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How to track someone on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used platforms for interconnectivity. The messaging service attracts children and adults alike. Therefore, parents may want to keep a check on their kids’ activities on this platform. Tracking your loved ones on any platform is a part of caring for them. Sometimes it becomes necessary to know about people who spend most of their time on social networking platforms. In this article, we’ll explore the ways to track a person on Facebook Messenger. We’ll learn about different ways that help you stay informed about the online activities of your dear ones.

Is Facebook Messenger traceable?

Facebook claims that its Messenger service is secure. So, the Facebook Messenger tracking is not supported by default. But, you can still trace Facebook Messenger using other ways. You can rely on their-party apps and use technology to get into someone’s Facebook messenger and trace the activities.

But, if you want to track someone‘s Facebook Messenger, you would have to access the phone of the other person. That’s because you will have to bypass the privacy protocols to start tracking them. If you don’t have access to the other person’s phone, the tracking app will not be able to work properly.

Facebook Messenger

How to track someone on Facebook Messenger via Sharing Location?

Facebook Messenger allows sharing location with the other person. Let’s explore the exact steps to track someone on Facebook Messenger via sharing location. You can use the following steps to share the location with someone who is your contact on Facebook Messenger. 

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app. Then go to the chat with your Facebook contact. On the lower-left side of your conversation, you will find the “+” sign. Press this sign.
  2. Tap the “Location” option. Your location will be automatically updated and will be shown on the map.
  3. Tap “Start sharing live location for 60 minutes”.
track someone on Facebook Messenger via Sharing Location

This will send your location to your Facebook contact. This is a live feature. Your Facebook contact will be able to track your movements within 60 minutes. Besides, the location sharing will end automatically after 60 minutes.


You may have observed that there are some limitations to using Facebook Messenger for tracking someone. Let’s highlight the major drawbacks: 

1. Limited tracking time: As you have read in the previous section, Facebook Messenger tracking only allows tracking for one hour. So, if you want the tracking for an extended time, Facebook Messenger may not be a viable solution. The other person would have to share the location again for extended tracking. 

2. Other person’s willingness: Tracking via Facebook Messenger involves sharing the live location willfully. However, if the other person doesn’t share the location with you, you won’t be able to start the tracking. 

3. No other spying feature: You can only track the location details of the other person via Facebook Messenger. That too, for one hour. Furthermore, no other spying or tracking features are available with Facebook Messenger. You would have no visibility of the conversation or app usage with Facebook Messenger tracking. 

4. Manual checking: You would have to rely on manual methods for tracking the location of the other person via Facebook Messenger. You will not have any live notifications about the change in location of another person. 

5. No geofencing: Parents would want to set a location parameter for their kids. For example, they would want their children to remain on the school premises. They would not know if their children are outside those parameters using Facebook Messenger. 

Ultimate way: How to track someone on Facebook Messenger without them knowing?

Do you want to have detailed tracking facilities for your loved ones? You may want to go beyond tracking the location. If you want to check all the details of the online activities of your Facebook friends, you can do it with the help of a third-party app. 

For a detailed overview of Facebook tracking and other information, we recommend using the FlashGet Kids app. This app works secretly. It will track every online activity with them knowing that they are being tracked. You would have to install this app on the phone of the person who you want to track.

Features of FlashGet Kids

Let’s explore what you can do with this app:

Read Facebook messages: This app allows you to read the Facebook conversation or messages. Parents will be able to check what their kids are talking to their Facebook friends.

Real-time location tracking: The FlashGet Kids app lets you know the location of the other person in real time. Unlike Facebook Messenger, you will be able to check the current location of your kids whenever you want. Your children will not even know about this. 

Geofencing: With FlashGet Kids, you can mark a specific area for your kids. This area is marked in terms of the radius surrounding your child’s location. If your child leaves that area, the FlashGet Kids app will send you an instant notification. Plus, you can always check if your child is within that safe area by logging into your app any time you want. This is an essential feature for your kid’s safety. 

Limit app usage: Are you worried about your kids overusing certain apps like Facebook? The FlashGet Kids app offers a unique feature to limit the app usage for your children. You can set daily screen time limits for your kids using this app. You can also set specific timings for using certain apps. Your kids will only be able to use those apps during that time. This feature promotes the safe usage of mobile phones. 

Screen mirroring: In addition to monitoring the Facebook app, you can check the whole device of your kids using the FlashGet Kids app. This app mirrors the screen of your kid’s device to your phone. You can check all the activities of your child that he or she is performing on the phone. With this feature, you’ll know what your kids are doing on their phones.

How to set up FlashGet Kids to track someone’s Facebook Messenger? 

It is very easy to set up the FlashGet Kids app on someone’s Facebook Messenger. This app has a simple procedure. This app works in two parts. One app is for the child’s device and the other one is for the parent’s device.

FlashGet Kids parental control

Follow the steps mentioned below to set up FlashGet Kids to track someone’s Facebook Messenger: 

Step 1. Download the parent’s version of the FlashGet Kids app on your phone and the kid’s version on your child’s phone.

Download FlashGet Kids app

Step 2. Create accounts on both apps by providing the email IDs and other information.

Step 3. Bind both apps together.

Bind parent‘s account to kid's account

Step 4. Go to the apps section on the parent’s version of the FlashGet Kids app and search for Facebook Messenger.

Check app list

Step 5. You can limit the usage of Facebook Messenger from this option.

set time limits

How to disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger?

If you want to cancel your live location with someone on Facebook Messenger, you can disable it any time you want. Open the same conversation where you shared your location, you will find an option to stop sharing your location. 

You may also want to disable Facebook Messenger to use your phone’s location services. Here are the steps to do it correctly on Android and iPhone. 

On Android

Step 1. Access your phone’s Settings and tap “Location”.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger 1

Step 2. Tap the “App location permissions” option.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger 2

Step 3. Find and tap the Facebook Messenger app. It will be named “Messenger”.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger 3

Step 4. Tap “Don’t allow”.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger 4

This will disable location-sharing services for the Facebook Messenger app on your phone. 

On iPhone

Step 1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone, and tap “Privacy”.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger on iPhone 1

Step 2. Tap the “Location Services” option.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger on iPhone 2

Step 3. Find the Facebook Messenger app in the list of apps shown there and tap on it.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger on iPhone 3

Step 4. Tap “Never”.

disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger on iPhone 4

This will disable the location sharing on iPhone’s Facebook Messenger. 

Addition: How can I track a friend’s location on Facebook?

There are a few other options as well to track your Facebook friend’s location on the Facebook app. You can have this access if a Facebook user is added to your friend list. Let’s explore the following two most commonly used methods to track your Facebook friends: 

Method 1: Find someone by checking Location Tags/Check-Ins

Facebook allows users to share location tags and offers a feature called Check-in. Facebook users can show the check-ins at the places they visit. This information is shared on their Facebook wall. You can use the Facebook search bar to search for different location tags or check-ins. If your Facebook friend has been to these places, it will be shown in the search results. Although this is not a reliable method to search for someone, it can still work for a few people. 

Method 2: Track someone with the “Nearby Friends” on Facebook

Facebook used to have a feature called “Nearby Friends”. You could get a notification if your Facebook friend was near your location. But Facebook rolled out this feature due to privacy issues. So, it is again not a reliable method to track someone on Facebook. 


Facebook respects the privacy of its users. The app ensures that everyone’s privacy is maintained, and the location is not shared without permission. You should also not breach someone’s privacy without a logical reason. 

However, there are instances when getting the location data of someone close is essential. Parents need to remain informed about their kids’ safety and security. So, they may want to keep a check on their children’s location. 

Using the methods allowed by Facebook Messenger has many limitations. You can use the FlashGet Kids app for a detailed overview of your children’s activities on Facebook Messenger. You can also know much more than just the location of your children. Try this app now to get comprehensive parental monitoring features.

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