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Best apps to catch a cheater for detecting infidelity

Unfaithful behavior is at an all-time high in this age of smartphones. You’ll find no deficiency of cases where people catch their partners using their smartphones. If you’ve also been somewhat worried about your partner, then several tools like a catch-a-cheater app can help you confirm your suspicions. These apps give you a complete insight into your partner’s digital footprint. You’ll be able to see who your partner talks to, what they say, and how they respond to provocative media. On top of that, you can also track your partner’s GPS data by using such tools. The following article will shed more light on how infidelity can wreak any relationship and how you can equip yourself with the right apps to catch a cheater. So, keep reading if you’ve not been feeling the same buzz from your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Quick view: Best 3 apps to catch a cheater

There are a ton of great apps in the market when it comes to catching a cheater. Each app offers unique features, like keyword tracking and remote snapshots of your partner’s phone screen. The only downside to such apps is that you’ll have to pay a bit to unlock all of their features. Still, ten or twenty dollars is nothing when you have to ensure that your partner is the right fit for your future. Still, if you’re looking for free apps to catch a cheater, here is a quick overview of the best tools that offer a free trial. You can test out the following apps without making any financial commitments.

AppCheapest paid planFree plan/TrialPros
FlashGet Kids$4.99 /month on the yearly plan7 daysOffers advanced live monitoring features on a budget
Spyzie$9.99/month on the yearly plan7 daysKnown for easy setup and quick monitoring.
Cocospy$9.99/month on the yearly plan7 daysOffers a comprehensive monitoring dashboard.

When considering the budget, FlashGet Kids is the best option for catching a cheater. Its versatile features offer great value when it comes to getting complete access to your partner’s phone. Spyzie does offer a similar set of features, but it is almost two times as expensive. Similarly, the only good thing about Cocospy is its friendly interface and easy setup. So, I’d recommend that you stick with FlashGet Kids if you wish to make full use of advanced monitoring and tracking features.

Criteria for selecting the best apps to catch a cheater

Finding the right tools to catch a cheater isn’t an easy task. It takes a while to find an app that will help you uncover all of your partner’s deceptions. These are the criteria that I use to recommend the best apps to catch cheaters.

  • Reliability and Accuracy: The monitoring and tracking features should be accurate, especially when it comes to GPS tracking. Ideally, it would be best to pick an app that is accurate within 100 feet.
  • User-friendliness: Spying tools are often pretty complicated. So, you should pick an option that has a user-friendly interface and a straightforward guide.
  • Compatibility with different devices: There is no point in spending money on a spying app that won’t track your partner’s phone. So, pick some popular tools that work on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS).
  • Security and privacy features: Some cheap tools can sell your partner’s information to marketing agencies. Moreover, weak encryption impacts the privacy of the target person. So, choose a tool that delivers on their promise to privacy and security.
  • Customer reviews and ratings: Only choose a tool with no reports of data leaks and privacy breaches.

9 Popular tools for catching a cheater app to detecting infidelity

Here are nine popular apps to catch a cheater, each providing unique features for detecting infidelity:

1. FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids apps to catch a cheater

Overview: A versatile tool designed for monitoring children’s activities but effective for catching cheaters. It has advanced monitoring features like screen mirroring. Moreover, you can also remotely access the hardware on the target device.

  • Features: View text messages, call logs, online activities, GPS location.
  • Note: You’ll need one-time access to the target device.

2. mSpy

mSpy apps to catch a cheater

Overview: It is a full-blown spy tool that is pretty expensive, but second to none in terms of tracking and monitoring. You’ll be able to get complete access to the target phone once mSpy is set up.

  • Features: Tracks text messages, social media, location, and more.
  • Note: Requires installation and subscription for full access.

3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY apps to catch a cheater

Overview: FlexiSPY might not be as expensive as mSpy, but it sure does compete in terms of features. It is mainly used by major corporations, but you can rely on its features to catch your partner.

  • Features: Includes call interception, keylogging, and real-time monitoring.
  • Note: High-end features make it more complex to use.

4. Spyzie

Spyzie apps to catch a cheater

Overview: A user-friendly app to catch a cheater with a wide range of monitoring options. The price point is somewhat reasonable, but the features can sometimes malfunction.

  • Features: Monitors messages, calls, apps, and locations.
  • Note: Easy setup with a helpful free trial period.

5. Highster Mobile

Overview: The whole point of this app is to offer an affordable tracking solution to concerned partners. You won’t have to commit to a monthly subscription with this app.

  • Features: Tracks texts, calls, and GPS locations.
  • Note: A one-time purchase with no subscription is required.

6. Cocospy

Cocospy apps to catch a cheater

Overview: Popular for its stealth mode and reliability. Your partner will have no clue that you’re tracking them after setting up Cocospy on their phone.

  • Features: Monitors messages, social media, GPS, and more.
  • Note: The refund policy is fairly decent.

7. TruthSpy

TruthSpy apps to catch a cheater

Overview: Provides essential monitoring features at a competitive price. However, it does lack some advanced features like screen mirroring and hardware access.

  • Features: Tracks messages, calls, browsing history, and more.
  • Note: Requires subscription and installation.

8. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor apps to catch a cheater

Overview: Known for its detailed logging and screenshot capabilities. You can set up several keywords to get alerts when your partner is doing something suspicious.

  • Features: Monitors keystrokes, messages, and screenshots.
  • Note: A free plan with limited features is available.

9. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch apps to catch a cheater

Overview: A discreet app with robust tracking features. It is especially suitable for businesses, but you can also rely on its features to track your partner.

  • Features: Tracks messages, calls, camera, GPS.
  • Note: It requires installation and offers a free 3-day trial.

How to secretly catch a cheater?

The best pick is FlashGet Kids when you have to secretly catch a cheater. This application only requires you to have one-time access to your partner’s phone. From there, you can easily use the parental control app to peek in on their every move. The best part? FlashGet Kids offers a hidden mode to keep the app concealed on the target device. So, you don’t have to worry about your partner finding out that you’re tracking their device.

Features of FlashGet Kids:

  • An app tracker helps monitor the time spent on any given application. You can see for yourself how much time your partner spends on each app. Moreover, you’ll be able to see if your partner is using dating apps like Tinder.
  • Screen Mirroring – you can see any screen activity in real-time and this, in turn, helps to understand the way they utilize that device.
  • Keyword tracking will help you figure out when your partner is using provocative words when texting other people.

Step-by-step guide on setting up and using FlashGet Kids

  • Download and install the app on your phone.
download FlashGet Kids
  • Create your parental control account.
create an account
  • Download and install the app on your partner’s phone.
download FlashGet Kids on child devices
  • Pair both apps together by following the in-app instructions.
  • Use your phone to track your partner’s app usage and notifications.
Notification tracker
live location tracker

Tips for monitoring without being intrusive

You need to start by focusing on the basics and keeping tabs on the app usage. From there, you can monitor their location and proceed to spy on their messages. Make sure not to crack into your partner’s socials from the get-go, and don’t bring up any argument until you have proof.

Importance of maintaining ethical standards

Ideally, you need consent to legally track a person. If there is no paperwork behind your relationship, then you can get into a ton of legal mess. So, I’d recommend that you seek your partner’s consent after carefully explaining your situation. If they’re sincere and there is probable cause, you won’t have any trouble convincing them to be tracked.


The issue of infidelity is pretty challenging for every couple and the ability to overcome it requires a lot of consideration and the right tools. Luckily, by using spy apps, it can be relatively easy for an individual to elbow out suspicions, allowing both partners to act openly and transparently while not violating ethical norms.

From relatively advanced applications like FlashGet Kids to such advanced utilities as Spyzie and Cocospy, tracking apps vary drastically in tracking your partner. More advanced applications provide a broad spectrum of tools for surveillance and cheating detection.

These utilities can be used to get confirmation or reject suspicions in terms of infidelity, provided the approach used does not violate the existing law. Otherwise, it is possible that your Catch a Cheater app can stir up legal trouble.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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