will use your Motorola phone’s GPS and network signal to place its approximate position on a map.
  • Ring device: If your phone is nearby but you can’t locate it, the Motorola phone’s loud ringing feature will be triggered even if it’s in silent mode.
  • Lock device: In case your phone falls into the wrong hands, you can enable a new password or PIN to lock it and thus deny unauthorized access to your personal data and information.
  • Erase device: In extreme situations, Android Find is a tool for remotely deleting all data from your Moto device.
  • Leave a message: You can record a message on the Motorola phone’s lock screen, which can be useful in case someone finds the lost device and decides to return it to you.

Using the Android Find web feature, you can take preventive actions to locate and ensure the safety of your Motorola phone in case it gets lost, thereby increasing the chances of its recovery.

Via Google web service

Google provides “Google Find My Device,” a free web service designed to assist you in finding your misplaced or stolen Motorola Android phone anywhere in the world.

This feature leverages Google’s extensive network system and a user-friendly interface to help you track your device’s location.

Once set up, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Locate device: Google’s Find My Device utility will show on a map the approximate location of your Motorola phone. It uses the device’s GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular network data.
  • Play sound: If your phone is around but you are not able to find it, you can activate a sound. Even if your Motorola is in silent mode.
  • Secure device: It allows you to lock it with a new password or PIN, thwarting unauthorized access to your personal data and information stored on the device.
  • Erase device: Google Find My Device, as a fail-safe measure, allows you to wipe the data on your Motorola phone remotely.

Through the use of the Google Find My Device web-based service, you can implement prevention steps to locate and protect your missing or misplaced Motorola Android phone.

With IMEI number

Through the device’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, you can use the free web services that will track its location.

Every mobile device receives a unique identifier known as the IMEI number, which allows communication with cellular networks and helps triangulate the device’s approximate location.

To monitor Motorola’s phone through its IMEI number, you can use different free websites that deliver the IMEI tracker feature. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Access tracking websites: There are a few free web services that will let you submit your Motorola handset’s IMEI number to the system and find its location.
  • Enter IMEI number: Being on the selected IMEI checker platform, provide the IMEI number of your Motorola phone and any other details that might be needed.
  • Location tracking: The site will connect to cellular networks and use the IMEI number of your Motorola device. It gives you the approximate location through triangulation.

One should note that tracking your Motorola phone using the IMEI number method is free of charge. However, this method may not be as accurate as tracking methods that use GPS.

Further, some web services may also require you to validate the device’s ownership or to give additional information regarding legal and security purposes.

What else can FlashGet Kids track besides location?

FlashGet Kids is a multifaceted parental control and monitoring software platform that provides more than just location tracking.

It provides a range of features that enable parents to monitor their children’s online activities and ensure their safety.

Here are the additional features offered by FlashGet Kids:

App usage monitoring: FlashGet Kids can help you control the apps installed on your child’s device and monitor their usage habits. You can specify app time limits for particular apps to help your child achieve a healthy life balance online.

Geofencing and safe zones: With FlashGet Kids’ usage, you can set up virtual boundaries (geofences) around the place of residence, school, or any other safe location of your choice.

Usage Limits - Screen Time limit

Screen time management: The FlashGet Kids app is designed to help you control your child’s screen time by setting up daily or weekly limits to device use.

Activity reports: It offers very extensive activity reports designed to help you review your child’s location timeline, app usage, and other important information.

With these features, FlashGet Kids empowers parents to oversee their children online. Also enabling them to create a controlled environment in which their children can grow.

Conclusive notes

By now thoughts such as how to find my Motorola phone should not be a source of anxiety. These are 7 smart strategies to track, and doing so will increase your chances of a quick reunion.

Whether you employ functionalities like FlashGet Kids already included or by free web tools, your Motorola mobile phone is likely to be found in a snap.

Keep in mind that time is of the essence during an emergency. Therefore, when your Motorola smartphone disappears again, keep cool and apply these guidelines to find it swiftly!


Is Motorola an Android?

Yes, Android is the smartphone OS from Motorola. Motorola was one of the earliest companies to partner with Google and release Android-platformed smartphones in 2008 just after the debut of the Android operating systems.

Can you track a phone location with just the number?

No, you cannot track phone‘s location from its number only. Furthermore more details, like IMEI and enabling location services, are also be required.

Can l locate someone else’s Motorola phone?

Locating someone else’s Motorola phone without their consent raises ethical and legal concerns. However, if it is for family safety and well-being, you can use apps like FlashGet Kids to keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts.

Can I track my lost Motorola phone if it is switched off?

Tracking a Motorola phone that has been switched off can be challenging, but some services may show its last known location before the battery drains.

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